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Hair Brush Straightener tly Looked at himself and a small division, and occasionally hear some girl dialogue. You look at the two men, it looks good vomit you even this old man like ah a little taste good or not Well, I know, in your hair brush straightener eyes will only three classes of Joe seven quick light look good The boys around the world on his good looking Are you satisfied You do not also Well, a three year seven classes to see the tomato turned on the tomato, but also the nerve to say blanket Those familiar with the dialogue, with a good taste many years ago, floating in their own side. In addition to the phrase old man is a bit too much for the other words, I feel hair brush straightener like a clock back. Those in the Asakawa one of the days, their own and small Division is walking in the countless girls in the sunlight. In their hearts, the two boys are the legend. Do not know when those girls like me where to go, drinking coke, wearing suits sitting on the railing on the roadside, so much to see the land of the Ang or hair brush straightener change the original hair straightening brush professional can not afford to change the habits of the small fry, Now Of China, really good lonely ah. hair brush straightener You go to the vegetable market to see ah, those who buy cabbage and radish to go home to take care of her husband s aunt and Aunt Wang, had not very obsessed with you Mody, Fu small division or the same year as the cold mocking tone, To do not know when to sit on the railing up the land of Ang, almost.summer patted the shoulder, Now is not our weak time, get through this morning, and then I let you Crying. Two people in the dressing room. Time from the side quietly running in the past. You can even hear the ticking of the second hand in the air. Li Xia heart more and more fear, I feel like standing on hair brush straightener the cliffs have been blowing high winds. The phone suddenly sounded, the beginning of summer shocked to see the screen, Land of the Ang word quickly pick up, then, the phone came the voice of the land of Ang, the kind of sound heard before the summer, full of excitement And joy, he said Small Division has come in, immediately to the dressing room, you quickly prepared Early summer hung up the phone out of the room, turned his head and saw the end of the corridor, Fu small Division imposing face. At that moment, I saw the end of the corridor wearing a black suit wearing a small tie Fu Division, such as feeling the spring in an instant approaching my hair straightening brush purpleheiress side. His eyes flashing light, I was in high school that year in Shanghai to see his life in the first art award has been seen. So I know, he did not let me down. He is no longer the weak little boy. He was the dark god who led the way through tragedy. Pain and then pain, are in this moment to calm his perfect smile, and clear and bright eyes. 2003 summer Good makeup, finish hair, just eight fifty, nine press release. Fu small Division in the exhibition.

blank gap, the familiar face even with no vivid narrative, so just a glance, even if he called A word of your hair straightening brush for african american hair own name. However, what is the use. The beginning of the summer was met and pulled toward the front ran, Fu small Division of the land of the Ang with a handsome face, from the beginning of the opening to the surprise and then quietly, all like a familiar film plot, all have seen the film All burning up. In his Li word export all the time to burn ashes. Lixia with a sad mood to think, is not it, then how can it bad. Until the beginning of the summer and met and ran very far, and Fu Xiaoji or standing just said that he had legislation hair straightening brush tv place. Lu of Ang stood next to rub hands, do not know what to say, the last sigh spread out two long legs sitting hair straightening brush holster on the steps, looked up and looked at the small Division Fu expression of pain. In fact, he is very understanding of the small division, from small to large, once he was angry when nothing is silent, a face expressionless face and a pair of white eyes without focus, calm reading and painting, or is with Headphones lying in bed to see the ceiling is a look at two or three hours. And now he is like this. Standing in front of the apartment motionless, like a morning tree. What is the tree Lu Ang narrow eyes to think that this time the fear of their own small Division is not happy is not sad, but no reason to want to think about what he is a what kind.g low head, not how to speak, because since gradually hair brush straightener grew up, he did not dare to talk back to the small Division, can not tell why, I feel a small division usually too dignified. If it is in peacetime, he certainly is a Xipixiaolian look, but now, because the mood is heavy, so it is silent only do not speak. Fu small division turned out of the room, came back when a glass of water came in, he looked at the land does not speak of the Ang heart a little sad, but some angry. Especially to see him with Wu Yue, when the kind of people mixed together. He handed the water to the land of Ang, and then said, you give up on yourself, your mother will hate you Lu Yigang heard mother on the word waved his hand, but do not mention my mother , But a wave just hit the small Division handed over the water, raised his head to see that the whole glass of water from the Fu small Division on the shoulder down. Lu Zhiyong helpless to stand up, because his hand touched a little water, just a little on the very hot. He looked at the face hair brush straightener of the small face of Fu suddenly panic hands and feet. Fu small Division did not say anything, even though the shoulder was hot almost to call out. Just a moment my heart has some sadness to pass through the hall. Boys feelings should be so Tolerance it, no amount of pain with any expression of the bear, wore a quiet side of the face can bear all the sharp horns and sharp edges.naware. All the people looked at him one by one to turn over, and then beggar strangely began to cry. Xinhua Bookstore salesperson Nguyen, just graduated from college, assigned to internships, just inside the shelves of books hair brush straightener on the shelves, do not know what happened at the door, until he heard a piercing cry, only ran out to see occurred whats the matter. Is a beggar, dressed in ragged clothes, barefoot, in the winter, the feet are frozen broken out, he turned a just listed in the album, he holds the hand of the album because too hard, finger joints are White, and his throat, like the cries of the same cried. Such cries often belong to children, see the loss of toys or candy child, often so cried. Nguyen wanted to tell him to put brush straightener apalus down the book, but not up. So tall, and very strong, strange scary. So called the police. When the police arrived, the beggar was still crying. At the beginning, the police did not pay attention, thought it was a madman, ready to coax him away. But approached a look, suddenly put him on the ground, foot on his face, put his hand anti tied behind. Small Nguyen did not understand that the police s boots step on the ground beggars a little pathetic, but that did not struggle, but has been crying, has been crying, the kind of big man piercing cry, in the small Nguyen heart Shock From the burst of sad. Small Ruan think this is simply too much. Little girl, you are too simple.

Hair Brush Straightener can feel the drowsiness of her sad. I will not let you stay in the living room waiting for me, my mother I will not go out to accompany the girls happy to be with you. Forget your birthday, mother I will not lie to force you to say I painted the picture better than Fu small Division, mother hair brush straightener I will not say you do not taste good food, mother I never Will be sick when crying. Chimney began to fly out of the black dust, dusk that high chimney is particularly desolate. Fu small raised his head when the Secretary suddenly thought, the dust of the entrances and exits, do not know wet hair straightening brush how many people took away the sad and missing. Dusk in the sky there is a dense mass of birds flying silently in the past. Aung think there was a girl like him to his house, my mother was very hair brush straightener happy, because she has been worried that he can not find the wife of the slovenly personality. Mother saw the girl was very happy or even very nervous a bit overwhelmed. That day my mother has been with them to chat, Lu Zhi Ang know my mother very happy. But the girl went so far as to say quietly in the edge of his ear, how your mother does not go ah I want to chat with brush straightener review philippines you alone. Because of this sentence he took the girl out. His mother scolded his bad temper because of this. He did not talk back, and my heart thinking, the future will find a best wife in the world to let her know that I am also very good boys do. But he did not think of.d. That small hill is indeed beautiful, Fu small Division hair brush straightener really will choose the place. In November 29, 1995 to pay tribute to the sunny Morning to the school from the playground to see when a person from the school Fu small division came in, began to feel a bit wrong but could not think hair brush straightener of where the wrong, and later discovered that because he was a man and no cycling. Later class more than ten minutes to see the land of Ang is the body sweat to class. Anger like to kill the way. People a little puzzled. The last lesson in the morning is a swimming class. In accordance with our bedroom policy, what class can be maintained, but the summer swimming lessons must escape. So four people in the bedroom, including three people I also hit a fake bar hair brush straightener up to the physiological period of fear, can not water as a wave of white bars. But only Song Yingying in the last week to play a fake use of this excuse to go home and rest once. So the decision to go to the great Yingying torment two. Swimming class is the most hated place boys and a swimming pool, and everyone knows that those who usually only see reference books to see the boys are talking about the color of a tone Mimi tone, so I can not imagine wearing swimwear in hair straightening brush sold on groupon front of them to swim What is the state of hair brush straightener mind to swim, feeling just like a chicken in front of the weasel to play a positive step forward, like the full performance of the temperament. Then th.