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Apalus Brush Hair Straightener Nz 1995 2005 summer solstice before arrival Foreword the farthest place from the summer The world we see camphor tree is the flow of green, the apalus brush hair straightener nz sun becomes transparent in the afternoon, meandering to all it can reach the place, not far from the straightening hair brush bus station came a busy sound, asleep and fell asleep People, cast a Yi Chan Yi Chan shadow, cobweb in the corner of the vague. The air in the gentle and comfortable rhythm, like never stopped at this point, so do not have to consider it in the future will evolve how to. We see the world, if not met the discretion of time, if not met the speed of derailment, if not ignited lazy to do, and finally like a length of falling ash, blowing in the air, like nothing if then, maybe It will always bring fragrant fragrance of camphor tree, with a perfect cross section, stay in the summer from the nearest place. Four dimensional to bring this book, the summer solstice before the arrival of the summer solstice, is what season we brush straightener brands sent to, where the buried footprints, what left the sound, let us want to say, to describe, But always can not find the right ideas. Only deep in the cerebral cortex under those beautiful, bring the petals of the context, as if no longer encounter the pride of winter, we confused into the disappearance of the puzzle of the season. He let the summer in our memory, in the green green grass green gradient, he let the air expands the warm sun.the Prime Minister of Japan. No is Li Xia a little stammer, so the business card handed Fu small Division, I see. Fu small Division is full of doubts to take over, the results looked at apalus brush hair straightener nz his mouth no longer close on the. Raised his head looked at the appearance of a stinking appearance of Lu Aung, and look at their own business cards, apalus brush hair straightener nz sure not wrong, printed above the Chinese Li Tong media, publicity and marketing vice manager, Lu Zhi an. Engage in what apalus hair straightening brush uk aircraft ah Fu small division did not understand. Lu of Ang angrily, said that before I returned to have contacted apalus brush hair straightener nz them, and the resumes of all sent over. Just a Chinese teacher in our school and Li Tong media some friendship, I know this is your company, and their treatment is also good, it decided to come ah. The business card they sent me to see the sample ah. Having finished watching the scenery outside the window, the woods along the rapid reversal. Car quiet for a few minutes, after the land of Ang slowly said, small Division, when I apalus brush hair straightener nz was in high school, said one day we must fight the world side by side, with the open business, do you remember Do you remember You remember. And no export, then, you have said those words, I all remember. Car directly back to Li Tong Media Building. The beginning of summer to call them often go to a bar apalus brush hair straightener nz booked the largest private rooms, and then called to meet the seventy seven call.

hat if the company boss to see him in private dress sure to sign him down to do artists. Lu of Ang a I do not want expression, like most of the time when they were teasing high school look. Recently everyone s mood is very good. Because the last apalus brush hair straightener nz of the Island the third of the conference, met the song so that all people are surprised. Li Tong media s official website has also been a message to find out what the singing girl s name. Therefore, the final company decided to meet the sign of its brokers is F. Met with the previous brokerage firm s contract problem is also the way to solve. Signed that day, Li Xia and cry. She felt really useless, has been crying, in addition to cry anything can not do. However, this is just the beginning. The contract signed is only a temporary contract. The company plans to meet in Beijing to participate in a television station held a light stage of the game, and the RBI inside the RBI good all. As long as the encounter can win the first, the company will vigorously promote, and held a grand formal signing ceremony. In front of the game are very smooth, and next week is the game. Good big snow. From the beginning of the evening, has been down to the present. Duanqiao lying on the table at the checkout, watching the snow outside the goose feathers in a daze. Although it will no longer be the same as before because of snow and shouting, but each time or watching the fal.ding, Shanghai will snow, I think this should be auspicious it, you will definitely take the first place tomorrow. Although the tone is lukewarm, but the Secretary Fu small look at the land of Ang s eyes full of gratitude. Lu of Ang very happy to laugh. Was about to speak, I heard the beginning of summer room screams. Wait until the small division of the Fu and Lu of Ang opened the summer and did not lock the door when the eye is the beginning of summer jumped on the TV cabinet yelling like the beginning of the summer to hear the sound of the door back to see the station At the door of the two big boys, their tiptoe is standing on the TV cabinet, action in an instant freeze. Fu small Secretary Zhang mouth with a What aircraft expression, and land of Ang has been leaning against the wall clutching his stomach laughing to be a hand to look like. What are you doing, ah, Fu small finger pointed to the beginning of summer, down ah. Station so high doing. And and called so loud, Lu of the Ang side of laughter while talking, a girl was pervert rape look There are cockroaches Li Xia looked at the ground, sure there is no, only a little embarrassed down. Fu small refers to the femjolie hair straightening brush review land of Ang, said, you blame him slightly, he set the hotel. He always said that the hotel is very good very good, I suspect that this hotel secretly gave him an intermediary fee. Fu small refers to the size of the thumb butt.ah, I heard people say, the building is solidified music, one day, when you become the best architect, then you are also the best musician ah. I go first, to be late The tears will flow down. The tide piled up in the heart. Cordon. red light. Long whistle. There is a soft but firm voice saying, Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Time did not wait for me. You forgot to take me. Why do not you wait for that guy, not you Why apalus brush hair straightener nz in the cold wind pouring the moment I put on the coat, not you Why do you think my clothes in the snowy night is too thin will certainly be cold people, not you Why the nose flew into the boys instantly on the washing powder detergent taste, not from you How much time can not measure the time taken away, so that in the back, the diffuse fog almost cut off the day. I will not rush to school after school to find you, just as you will not in the windy time to give me a message. I will not in the snow when the handle into your coat pocket, as you will never keep in the kitchen door because of smell and straightening hair brush electric could not help but swallow the apalus brush hair straightener nz saliva. I will not remember the lines of your soft face can not help but sad, just as you no longer in the night apalus brush hair straightener nz because I have a fever and hurried in the street in the run. Qingtian, I am not because I can not escape the separation of sadness, the reason I am sad, because inseparable from so many years of us, in separate time, actually did not seriously say.

Apalus Brush Hair Straightener Nz on the coffee table. Some stood upright and some stumbled. The hair straightening brush perth desktop is also sprinkled a lot of wine, along the edge best hair brush straightener for short hair of the table drop to drop on the ground into a pool of water. Windows cut off the heat of the outside heat, as well as one after another of the hustle and bustle. Fortunately, tonight they drink small. Small Division met and seventy seven individuals have been drinking in the sofa on the East and West. Lixia leaning against the chair in the sofa, hair straightener brush thick hair watching the eyes of these friends, the eyes a little bit swollen. Lu Zhi Ang took off his coat off to the Fu Xiao Si sleeping body, hand gently hold up the small Division of the head, and then brush straightener big w took a sofa cushions into his neck to go below. Looking back at the beginning of summer, whispered, hey, are you okay Well, I m okay, that is choked throat, the sound intermittently issued from the chest, a little cry. apalus brush hair straightener nz Not finished, two lines of tears to flow down. Hey, the Ang, you sleep it Not yet. Do you want to cry Ha, in fact, I have been quietly cried before you. Just did not you find it. I also, artnaturals ceramic hair straightening brush I have not been so happy for a long time. I think a small division is also right, I have not seen him for many years, so much noise like a child today, and big mouth to drink, apalus brush hair straightener nz smiling eyes narrowed, showing neat teeth. I see more than his standard perfect smile when the notice, his real life from the heart to the smile, in my memory has beco.sitting in front of the podium. The stage has been set up, there are some school workers in the sound and lighting. Li Xia and Fu Si in the background ready to draw tools. Do not know why the beginning of summer always feel heart panic, like what to do. The total also static down. Go back and look at Fu small Secretary, he was bowing pencil. Lixia Zhang opened the mouth but do not know what to say, so low sigh. Why Fu small department looked up. Nothing, a little nervous. Li Xia answer. In fact, nothing, painting where the paintings are the same, you want us to go to the street painting sketch is not the same face a lot of people That s not the same Nothing different, the same. Fu small division of the eyes of the fog or not scattered. Li Xia might like to see his eyes might not clear eyes, so a pair of eyes did not read the hearts of people did not focus at the end. But not the end is not the end, is always to be on. Li Xia sighed, but also sit down and cut a pencil. In fact, a long time to cut a good pencil, the beginning of the summer just want to find something to do not let their own always want to perform things. Is cut to hear someone called his name, turned around and opened his mouth, the beginning of summer to see the land of Ang and Cheng Qichen came, two people look apalus brush hair straightener nz exactly the same smile. You know Li Xia somewhat puzzled. Well, seven seven in our art class often draw with.