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Brush Straightener rtunately, he has a good looking face, bright smile, pleasant and not annoying. But rather exposed a childish. At the end of March when the beginning of the summer bedroom, a girl transferred to Shenzhen, take the time of summer and did not feel how sad. In fact, also get along hair straightener brush procabello with less brush straightener than a year of time, and usually not how cooked. It touches on the teacher said to the mouth of the teacher to switch to the summer brush straightener is very interested. The girls in the class has been circulating to the mouth of the students turn to the straightening brush for short hair argument is that the beginning of the summer more brush straightener for hair curious. Because a problem students can be transferred into the brush straightener Asakawa one or even into the three classes, which have to say is a miracle. Looked at his side off the seat of the beginning of the summer to think, in the end what kind of people will sit together with their own. The beginning of summer to school that morning, just entered the classroom to hear the sound of the classroom as if the bombing of the bee nest nest. Lixia turned to see the class teacher standing on the edge of the window, another girl standing in front of his head down. Because the window is too light, so the beginning of summer can only see that girls silhouette, to the shoulder hair, cut more messy so I feel only Qi ears so short. Lixia think, this should be the girl. After a long time, the beginning of summer can remember is her self introduction tone and.d women to slapstick to slapstick. She was always able and a stranger in three minutes to do a special cooked down, kiss each other affectionately knocked his head, like to know for centuries. This is so that the small Secretary Fu feel very strange. Because he felt that talking to a stranger is a terrible thing, he would rather do a five star math problem is not willing to hair straightening brush harvey norman know a stranger. So he often pointed to the process of seven seventy seven on the land of Ang said that she was terrible. Unlike me, from small to large seems to be the speed of the election And each land of Ang are laughing twice, mouth crooked to crooked to say, it is because it is not find another like me so good people. Fu small division and Lu Zhi Ang standing on the edge of the crowd, drinking Coke, occasionally bowed his head to say a word or two. Cheng seventy seven ran from a distance and patted Fu small division, asked him, at night we go out to play, you and the land of Ang to what Fu asked a small lift the Secretary asked, who have So Chengqiqi said there are so and so, so and so, so best ceramic hair straightener brush reviews and so and so and so and so and so. Fu asked the small division, beginning to summer it Of course, nonsense. Ah ah go to the, we go Lu of the Ang to insert in, looking at Cheng Qibi smiling said. Well, at night to call you. Then she went back to the crowd. Fu small Secretary looked up at the land of Ang, asked him, who told you I m goin.

not turn back. Many will meet in the evening to recall the things that happened this year. School life only a few brush straightener people make her feel there is a little significance of the existence of the other, other things, whether it is sunk or soaring, will not let her brush straightener look at even more. She is still an alternative to walk in all Asakawa a girl in the eyes, still wear alternative clothing with more and more earrings. And the end of the sophomore day of the hard and soft to successfully pull the summer to play ear piercings, and then bought a pair of earrings, one by one. I still remember the beginning of summer to finish the ears panic expression, and brush straightener every three seconds to get the edge of the ear hair, for fear that some people will see. But later the beginning of summer than they are also like that earrings. Many times met to see the beginning of the summer in the mirror of the earrings that stinky fart was so incredible, so she began to laugh at her face has been laughed blush, said she was not played ear hole Liangjia women. But ridicule to ridicule, my heart is full of warmth. You always laugh at me. But I often look at earrings in a daze, I still remember that brush straightener time because of pain and tears out. Many times I was thinking, in my young years, I met with the same pain encountered, then the next day, even if the need to go to hell, I think I will not frown with her. Because I have been so that, as long as., but think about the last thing to decisively closed his mouth. She did not want to meet to feel that they are a matter of three or eight long tongued women. Although they are sometimes more like a long tongued woman, with Yingying them to discuss a certain star of the lace and two years of the 7 classes so and so fall in love with a year 5 classes of certain. Li brush straightener Xia remember the first time I went to meet the door to open when the really shocked, opened the door to see a hair dripping disheveled woman standing in the door almost biting down and spit it out. Opened his mouth to scream to be met on a cover his mouth. And then to the beginning of summer to get used to, almost hair straightening brush as seen on tv every night at 11 30 will go to help meet the door. Encounter rainy weather will be ready to dry towel, the beginning of the summer is always surprising why the total does not like to meet an umbrella, but also embarrassed to ask. To the beginning of hair straightener brush auto off summer will be a good cup of hot milk and then sit in front of the desk and other met back. This habit becomes more and more long lasting and becomes a part of life. Cautious cautious, the glass of milk heat, met a whisper of Thank you , midnight creak open the door, which became the beginning of summer habits. To later Li Xia feel nothing strange, met naturally should appear in the 11 30, and then come back wet. Meet the habit of sitting in a chair with hair straightening brush iron his legs wiping his hair, a.the prison people have their own groups, with the activities, to eat together, but I still used to a person. This is not the so called lonely, but a lonely world. I used to think you live in a world where no one can enter, can not imagine, but now I finally can clearly feel. It is only a stand in the wilderness, watching the clouds drifting across the sky, cast deep shadows from the top of the shadow of the world. Many times I said to myself, I am not sad. However, looking at the escape of the late autumn when the sky came, my heart was slightly sour. There will be a day, suddenly what a miracle, time reversal, or fate to come. We will once again lying on the lawn, so soft grass scratching in the neck to itchy, so that the brush straightener brush straightener smell of grass slightly smoked people drowsy, so that the summer sun to close the eyelid according to bleeding red it You say there will be such a day.

Brush Straightener h is a line inside, outside the dawn, and our hearts dark. The shop owner also joked that I am really young, because now like these paintings are those high school girls. I just smiled, did not speak, because I am afraid of a talk, they hear the voice of my sad mood. I asked my husband to help me pick the first one, he pointed to me that corner of the corner, said he liked. I looked up in the past, is the piece of never appeared in the landscape. When I go to pay, put on the top of the site, is this never appeared in the landscape. The moment that swept the mind, is the screen that leaned over from heaven to kiss the boy s girl, the girl s white clothes, and the boy bright as the stars of the eye. And on that New Year s Eve night, you said to me at the window Beginning of summer, kiss it. All of the past, all the years, all exudes the ink fragrance of the papers, all in the summer rainstorm playing basketball in the wet brush straightener boys, all in the lake quietly carrying a long English term girls, all in full bloom At the end brush straightener of the summer the Phoenix flower, all the departed, all the returning, all the shining Psalm, all the dull diaries, all the hair straightening brush luma discrete time, all rebuilt homes. All the fallen leaves in the rain, all the wreaths wandering with the river, all the songs sung in the night, all the clouds that flow in the day, all the happiness and tears, all goodness and freedom. Many years ago in the summer, t.s a girdle, girdle is the famous painter Bo X by copying the painting, Flowers burning XX country completely copied the album, if you do not believe, apalus hair straightening brush price you read to know when the small Division is nothing that he picked up the book, and down, and then head down out of the bookstore. While the side is the raging crowd, there brush straightener are those who pass through the cracks in the person s eardrum, then what How can it be Small Division of the painting is copying the bad book ah You sick ah, I see rotten is the small division of this person, you do not obsessed However, I do not believe that small is such a person ah. Well I buy. These are small things in life. These will not let the small Division sad. Many times, but rather a small division to comfort the beginning of Fu Xia. He is always very softly against Li Xia said that these things do not deserve to be angry. The beginning of the summer looked up Fu Xiaosi fog diffuse eyes, before this pair has been made fun of their cataract eyes are now extra gentle, every time you see the small Secretary s eyes, the beginning of summer will cry. And Fu small division, always stretched out his arms holding the beginning of summer quietly. Small division, do not know why, every time in your arms, I will feel the world in an instant exceptionally quiet, quiet like a distant Asakawa can hear the sound of the snow fell, the Beijing snow is dirty, I Not.