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Brush Straightener Canada d of the metaphor gradually fade the appearance, all the sound back very far, slow and rapid passage of time, the sunset heavy fall, like the next day will never rise to look like, but Everyone knows and believes that it will rise the next day. The crowds rushed back to their homes. The city lights up. All the narrative from the met that a quietly, Li Xia, you want to hear a story Start. The beginning of the summer like a long and dark into the corridor, when the meeting finished, the beginning of the summer like a sudden piercing the ground like a big mouth breathing a little air. Chest like a huge dark suppression, breathing sad. Li brush straightener canada Xia, you have told me that you are not around my father now. However, I have not even my father and mother have seen it. Grew up with grandmother, grew up in a country called white crossing the country. Have you heard of Bai Du It is near to Asakawa. My mother gave birth to me in the absence of marriage, you know, in that era, it is an unforgivable sin it My grandmother has been called my mother to knock down the child, but my mother has refused, and later my grandmother gave birth to a lot of gas, or even hold my mother s head to the wall hit, but my mother in addition to tears Nothing said. Even no sound, like a childhood will not speak dumb. Li Xia, you heard a word Mody, that sentence is, dumb said, love each other. I think my mother is like that. Even no.nded little beast, has no stubborn power, only poor, the land of the Ang feel like something stuck in the throat , Breathing is a bit difficult, I ll go to sleep, I have no time to read these letters written by others, and now I want to see, because I want to no one to write to me after the bar Calm tone. Stable speed. However, but the deaf can also hear out of the intermittent, sobbing crying. Lu brush straightener canada s Ang holding the head of the small Division, tears flow down, You must believe me. You have hair straightener brush teal to believe. Even if all the people do not want to believe it. You also. must. Trust me. Starting style. Six in the morning, the beginning of summer has been femjolie hair straightener brush reviews to the conference site. Lixia has been worried about do not know what will happen, so call to meet, met did not say when you say there you wait for me, I ll come. Fu small division of the conference is located in Guanghua International Convention and Exhibition Center on the first floor lobby, almost all of the important cultural press conference are here to do. Li Xia looked at the layout of the scene, and yesterday s. Only in the small division of the booth next to the release of another stage. Asked the staff a bit, that is not very clear, as if a new album album release. The beginning of summer is not assured and hit the phone back to ask the company today and other companies have not hit the press release schedule, afraid of journalists to ca.

ed slightly. Time can really be so easy to change a person The rear seat spacious and comfortable, Li Xia also bought a special thick fur mat in the back, feeling fluffy, brush straightener canada people brush straightener canada want to sleep on the top of the seat. Li Xia Division also remember the Secretary to see the mat when the really shocked that the back into brush straightener canada the only tiger it. Later, his evaluation is only one sentence, he said that the previous life of the summer should be a bandit s pressure Zhai wife, is the fork with two legs sitting on tiger leather chairs swagger the kind of shrew. Hand was Fu small Division of the hand. Boys are always higher than the temperature of girls half. Difficult to detect the half degree, but the real and clear there. Maybe some really tired, subconsciously toward the shoulder down. Just the lines, leaving the appropriate recess can be put down his face, high quality cotton shirt, very short perfume taste. What perfume ah Not what you buy for me, is the last time you buy me the bottle ah. what Did not smell it. And then rely on the past point, his face buried in the neck fossa, the eyes are facing the clavicle. Even by so close, did not smell out of their own bottle of perfume sent to the bottle of grass. Just boys like the sun on the skin as strong as the taste of a little clear, like strings in the hair straightening brush led air to issue a clank sound. Seems to move too close, right This thought, his face was slightly red. The othe.eginning of summer yesterday to live in a name of their relatives can not tell the family, the day before yesterday has moved to school supplies. This is the beginning of the summer for the first time live in school, in the early summer before graduating from junior high school students have been attending. Living on campus has a number of longing. And Li Xia also unwilling to live in a stranger home. Mom asked her when she was willing to live in school or relatives at home, the beginning of summer decisively kissed her mother and then said I live in school. The sun slanting into the windows, it should be out of the camphor. Li opened his eyes to think. Close your eyes to the mother s face. Li Xia feel that he did not seem to have been so attached to the home before, but once left, the body all the same as an appointment with the throbbing together. Muscular blood vessels and nerves hair straightener brush all small and weak beating. Seventy seven from the room to the county to the Asakawa test, seven or seven childhood and grew up together, read the same brush straightener canada primary school with a junior high school, graduated smoothly into the same school. But seven seven of the parents came from the room to send seven or seven to go to school, her parents drove a car to brush straightener canada seventy seven asked whether to go to school with the beginning of summer, Li Xia said no. Li Xia would like to own after all, not a delicate person. Driving a car to school.stairs, still happily eating from my home brought dessert, is still in the winter are still dressed in thin clothes are not afraid of the cold, still and femjolie hair straightener brush canada Together, brush straightener canada I made the same choice on the table of arts and science. Those dreams, you are still in the snow surrounded me with a coat, still said to me good morning smile, no matter how tired of a face, still for hair straightener brush reviews india the sake of my momentary school is seriously and then check the map and then Take me to the village has not been to. But those dreams of you, long ago died in the summer of 2003. Death in that even the sun will feel hot summer. As I stood in front of Asakawa, I femjolie hair straightener brush reviews suddenly remembered that you had been lying on my lap, said to me, beginning of summer, when, we go back to Asakawa to see those camphor. And now, had said brush straightener canada watching the camphor with people, I am the only one who has returned to this place. Small division, you know, those who come out from the school girls, a lot of people are holding your album, or even hear them in the mouth of you, have been deified after you. It is hard to imagine, a once ordinary school boys, will become a legend in the mouth of students after another. You listened to, will certainly be very happy. And once I, best hair straightener brush dryer is also a holding your painting asleep in a tree sitting in the tree asleep girl, but, at that time, I do not know by my day in my arms the sacrifices, the original and I brush straightener canada every day Breathing the same air.

Brush Straightener Canada , the beginning of the summer with the courage to go back to see no. Just know that the beginning of the summer to go back to see the land will certainly see the Ang Yung yi device to seek La Ying Ying about eight Wait Yep Fu small to turn around, is still a wood with a face. Why to call me to Li Xia standing at the end of the corridor. The corridor after school is always quiet and with an echo. Oh, this does not matter, you do not want to go with the teacher say on the line. One thing has nothing to do with oneself What else no more. Did not say goodbye, Fu small division down the stairs, white shirt moment disappeared in the corner of the stairs. Sunset to cover the entire teaching building, ivy slightly yellow out of the wall began to spread from the bottom up. Gao Yi in the top floor, because the school brush straightener canada in order to save the high school seniors sister school physical, according to the school teacher s scientific theory is as much as possible to put effort into learning. Li Xia stood on brush straightener canada the third floor balcony, slightly upset expression. Fu Xiaoshi who do not care about what kind of atmosphere to make the beginning of summer feel like being thrown into the sea, but the Dead Sea, nothing can not catch, but how are Shen not go on. Uncomfortable choked in the throat, like a fish accidentally stuck fish bone. Behind the rapid footsteps came body. Lixia back to see the la.use on the rejection of the bubble. A group of people jumping up and down to crazy off the shape. So brush straightener canada and so grabbed the microphone shouting I was a tomato, and then the ground to lay a personal pick up, Hello very pleased to see you, I am a cucumber. Sing to 12 o clock we are tired, so Zuoniaoshousan. The remaining seven seventy Li Xia small Division and the land of Ang. Four people do not know where to look. And then decided to walk casually. Asakawa night is always very quiet, not too much neon and noisy crowd. Most of the people here will sleep after 11 o clock. So four people walking in the street with a ghost can not see one. Then wandered the street park so we sit down. Fu small Division and Lu Zhigang head lying in the park chair, the beginning of summer sitting next to the chair, seventy seven tired and then lay on her lap to sleep. Summer night is always very humid and hot, surrounded by a lot of insects flying. Li Xia feel that electric hair brush straightener amazon they seem a bit sleepy. Fu small division and Lu Zhi Ang s dialogue is also gradually not clear. Fuzzy neutral feeling of the summer Fu small Division over, low voice asked, you finally fill in the Central Academy of Fine Arts Have not had time to ask you. Li Xia think the beginning of the voice of a small division like a hypnotic, low with a trance of magnetic. She nodded, and immediately realized that the light was too dark he could not see hair straightening brush for 4c hair his nod. So immediate.