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Brush Straightener On Natural Hair 4c my best years. That is my thin life, the only a little wealth, finally gave you, so you have to cherish. Remember my name, and those I use tears and sad things will be your. 1998 met Qingtian turned the corner, has just been silent, he suddenly squatted down against the wall sitting on the floor, throat choked with sobbing voice. How can you appear in front of me How can make me think of you How can you wish me happiness without incident Qingtian think eye pain, wiped his hand to find the first hand tears. He looked up to see a lot of birds in the evening sky flying in the past. When I met, why did not I go with you Now that the wayward you, it now appears that there is nothing can not be inclusive ah. But no one throw in the towel, everyone farewell and then head back to the different directions. So off the sunset that heavy door. No one can no longer push it away. Met head down to walk, try to think of other things. Otherwise, the tears will fall. It touches the side of the section of the bridge, if nothing had happened to put his hand in his pocket walk, and can see that he was slightly excited. Hey, face a little red, two dimples emerge in the mouth, Otherwise, I really do your boyfriend. I will be a good architect Although the family is not very rich, but I will Efforts to make money hair straightener brush with lcd display ah Do not follow me Suddenly broke out of the emotions, and even met himself frightened. Section bridg.eye socket and exhausted face. The daytime is countless announcements. The night time is painting with work. School work can barely complete. The whole person almost twenty four hours of operation. Lixia a lot of time standing next to just look at all feel tired. How can a person have so much energy A lot of time he is not tired himself tired, he did not want to cry for his cry. The computer has issued a slight sound of the operation, the beginning of summer recovered, Fu small division has seen a white shirt for down, put on a loose blue and white cotton T shirt, very soft and comfortable look, the following is a coarse Of the beige pants, loose cover on the two legs, cloth line along the lines of the legs folded layer of shadows. Frowned and drank a cup of black coffee, clapped his hands, stretched a lazy, Fu small Division said, I want to start it Sure enough, is the speed of sound kid. Oh, you go to sleep first, he said, reminiscent of something like, I need only to finish these two pictures tonight.You ll have a rest. Summer s bedroom is located next to the studio. And Fu small division of the bedroom in the studio at the other end. Since the work began to become busy, Li Xia and small division directly to live in the studio. Fortunately, the studio happens to have three rooms, a large office and meeting room, the other two small companies and the beginning of the hair straightening brush on curly hair summer to go to the company.

uld be fast. From the beginning of summer back to his letter can be seen, the third year is really the same purgatory days. Extreme lack of sleep, high intensity brain consumption, fragile friendship, secretly rivalries, schools of the walks, all good faces are exposed in the third year of the ugly face. At the moment, the beginning of summer and brush straightener on natural hair 4c doing Is not the same as before, in all the people have left the classroom inside, I heard her little sister to help her difficult to understand the chemical problem Oh, it should not be, the beginning of summer has been to the liberal arts. Is holding a lunch box through the lush camphor to the school canteen, or standing on the sun overlooking the opposite of the science building, just as they did not leave when looking at the women s floor Or sitting in the school s lake, carrying a long English entry. Or is it alone through the ladder outside the classroom that the sun is particularly long corridor All the imagination in the brain instantly forming, and then instantly disappear, and then produce new imagination. But brush straightener on natural hair 4c these are just stay in their own ideas, met not dare to enter the door. Curtain color Sihetun. The light faded. Occasionally students from the carport to put out the bike, the straightening hair brush au introduction of the school to ride on, along the camphor on both sides of the road downhill ride into the Asakawa city. Those students through the met around, eyes o.of tree. Perhaps it is kapok bar, not publicity, and perhaps Magnolia has incomparable aroma, or camphor it, these head does not wither all year round brush straightener on natural hair 4c camphor. Hey, Fu camphor, the go to class. Fu small brush straightener on natural hair 4c Secretary turned to look at him, and then did not say a word left, and went two or three steps began to run toward the classroom, the more the faster run. Later, a little track and field team training posture. This makes the land of Ang panic, wailing to jump up and chase in the past, while running side that they are really stupid, maybe the last one of their own late. Ma s cunning Fu Hong Zhang count you ruthless. A hair straightening brush men day is how the past Fu small squint can not remember his eyes, but when he suddenly realized that the sun had to sink to the school wall behind the ivy. Has gradually approached the summer, the sun began to gradually extend the sunset time from 5 00, 5 01, 5 40 gradually approaching, hair straightener brush for afro hair Fu small Division to see the table only to find that it is almost six o clock. A very busy all day, copied a full 5 pages of chemical notes, to teach the school took two art contest recommended table, the other one is to the land of Ang, and then the student union president said he was graduated from the hope of their own Small division to take his place, noon to the studio to help the art teacher to sort out a mess of the plaster like the afternoon when the English teacher temporary examination of all the.had time to take away their own line, was followed by the endless stream of the cut off, from which we can only see it fell I do not know where to go, with a teenage praise, With the taste of summer, with a sense of permanence can be as long as brush straightener on natural hair 4c the sense of peace, planted near a deserted wilderness. Fu Xiaosi disguised smile, the end of the land of Ang sent to the future, the beginning of the summer listening to the story of seven seven quietly sinking the whole heart to the quagmire, met the lost loved ones, seventy seven, lively and generous seventy seven Dare to look at the former friends. Once they can hold the girls to sleep together, but in the end to see how the other trying to cover up the loss of heart and anger. Countless We do not know what will happen, one thing happened. Why did not like before you can pull the time is very long, very long, and finally woven into a net to put up their own. Why still remember the music of eye exercises, but you can not remember the eyes closed. Why bad brush straightener on natural hair 4c things always emerge in an endless stream, and we can only do as if only to those memories of the summer to do endless remembrance. As if the incompetent pilgrims want to borrow from some asylum. And no one came to shelter them. In the farthest away from the summer, ten years of time to discover, hair straightener brush or flat iron in addition to memory, the nothing can not be permanent. From the story of the last foothold, go back to hav.

Brush Straightener On Natural Hair 4c to see the beginning of summer with two heads to rub the two hands to rub, and carefully look at the hair and clothes are brush straightener on natural hair 4c in front of vegetable juice, really embarrassed it brush straightener on natural hair 4c so hold back the distressed tone brush straightener on natural hair 4c quietly say good. This time we are still eating, bath almost no one. Li Xia took the faucet stood dazed in a daze. Just the things all in the mind to replay the past, silent face silent expression of silent action. Beginning of summer to see the small fog fog the same eyes, see the land of Ang hesitantly look straightener brush that straightens hair like, spray the water splashing to the ground to become dirty. Tears hair straightening brush in kuala lumpur large pieces of big stars to fall on the white tile. Li Xia suddenly a very trance to think, when the summer brush straightener on natural hair 4c can come ahead of it I met standing on the edge of the window, the evening has been coming to an end, like the tide of the night as the plot in the higher product. You can even hear sounds like a flood. Met and turned to look best brush for straightening hair at the beginning of the summer sitting at the bedside do not know how to comfort. From small to mostly accustomed to the lonely days, neither comfort extraordinary, and no one comforted himself. So the face of a low head and shoulders slightly twitching Li Xia do not know how to speak. Should be crying. Meet the thought. Beginning of summer just opened the back of the words can not tell, because met to see the beginning of the summer looked up, the whole face is Tears, but, Fu small division, the hair dripping dripping down, wearing a pair of flip flops, loose white T shirt hanging in the empty body, and occasionally posted on the body exposed skeleton shape. Fu small Division of the rise of the time to see the land of Ang stood in front of their own, but also just bathed, who was wet. He wood with a face, pointing to the small Secretary Fu said, come, we went out to play one. Fu small Division looked at the land of Ang, after three minutes after the laugh, the beginning is just a blanket of a grin, then directly open mouth smile, two rows of white teeth. This makes the land of Aung Leng in place do not understand. Fu small Division threw him a towel and said, you wipe it, I go to get the car, the school gate waiting for you. Fu on the road listening to the landing of a small division of the Ang stresses a brush straightener on natural hair 4c lot of things beginning of summer. Lu is almost the beginning of the summer to tell him all told to the small division. Fu small Division found Luzhi Ang described these things brush straightener on natural hair 4c when the deep and with some sad emotions. So he looked at land of Ang. Lu of Ang back to understand what the small division brush straightener on natural hair 4c would like to ask. So Lu Ang said, small Secretary you remember that I have a little cousin it, in fact, I feel the beginning of summer to me like hair straightener brush price in philippines a little cousin of my other small, has the same environment but has the same good character, so yesterday I saw You l.