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Brush brush straightener review Straightener Review enemy s cold. Firmly support him. August 31, 1995 actually still fine you sorry me God Asakawa bus style, perhaps because there is no one so I feel anything big. Seated very large, I sat a double sitting feeling like sitting on the sofa, close your eyes may be able to imagine a mattress. The window is great, so that when the open to the street when the branches of camphor suddenly come in to say hello and then I cried to withdraw out of the feeling, feeling a style with the week of relaxation Then see a good looking boys. Originally, I hate the rich, this person is the same, wearing a CK T shirt riding a super pull wind mountain bike. Even if there is nothing mountain bike, but China can buy a few cities in the CK It is estimated that brought back from Hong Kong. Fortunately, he is not the same as brush straightener review the general upstarts wearing a very obvious LOGO words of clothes, but looming in the shoulder signs. And his clean face made me embarrassed to hate him. Hey, it seems that this age or the appearance of people more than ah, such as I Camphor school as much as grass, I think this summer is certainly not tan. Seventy seven from school in the morning after the meeting began to jump in school, the absolute social flower. In fact, in accordance with the character and I seventy seven is the same noisy, just because I usually live in too much of disdain for things, so I do not want to talk to a.g is even more to wear, and thick gloves scarf, there is a look a bit funny wool hat. Lu of the Ang particularly afraid of winter, one to the winter brush straightener review he was not cold. So hurry Fu small Division quickly. The end of the school corridor tea room has become particularly popular. One to get out of class time all the people rushed to the tea room to exchange hot water to warm hand bottle. It seems that no one can stand this weather. The whole Asakawa a silver makeup, the school suspended the physical education and morning run as well as inter class exercises. Every student shouted and shouted. Seven of them called extraordinarily loud. At any time seven classes brush straightener review are the most active classes. Li Xia could not help but be very envious. But the envy of envy, or to be buried carefully copied notes. Fu small Secretary of the note is simply stunning. Lixia can not figure out the school day sleep painting pattern of what exactly is when such a full straightening hair brush uk review copy of a note. Turned around and looked at Fu small Division, the results to see his proud smile, seems to guess what the brush straightener review beginning of summer want to say. So the beginning of summer with the nose out of the tone on the turn over. Sigh to take out the notebook to copy. The third class after class summer take the notes hair straightening brush magnifeko back to Fu small division, turned around to see them both in the pack. Li Xia feel simply inexplicable. So ask them what to do. Lu Aung side of the shoul.

to the name brush straightener review really funny. The section of the bridge s face is a whole swallowed a tea leaf expression. Met from 7 30 to 19 30, and then boys from 4 30 pm to 4 30, 4 30 to 1 30 in the morning convenience store closed for three hours. Therefore, it is twenty four hours convenience store is twenty one hours convenience store. The bridge and meet the work of the bridge at the same time there are three hours a day. Because the lot is not too busy, not in the business district or campus concentration of the lot, so very few passengers, many times the store only met a person, his head open white fluorescent, neat rows of shelves. Occasionally there is a customer to open the door, the door hangs the wind chimes will be issued buzz sound. And then met will be raised, said welcome Half an hour is spent on the shelf, half an hour is spent on the crystallization of accounts, half an hour is used to say welcome and exposed teeth smile. Other time is used to write music. Singing in the bar still met the profession. 24 hours in three occupations to send newspapers. Convenience store salesperson. Bar singer. Completely irrelevant. But it is down to earth there. The coincidence of three hours, which is the most common 24 hours inside the three hours. Because ordinary, so warm. As we used to his ordinary towel, toothbrush, pillow, quilt, bed, lamp, notebook, calendar, all used to things, are very common. It is prec.nded little beast, has no stubborn power, only poor, the land of the Ang feel like something stuck in the throat , Breathing is a bit difficult, I ll go to sleep, I have no time to read these letters written by others, and now I want to see, because I want to brush straightener review no one to write to me after the bar Calm tone. Stable speed. However, but the deaf can also hear out of the intermittent, sobbing crying. Lu s Ang holding the head of the small Division, tears flow down, You must believe me. You have to believe. Even if all the people do not want to believe it. You also. must. Trust me. Starting style. Six in the morning, the beginning of summer has been to the straight up hair straightening brush conference site. Lixia has been worried about do not know what will happen, so call to meet, met did not say when you say there you wait for me, I ll come. Fu small division of the conference is located in Guanghua International Convention and Exhibition hair straightening brush on wet hair Center on the first floor lobby, almost all of the important cultural press conference are here to do. Li Xia looked at the layout of the scene, and straightening hairbrush competitor yesterday s. Only in the small brush straightener review division of the booth next to the release of another stage. Asked the staff a bit, that is not very clear, as if a new album album release. The beginning of summer is not assured and hit hair straightener brush india reviews the phone back to ask the company today and other companies have not hit the press release schedule, afraid of journalists to ca.the Prime Minister of Japan. No is Li Xia a little stammer, so the business card handed Fu small Division, I see. Fu small Division is full of doubts to take over, the results looked at his mouth no longer close on the. Raised his head looked at the appearance of a cheap apalus brush hair straightener stinking appearance of Lu Aung, and look at their own business cards, sure not wrong, printed above the Chinese Li Tong media, publicity and marketing brush straightener review vice manager, Lu Zhi an. Engage in what aircraft ah Fu small division did not understand. Lu of Ang angrily, said that before I returned to have contacted them, and the resumes of all sent over. Just a Chinese teacher in our school and Li Tong media some friendship, I know this is your company, and their treatment is also good, it decided to come ah. The business card they sent me to see the sample ah. Having finished watching the scenery outside the window, the woods along the rapid best hair brush straightener for black hair reversal. Car quiet for a few minutes, after the land of Ang slowly said, small Division, when I was in high school, said one day we must fight the world side by side, with the open business, do you remember Do you remember You remember. And no export, then, you have said those words, I all remember. Car directly back to Li Tong Media Building. The beginning of summer to call them often go to a bar booked the largest private rooms, and then called brush straightener review to meet the seventy seven call.

Brush Straightener Review d loneliness. brush straightener review Camphor end to end to cover the city all the sky. There are ten years later in the shadow of confession. Oops, I m singing, do you hear Ah ah ah, who is singing, I heard. This is the summer of 1998. July 9th. clear. No clouds. One did not. The afternoon sun was as good as, or better than, the sun in the usual summer. So everyone stood under the camphor tree did not speak. The heat makes everyone lose the desire to speak. Zhang mouth is dry heat, like to spit fire. Hey, Lu Zhi an holding a can of Coke brush straightener review touched Fu small arm, instantly stabbing cold from his arm quickly and minutiae to pass to the heart. Fu took over the small Division opened the cola, raised his head and piqued down to drink, Adam s apple turned upside down. Fu small department remember three years ago when he looked up to drink Coke, when the Adam s apple is not so abrupt, and he has graduated from high school, 19 years old, should be considered an adult bar, forget the day on the lips will leave the blue Hu residue. Fu Xiaoji remember three years ago is so upside down to drink a can of Coke and then left a group of junior high school friends. We just patted the shoulder did not say goodbye, so we really do not see again. Fu small department looked up and look at the land of Ang, he said to him, hey, we just graduated so right. Lu Zhigang look brush straightener for short hair at him, and then frowned, said, seems to be. So Fu began a little sad Divisi.the two. Think of the beginning of summer here to look back Fu small Division. Fu small station standing two meters away from their place, with great concentration on the drawing board with a pencil sketched lines. The fog in the eye was thicker than at any time, almost to see his eyes, leaving only a vast expanse of color. Lixia suddenly panic God, his mind is only a vast expanse of color. Lixia hurriedly out of pencil to play the line, the results of a hard pencil broken in the drawing board, then hurriedly to adjust the paint, but dipped in color brushes are not how to tune out the color they want. Beginning of summer a little panic, and take the pen s hand pale pale light. In the end could not help but uttered a low groan, then tears began to Chung up. Li Xia like this really awkward, but the more they want more tears. And brush straightener review then just when the beginning of summer feel no longer control the tears, the side handed a pencil over, Fu small department turned his head to the palm of the hand under the table to seize the beginning of summer slightly best hair brush straightener for short hair pinch a bit, after that the beginning of summer Mouth, eyes appeared in a variety of colors, such as the most gorgeous paintings. Go back to Fu Xiao is convincing smile. Li Xia do not know how the end. Heard the piano sound of the end of seven seven also stopped singing. And then the beginning of summer in the canvas on the last cast a bright red color. Whe.