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Hair Brush Straightener Seen Tv bernation squirrel, immersed in the sweet and warm sleep, but do not know the storm has been approaching the tree hole in the door. He is also immersed in the memory of the land of Ang, sometimes remembered because of two funny things and happy, and sometimes remember the sad things and frowned. He did not know, in front of their own, is a big earthquake out of the canyon, deep bottomless. And everything is not before the tornado hit the illusion of calm. Paper on the ground motionless, woods still like post modern sculpture. Those calm me below the sea, is the surging undercurrent, pushing the pan to pour forward. 9.2003 The end of the summer solstice Those discrete years, Back to the side. Those dim days, Winding heart. The once extinct past is reaped in the wheat fields. Toward the sun anger jointing growth resentment, The same thrive. Those hatred of unknown origin, those obscure love, All wake up in the arrival of this delay has finally arrived in the summer. Tianguang cleared, floating clouds of silence, bringing the return of the monsoon message. And many years ago who silently kissed his face. Those wind blown lanterns, yellowed white paper can not afford the darkness of the need for light. Who can lend me a pair of sharp eyes, Illuminate the dark and long road ahead. Who can lend me wings, Who can take me soar. 2003 Summer Solstice End of Daylight. Beijing International Airport people are.sion rubbed his eyes, looked a bit tired. Fu small department stretched a lazy, joint ring a few times. I hair brush straightener seen tv m really tired. Haha, come, I carry you home. Lu Zhi Ang jump over a gesture of carrying sacks of action. Fu small department to look back to cold eyes to kill, land of Ang scared to retract his hand, hehe to laugh twice. Fu small Division looked at the land of white paint on the angel frowned. He said, I really do not know how your mother s clothes. Lu of the Ang said that this simple, my mother is not clean to lose, buy new. Fu said that China is such a way out of poverty. Land of Ang shocked a moment, and then smirking the sound that I want to go back and tell my mother. This is the turn of the small Fu Fu stunned. Because he did not think how to answer this sentence. Fu small division of the moment to stay out of the expression to land of Ang pain laugh stomach. Fu small expression of the Secretary a little annoyed, half did not speak. Land of brush straightener wet hair Ang or laugh very rampant do not know the better. So they started. dusty. Long summer in a group of birds across the sky when so passed. It was the last group hair straightening brush without heat of birds this summer. Seventy seven, summer finally passed. Yes. Are you homesick Would like to group of friends before it I do not know. Li Xia you I miss them very much. But do not know where they are, doing, good or bad. Let s find a time to go back to see it. I just did not go home for a lo.

king his head. Lu Zhi Ang see Fu small Division did not answer so slightly annoyed heart. So whispered a roar, Fu small Secretary you hear me. Fu small Secretary suddenly came to consciousness, so to answer him, I heard. She and Li Xia how to return to things How could they be together So the land of Ang told him last night and the beginning of the summer hair brush straightener seen tv together. In fact, yesterday morning from the Department of land out of the land to see the beginning of summer is crying out. Li Bobo and Lee went in to see the sweet together, so to Li Yan Ran s father asked a good, and then take the job on the edge, but while listening to their conversation. Although not very clear, but also know how many of the two. So he will be left school after school, waiting for the beginning of summer. Lu of the Ang in a row said a lot, in a red light when the stop and turn around and look to Fu small Division, the results did not listen to Fu small Division, leaning on his back asleep. This allows the land of Angers outside the light fire, so wake him, livid with a face. Fu small division of the heart hair brush straightener seen tv actually do not understand, although the apalus hair straightening brush ceramic hair straightener straight hair styling land of Ang all day smiling to whom are very polite, but he is most clear, the land of Ang this person is never put things in mind, this is the same with their own, but Their performance was more direct only. But this time because Li Yan hair brush straightener seen tv Ran and Li things so care. So he raised his.ding, Shanghai will snow, I think this should be auspicious it, you will definitely take the first place tomorrow. Although the tone is lukewarm, but the Secretary Fu small look at the land of Ang s eyes full of gratitude. Lu of Ang very happy to laugh. Was about hair straightening brush in kuala lumpur to speak, I heard the beginning of summer room screams. Wait until the small division of the Fu and Lu of Ang opened the summer and did not lock the door when the eye is the beginning of summer jumped on the TV cabinet yelling like the beginning of the summer to hear the sound of the door back to see the station At the door of the two big boys, their tiptoe is standing on the TV cabinet, action in an instant freeze. Fu small Secretary Zhang mouth with a What aircraft expression, hair brush straightener seen tv and land of Ang has been leaning against the wall clutching his stomach laughing to be a hand to look like. What are you doing, ah, Fu small finger pointed to the beginning of summer, down ah. Station so high doing. And and called so loud, Lu of the Ang side of laughter while hair brush straightener seen tv talking, a girl was pervert rape look There are cockroaches Li Xia looked at the ground, sure there is no, only a little embarrassed down. Fu small refers to the land of Ang, said, you blame him slightly, he set the hotel. He always said that the hotel is very good very good, I suspect that this hotel secretly gave him an intermediary fee. Fu small refers to the size of the thumb butt.he price is particularly cheap, but few people. Fu small Division are suspected of being a black shop, and land of the Ang has been patting the chest, said no problem, their time to have been checked on the Internet, is a good small hotel. Fu Xiaoji put the luggage after looked out of the window looked at the sky, the sky has completely dark down, by the street light can see the oblique passing of the rain, glowing street light silver white. Oh, it rained, Fu small Secretary turned around and looked at the pot holding a pot is pouring into the water of hair straightener brush best the Ang, it would also go out shopping Ah, can not it, Lu of the cork cover Today, early to rest, anyway, tired, you have to race tomorrow, the game brush straightener uk reviews is over again. Fu nodded, and then said, Then I hair brush straightener seen tv went to and Li said. Cold dead, Fu sat on the ledge on the windowsill, blankly to a sudden, Shanghai is also cold than the North, it is a mess. Or change can not afford to develop long ago like to sit on the windowsill Habits, this is exactly the same and met, always like sitting cross legged on the windowsill, and then blankly toward the window in a daze. Lu of Ang exposed white teeth, very nice and very quiet smile, because Shanghai is not like we have the heating of the North ah. Fu Si Secretary looked hair straightening brush forum back at the smiling land of Ang, crooked the crooked mouth, scoffed and said, Why do you want to learn to laugh at me like ah, have the ability you like.

Hair Brush Straightener Seen Tv ere was tall French sycamore, the leaves falling, and the bare branches struggling toward the sky. Twilight Sihetun. There was a cloud of ambiguity in the sky, moving rapidly, casting a more blurred shadow on the ground. This is what Shanghai This is Zhang Ailing that the bustling ten foreign market it The beginning of summer patted the ears, it seems that the aircraft tinnitus not finished, the mind is hair straightening brush for curly hair still a little bit unclear, how to from Shanghai to hair straightening brush superdrug Asakawa it, too exaggerated it. Take the luggage down from the taxi and into the hotel door. Because just hair brush straightener seen tv under the rain, the ground against the lights wet street light. Luggage is not good on the ground dragging away. Fu Xiaoxi to Li Xia in the hands of the box to take over, Li Xia quickly said I can not, and then the two fight to fight hair brush straightener seen tv to the last summer was Fu Si Secretary Do not try to be brave To scare the hand, and then see Fu small division and Lu Zhigang walked in front of the two whispered words, but also did hair brush straightener seen tv not ignore their own. Until the two are about to disappear in a little bit of the twilight, the Fu small Secretary was turned, hair what silly, Twilight Fu small eyes of the Secretary issued a small light, fast to keep up. Rooms. Room on the third floor, hair brush straightener seen tv to go through the wood staircase, in the stairs when you will hear the foot of the pound sound. Wooden doors, large rooms, white linens and very soft pillows. Looks very good look, t.he gate, he raised his head slightly, and then see the land of Ang hair brush straightener seen tv and Li Xia s back. The shadow of two people like a clock face pointer, pointing to the same direction. Within a short while to disappear in the shadow of camphor inside. Fu small department head held his head, his eyes light out clearly. It straightening hair brush uk seems that the beginning of the summer and the land of Ang to make him somewhat confused. Land of Ang is not to say that there are things to go back to school earlier it How to still shake it inside the school Fu small shook his head, was going back to the stairs to take a bike, he heard someone call him. Back to see Li Yan Ran standing in the shadow below, Fu small division called, he said, hair brush straightener seen tv you are oh. My father came by car, you do not ride, and I send you home. Fu Si Secretary thought for a moment, and then just toward the direction of the disappearance of land Ang looked, and then turned around and said, well. When the door closed on the small Fu heart suddenly empty to shake a bit. Handle the paint to pinch to pinch, because the force and let the pigment changed shape. Passing the teaching building, Lu of Ang Hey, a cry and then stopped. Beginning of summer along his eyes to see the past, so see Fu small mountain bike parked in the school building below. Lu Ang murmursed to himself, how this guy did not go back Not that he had to go ahead of it After the beginning of the summer after the rel.