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Hair Straightener Brush Damage Hair faces are very painful, and then landed in the land of the high value, and now he is sweeping and sit on their own In the windowsill watching the sun, the classroom in addition to the two of them have no one. In the gap between these things and things, Fu small Division countless times to see the beginning of summer and meet smiling face, tone exaggeration, with the girl s noisy and lively, and his quiet side of the face Countless times through her side, that time once the world is silent. And in that moment of silence after a short silence again the world up again. So noisy silence noisy, like the same day and night as slow back and forth. Does not seem to have their own world, Li Xia is still very well. Fu small Secretary on the wooden frame on the window to think. Before the beginning of the summer feel very strong, like the kind of wherever the growth of the weeds, and their own and Ang seems to live in their own greenhouse, have not seen the rain did not encounter a wind, but in a safe Of the glass wall of the world burst out of people feel dazzling light. However, these are really something to be hair straightener brush damage hair proud of it How much is still some angry it. Originally a kind hearted, but did not explain clearly. Usually other people s things will not be interested in a rare time for the sake of others has now become out of hand situation. Fu small Division looked up and looked at the body of the land is do not come to my class ah Oh, that s OK. I did not want to go on. The beginning of summer listening to the land brush straightener sally's of Ang described when the heartbeat faster and faster, she can even imagine standing in the seat to see the proud look, and she refused to teacher to lose the tone. Li Xia heart is very sad to think, hair straightener brush damage hair met may really want to leave. The beginning of summer to ask Luzhi An meet where, the land of Ngong pointed to the classroom, said, should not go. After a long time, I can recall the day sky, smell, temperature, as well as the classroom window flapping the winged pigeons vacated the sound. I saw a man with a broom bent over the empty classroom. I looked at her slightly shaking shoulders and back, heart echoed the sound of the tide. Later met and saw me, and then laugh at me. But until the last door to close the classroom, I did not realize that it is to meet and I in hair straightening brush gold Asakawa one of the last day. And from that day on, met never to the school. I returned the phone to meet the moment, I hair straightener brush wet hair feel the sky suddenly dark trance down. Seems to never light up. 1999 Li Xia Meet the day is December 23, the day before Christmas, the train station of the crowd very little in the evening, the air quickly drop Temperature, the sky is gloomy, a mass of dark, as if to look like snow. Meet the fuzzy look up, snow covered under the full of Christmas fun Asakawa, should be no way to see it Li Xia stood in fron.

face. The four dimensional to give them the beginning of the summer, is also a period of ups and downs from the fate of. Both the confession of warmth into the hair straightener brush damage hair people, there are bad news of Thunderbolt, we almost had a chance to ponder the moment, the new changes again, had no time to treat the old wound, the new scar has added, like the hurricane Lost his breath, the whole person was gradually deprived of a child s faith away. Four dimensional contrast with such a dramatic, the story on the rapid rotation of the two windmills in the middle, air staggered, a small piece of paper into the post change is torn to pieces. When we have not fully prepared, we still stay in that time of the veins, that from this can be used to look forward to the same happiness later, when we looked at the small plane to fly to Shanghai Fu, he and The beginning of the summer points of a headset, when we smile still stuck in the mouth, the heart of the tide has not receded, but they do not know then they will face a variety of unfortunate, how exactly how Pang Big and can not Tolerance. Perhaps nothing and do hair straightener brush damage hair not know more terrible. Through the thirty years of flowers, suddenly became the vast expanse of the desert, far to bare dead dead wood, without the slightest breath of life. Summer is irresistible to go away, as if to forever disappear away like those good past. Those who still stood in the hope of the past have not.he same deep trellis singing, and then swing, springs, steam, mountains, sea, the world returns to the dark, and the sound re sketched the world of the five elements. Beginning of summer, you know what, it is because in the high one year of your birthday saw standing in front of me to see the way to sing, I chose to sing. From that time on, I really know the whole life to sing is a kind of majestic power. Singing really can give courage to make people brave, as long as the singing people full of power. 2003 seven seven Li Xia returned to the bedroom, first opened the seventy seven gift, when tearing the wrapping paper, the beginning of summer to see that pieces of their own dirty Li Yan Ran s coat, paper box there is a note, the above is seven Seven words, Let those unhappy nightmares go to hell. Fu should be a small division or the land of hair straightener brush sri lanka Ang told the seventh of it, Li Xia heart special warmth. The land of Ang s gift is more weird, is a hair looks a little messy like his toy boy, Li Xia has just touched the head of its results on the burst of laughter, scared the beginning of summer jump, listening to a will find Is the voice of the land of Ang. There is a card in the box, the above is the land of Ang beautiful lines, recorded my most handsome most energetic laughter, I hope you are not happy to hear it when the best electric hair straightening brush you can forget the trouble. Finally, Fu small Division, the beginning of summer to put t.felt any bad, the world is fair, in exchange for the results of the beginning of the summer cultural achievements test the county first, so smoothly to Asakawa one. And in the first two months of the four major exams which are in the top ten inside the school. Li hair straightener brush damage hair Xia said to myself, well, this is not easy. When asked to eat seven or seven of the beginning of summer, Li Xia said that a good learning is busy a little tired. hair straightener brush damage hair Q7 What are the new friends Li Xia shook his head. The sound of the fan whirring more and more loud in the head, Li Xia feel that hair straightener brush damage hair the temperature is still very hot, it should straightening hair brush jml reviews be considered a fall in October, it appears that both male and female autumn tiger is very powerful. Seventy seven stared, she said, I thought you have not come to me is that best hair brush straightener for black hair a lot of new knowledge of brush straightener on relaxed hair the class need to take care of friends so hair straightener brush damage hair empty. Li Xia Pa two meals, and said, how can I so much you, and my class are reading machines, you and they speak you will smell the mouth of the taste of chemical formula. Ah, then the terror ah, everyone is like this Well, of course oh no, there should be two people is not it. Yep Seventy seven to the interest, hair straightener brush damage hair who is it Do not say that they forget. You hair straightener brush damage hair do seventy seven, the new class happy happy. There are some people in our class. All day, the roof of the classroom had to be knocked out. Is it Li hair straightener brush damage hair Xia s voice, some envy. Well, I tell you something fun ah.

Hair Straightener Brush Damage Hair stairs, still happily eating from my home brought dessert, is still in the winter are still dressed in thin clothes are not afraid of the cold, still and Together, I made the same choice on the table of arts and science. Those dreams, you are still in the snow surrounded me hair straightener brush damage hair with a coat, still said to me good morning smile, no matter how tired of a face, still for the sake of my momentary school is seriously and then check the map and then Take me to the village has not been to. hair straightening brush myer But those dreams of you, long ago died in the summer of 2003. Death in that even the sun will feel hot summer. As I stood in front of Asakawa, I suddenly remembered that you had been lying on my lap, said to me, beginning of summer, when, we go back to Asakawa to see those camphor. And now, had said watching the camphor with people, I am the only one who has returned to this place. Small division, you know, those who come out from the school girls, a lot of people are holding your album, or even hear them in the mouth of you, have been deified after you. It is hard to imagine, a once ordinary school boys, will become a legend in the mouth of students after another. You listened to, will certainly be very happy. And once I, is also a holding your painting asleep in a tree sitting in the tree asleep girl, but, at that time, I do not know by my day in my arms the sacrifices, the original and I every day Breathing the same air.r the story is probably that everyone has an angel who has been guarding his her angel if you think your life is too sad, your heart is too sad, then he will incarnate as Someone around you, maybe your friend, maybe your lover, maybe your parents, maybe you just saw a stranger, these people quietly appear in your life, hair straightener brush braun with you Spent a short period of happy time, and then he quietly leave. So your life will have a happy memory, even if your road is covered with snow, but you can still think of things that have been happy, you can still brave. So those who leave us quietly, in fact, are angels return to heaven, such as those who leave friends, those who have given you help strangers, those who have loved the last part of the people you have hair straightener brush damage hair asked him to cross the boys, Have told a good joke funny to your classmates, had sung a nice song to you listen to the singer, wrote a good book writer, they are good angels. Maybe you will have some time for their disappearance feel sad or lost, will be looking for where they went, to what country, but in the end, you will believe that they are in this corner of the world, quiet and satisfied to live. So those who have lost and sad will no longer exist, the time is the greatest healer. I sometimes think, small Division and the Ang will be an angel Sometimes they feel that they are not like the boys in the world, there is no ordinary boys dirty and noisy, nor d.