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Apalus Hair Straightening Brush South Africa e day after tomorrow You tell us at this time the lawsuit lost, you called the small division of the conference how to do ah You do not have any use for me now. When will the court s decision come out Tomorrow. How would say a lot of things on the phone do not know, you do not ask. Okay. Land of Ang hung up the phone, and then viciously scolded the sentence. Open the small division of the door, go to the workplace when the water to hear what the corner of the movement. Began to startled, then carefully look at the past, but found apalus hair straightening brush south africa a small Secretary sitting on the ground, feet scattered countless envelopes and stationery. It was a good big box, apalus hair straightening brush south africa filled with letters. Land of Ang think of this large mailbox is used to install a letter from the reader, the land of Ang also have seen inside a lot of letters, those who encourage and support, often let the reader moved to be added, but the surface also fooling, ah, so More like your girl ah, are enough to catch up with me half. Walked over, sat down in the small division edge, raised his head and looked at his eyes, red, and some wet. Obviously cried. Lu of the heart like what was fiercely thorn a bit, like the flood filled with the same upset. Do not sleep, do not go to sleep, he said, control the trembling of the sound, and hope to give him strength, raise a good spirit. Well, well, Fu small Secretary raised his head, that moment of expression like a wou.and can only have been simmering. Fu looked at the Secretary took a serious look at the map do not have the heart to say, We go back, so the way the expression appears to be very different. In the afternoon, passing a stream, through the edge of the farm, crystal clear, see the slender water plants and fish. Fu small division barefoot walking in shallow water walking pebbles, and greeted the beginning of summer to play. Li Xia brush straightener for short hair water straight hair straight hair. Quickly waved that forget, you have fun. Back when the evening had. Fu small Secretary has been in the car did not speak, head down, dim light can not see expression. He is tired of it, Li Xia thought. Back to the school dormitory, Fu small department suddenly unthinking to ask, you are not playing today is not happy ah The kind of frustrating tone to Li Xia startled, raised his head to see the small Division of a gray face. Ah, misunderstanding misunderstanding, you do not think hair straightener brush simply straight about it, I play very happy. Is that is a bit Embarrassed. Can apalus hair straightening brush south africa not say. Too much privacy. Which Or a look of loss of expression. Boys are loaded with cotton in the brain ah Pig Menstruation Thought a bite to say out of the teeth, and my heart suddenly collapsed, destroyed, life is not so Well, simply fill apalus hair straightening brush south africa again, today is the next straight n go hair straightening brush day then you rest early recovery, rapid flushed with a face, red than expected, just as the monkey had just.

can feel the drowsiness of her sad. I will not let you stay in the living room waiting for me, my mother I will not go out to accompany the girls happy to be with you. Forget your birthday, mother I will not lie to force you to say I painted the picture better than Fu small Division, mother I will not say you do not taste good food, mother I never Will be sick when crying. Chimney began to fly out of the black dust, dusk that high apalus hair straightening brush south africa chimney is particularly desolate. Fu small raised his head when the Secretary suddenly thought, the dust of the entrances and exits, hair straightener brush men do not know how many people took away the sad and missing. Dusk in the sky there is a dense mass of birds flying silently in the past. Aung think there was a girl like him to his house, my mother was very happy, because she has been worried that he can not find the wife of the slovenly personality. Mother saw the girl was very happy or even very nervous a bit overwhelmed. That day my mother has been with them to chat, Lu Zhi Ang know my mother very happy. But the girl went so far as to apalus hair straightening brush south africa say quietly in the edge of his ear, how your mother does not go ah I want to chat with you alone. Because of this sentence he took the girl out. His mother scolded his bad temper because of this. He did not talk back, and my heart thinking, the future will find a best wife in the world to let her know that I am also very good boys do. But he did not think of.u say, even if the separation was far away, but the top of the head, are still in the same sky it. At any time, we can not feel lonely. You know, in these long days away from you, I was relying on those words you said, in the cold apalus hair straightening brush south africa night, re aware philips new hair straightener brush of the warmth. 1998 met In fact, the idea of meeting inside, should be quietly back to Asakawa himself, hit Qingtian, the only trust in their own, in front of him that weak people, holding him crying, the grievances in Beijing by all Cry out, and then return to the quiet life before and Qingtian, do not tell the beginning of their own summer back, has been quietly waiting for them to leave high school Asakawa graduation. She did not want to see a failure of the beginning of summer, and brush straightener farmers so the beginning of the summer they went to another city, and then tell them that they have come back. However, these imagination in the STMOS met the moment came to the door like the sun was poured into the boiling water in the middle of the road, hissing into white steam evaporated, and even a little bit of water traces are not left. Like never happened. Never happened. Met to see Qingtian pulled a girl s hand out of the STAMOS when the heart even like a quiet lake deep in the forest, not a trace of ripples, even if the whirlwind raging, the water is still as smooth as a mirror. With the fingers of the anti hair straightening brush kids knock up will be echoed in the forest to open the percussion, lik.sea of plants, will be full of thick hair straightener brush side effects green spilled throughout Beijing. Li Xia often think of themselves in the eyes of others, should also be included in the magic species list. Other conditions do not say, just a Fu small girlfriend of the Secretary to let people think is a fantasy. But also to the Arabian Nights. The first time to meet, it has begun to crush it. High one, on apalus hair straightening brush south africa the bus for the first time to see the boy riding a bike, like immersed in their own world, all around the silent scenery. And after the encounter, understanding, familiar with each other, into the same university, into the same class. This crush has always been there, and like the distant but warm as the sun continued. In the summer, or the cold season, have not gone far, even if sometimes dark clouds, but close your eyes, or can accurately feel the presence of the sun. And this crush is also the same, Li Xia had felt that the feelings should always be like this, he stared at him alone, quietly in his life, calm conversation, gently smile, or silent To leave. And all this should be taken for granted. Li Xia s imagination, it should be such a crush has been down until the small division to pay his girlfriend after his home cry, and then continue to quietly like him to his wedding that day, he brought the girls Good looking ring, cry home three times, and then curse the girl had to die, and then continue to like him, until th.

Apalus Hair Straightening Brush South Africa not turn back. Many will meet in the evening to recall the things that happened this year. School life only a few people make her feel there is a little significance of the existence of the other, other things, whether it is sunk or soaring, will not let her look at even more. She is still an alternative to walk in all Asakawa a girl in the eyes, still wear alternative clothing with more and more earrings. And the end of the sophomore day of the hard and soft to successfully pull the summer to play ear piercings, and then bought a pair of earrings, one by one. I still remember the beginning of summer to apalus hair straightening brush south africa finish the ears panic expression, and every three seconds to get the edge apalus hair straightening brush south africa of the ear hair, for fear that some people will see. But later the beginning of summer than they are also like that earrings. Many times met to see the beginning of the summer in the mirror of the earrings that stinky fart was so incredible, so she began to laugh at her face has been laughed blush, said she was not played ear hole Liangjia women. But ridicule to ridicule, my heart is full of warmth. You always laugh at me. But I often look at earrings in a daze, I still remember that time because of pain and tears out. Many times I was thinking, in my young years, I met with the same pain encountered, then the next day, even if the need to go to hell, I think I will not frown with her. Because I have been so that, as long as.e no one answered, it is estimated that did not bring it in the body, just the beginning of the summer want to hang up when the Secretary Fu did not hear any feelings of the Hello Hey. Li Xia quickly said, small Division, I was beginning of summer. I thought you did not bring the phone. what hair straightening brush electronic are you doing Attend a funeral. Who s funeral ah Land of Ang s mother Fu apalus hair straightening brush south africa small company suddenly heard the phone came a bang when the sound, followed by the disconnection of the voice is abrupt, apalus hair straightening brush south africa so had to cut the phone. Raised his head land of Ang still sitting on the corner of the ground, the first deep buried in apalus hair straightening brush south africa the knee. Small Division would like to talk to him in the past, casually say something, but did not have the courage to take a foot. There is a signal in the body that the nerves that come from the root do not know are sharp hair straightener brush damage hair and painful. The summer is about to pass. Lengthy sleepy, psychedelic summer. 4.1998 summer solstice warm fog Time reversal into the red morning mist, day and night gradually split I began to feel lonely in a world you had long forgotten, with eyes closed With tears cheering You can not see the world Darkness engulfed billions of planets like a tide. Sunflower large die. The migratory birds are mourned in droves. One after another can not see the origin of the heavy voyage. Who waved his face blankly, and then cut off from the world Silent is your dismay. And your.