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Brush Straightener Men nal idea of this novel, everything in the later development of brush straightener men collapse. The original idea of all overthrown, in the end, as a tragic story was I arranged on the end of the clear sky. I do not know how to explain such a situation, it seems very reluctant to say that he grew up or see through the world, but long ago existed in their own minds of those fierce ideas no longer exist. The story of how many flowers know how seems to be tragic, but, but not abruptly as dream as the end of the most painful in brush straightener men the end. The summer solstice, the story, I arranged a quiet ending, long and gentle, in the corner of the world was expanded into a loud monsoon shouting. The psychedelic narration of the first half, as Lok said, was a puzzle I set when all the people were sleeping in a warm and long summer dream, the only one I knew In winter there is a constant snow, snow, all brush straightener men the temperature, all the camphor, all the Phoenix flower, all the love and hate, all the birds, will brush straightener men die together in that warm and steep day. Suddenly the rhythm of the sudden jump, the sudden jump of the world, the sudden operation of the gear, suddenly unprepared events in the chaos to break through the surface. And then all into the silence on the wilderness of the rock. In the reflection of the snow under the snow, quietly listening to the wind whistling past. Love is the whole blow. Toward the north, torn apart. Five5 The world is cut graduate students. That has a youthful astringent expression and action of the big boys, that will be close to the glass surprised to see the big boys out of the window snow, that because the tortoise and the hare and confused the big boys, and now also has a ripe face with clear edges and corners. Once the thin brush straightener men body has now become strong, in the crowded bus, with a pair of arms can circle a quiet space to be easy to stay in their own, once the hairy chin is now a green piece, when kissing Will be slightly to some people. From the first time brush straightener men he said to himself, I love you time, has also been a full three years. Those who no longer remember the past, all up from the heart up, feeling subtle changes brush straightener men occur, like a sudden reversal of time, all reversed with the return to the original. Those long summer, those lush camphor, those who once thought never again think of things, at this moment and all pulled out from the memory. Like black and white film, anti out of a familiar and unfamiliar world. In the beginning of their summer high school graduation, met quietly back to shallow river once. At that time, and brokers just hair straightener brush procabello fall out in the five star hotel, although the song things get stiff, life is particularly embarrassing, everything is not their hair straightening brush thin hair own imagination. At the end of each month come up with a variety of bills, started counting this month a total of how much money. No matter how count, mon.

w, he found himself can easily be done. The body was placed in an incinerator. Mother s face disappeared in the narrow steel space. He remembered the age of 5 when his mother could have left Asakawa to study in big cities, six months best electric hair straightening brushes after the bank can come back to the top. And that day at the train station when the land of Ang looked at her mother onto the train, he suddenly wahtah to cry, and in the train before the start of a minute, my mother ran down from the train. When brush straightener men Lu grew up, only to understand her mother had made that decision is to give up their lives, she chose the mother and give up a woman s own career. Mom, I will not cry anymore, will not let you give up anything for me. You are free to live your hair straightener brush hqt 906 own life. Fire faint red glow, heat in an instant increase. Lu Zhigang feel eyes up, he remembered that he had almost died of things, it was his 10 year old when the sudden high fever, the night is not called the car, and pouring rain, his father in the field of travel, so a mother holding him It took almost three hours to go to the hospital. At that time his family did not live in the city Heart, mountain road is full of mud, mother holding him can not change hands, two hands almost boring to tightly grasp together do not release. Later, the doctor said the child if the hospital a few hours late to save not come back. Of Ang remember when her mother cried loudly in the hospital, and he.small thick coat inside, but also feel not squeezed into what the surrounding, just a little effort to hear Fu small impatiently deep breath, the heart could not help but funny, the general small Division in the very impatient It will be issued before the angry tone sounds like a quick deep breath, and now should be because too many strangers around him hit to hit to go, very impatient, but no place to attack. Back to the studio has been almost 12 o clock, and open brush straightener men the window looking out the window, a lot of places scattered hair straightening brush ceramic fireworks are small to embellish in a flashing neon night. Fu small behind the urging hair straightening brush original the Secretary, quickly shut the window, cold to the dead Lixia go back, do not know when he has come up with a large puzzle in the play. He can not afford to change from childhood to develop the hobby, very fun puzzle. The bigger the more complex the more he likes. Li Xia looked at the beginning of the small division of the hands of small pieces of serious study of the expression of childhood, my heart a slight move. That do not ask Why do you want me to be your little friend I mean so many girls like you, I was too common, and threw the heap in the disappearance of three seconds, to come Why They like it is not me Fu sat on the floor against the wall on the floor of the small division of the legs stretched out toward the front straight, his hands crossed on the back of the h.n. Thousands of birds suddenly flew red blood in the sky. Senior third grade group first, Fu small division. Small Division, looking at you from the last row to stand up, in the brush straightener men envy of the people in the direction of the podium gracefully walked, watching you stand on stage dazzling appearance, I suddenly have a little sad you Has dropped the still naive and ordinary us alone toward the long future run past, do not know why, I suddenly did not come to think of MARS, that led hair straightener brush amazon the people to break through the darkness of the tragedy of God. You do not laugh at me so naive idea, I do not know why this should be happy in this moment so sentimental. I think, maybe the past two years, I gradually mature appearance, after all, is a naive mind it. As a, never grow up to stay in the sixteen hair straightener brush japan year old boy as naive and absurd summer. In 1998, the land of Ang The Summer Solstice and the Phoenix Flower Those recorded by the clouds of flowers, Those flowers decorated by the clouds over the clouds, All in this a long summer to become the wilderness of the dry season. Zebra and antelope migrated through groups of dunes, Those silence of the floating grass in the annual annual jointing, All of the lives of the last season of the Phoenix flowers are marked with bright red. Ten years after the vast sea of people to recognize each other. Who said, those who leave, leave things, One day comeback, Walking through the roa.

Brush Straightener Men ng of summer memories is heavy gray cotton, pressure in the heart, lying in the middle of blood vessels to stop the flow of blood, abruptly in brush straightener men the backlog of desperate emotions, like a knife deep in the skin as shallow Shallow cut with. In the third year of the day, the two letters met every day in the summer backpack. In the sad, when the exam failed, when the teacher cursed step backward, in the middle of the night inexplicably want to cry, in the mirror to see their haggard when, in the high school to see a woman The children can go out at the weekend to go out shopping and can only be buried in the yellowing of the papers in the dim lamp no longer illuminate the long night when the beginning of summer will come up with two letters to see. Ten times, twenty times, thirty times to see. Li Xia even think that has been seen will see more and hair straightener brush original more things to. White writing on black ink writing has always been so clear, beginning in the summer when looking at those beautiful writing will find that never met never met. She has been there, has been standing behind their own, wearing alternative clothes, brush straightener men ear hole, with a proud look, like a gorgeous swallowtail butterflies forever. hair straightening brush african american hair See later, the letter of those paragraphs have been deeply engraved in the beginning of summer s heart, not even recite, it will be like the end of the movie subtitles line by line brush straightener men from the bottom of my heart to appear. Lixia.t, except that he was clear and complete, the sun slowly and evenly in his circulation, and then find a variety of cracks penetrate into it. Fantastic species. Can absorb solar energy. No wonder the results so good. No wonder so long. A series of funny ideas come and go in every corner of the brain. Fu Xiaosi look back, is still a quiet side of the face, looking at the blackboard intently, slightly wrinkled brow together, and then bit the hands of the pen. The beginning of the summer spread out the hands of the note and read it again, is a small division just did not take long to pass on the class, above his clear handwriting After school so I look. After school waiting for me. And read it again, very simple sentence, can not read any fresh meaning. And then go back to the playground, have not see the shadow of the land of Ang, a large group of students from the entrance to swarm out of the flow of playground. Li Xia inexplicably think of sewer drain, really strange idea. Teach the history of the teacher seems to know that this is the last class before the winter vacation, so desperate drag hall. After school bells have been ringing fifteen minutes. The beginning of summer to pack a good schoolbag when the classroom is almost no one, and turned around to see Fu small Division is still in school bags, quietly look the same for thousands of years, what he always doing half a beat, and sometimes the.