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Hair Straightener Brush Daraz of the hands waving hands of the beginning of summer, and the beginning of the summer side of the face expressionless quietly standing with Fu small Division. Looking at the small front hair straightener brush daraz of the Secretary, I actually have a moment of illusion, like the time quickly back to the Asakawa camphor years. I stretched his hands and hold him, four years later, although slightly with the point of a man s tall and straight skeleton, can be extraordinarily thin. Those around the noisy voices and the ups hair straightener brush daraz and downs of the great roar of the aircraft, the ear is a small Secretary choked out the sentence, I miss you. 2002 years of land of Ang Car from the airport out of the land of hair straightener brush daraz Ang very fresh look at the bustling streets of Beijing and the bright summer hair straightening brush anion sun. Yes, Fu small Secretary asked him, you come back to contact work Well, have been looking for. So fast Fu small Division do not believe. Lu Zhigang grinned, as if suddenly remembered hair straightener brush daraz something like Oh a cry, and then come up with hair straightening brush boardwalk buy a business card from the bag, and handed the small Fu Secretary. Fu small white at him, did not pick up, said, I will not Japanese, you give me I can not read it. It touches the beginning of the summer took the past, but after seeing a glance is like a scream to see the same ghost, the next to the small division of the shocked Fu. What is your name, Fu said, rubbing his ears, a little buzzing, and said, The card is not printed the name really funny. The section of the bridge s face is a whole swallowed a tea leaf expression. Met from 7 30 to 19 30, and then boys from 4 30 pm to 4 30, 4 30 hair straightening brush walmart canada to 1 30 in hair straightener brush daraz the morning convenience store closed for three hours. Therefore, it is twenty four hours convenience store is twenty one hours convenience store. The bridge and meet the work of the bridge at the same time there are three hours a day. Because the lot is not too busy, not in the business hair straightener brush on short hair district or campus concentration of the lot, so very few passengers, many times the store only met a person, his head open white fluorescent, neat rows of shelves. Occasionally there is a customer to open the door, the door hangs the wind chimes will be issued hair straightener brush daraz buzz sound. And then met will be raised, said welcome Half an hour is spent on the shelf, half an hour is spent on the crystallization of accounts, half an hour is used to say welcome and exposed teeth smile. Other time is used to write music. Singing in the bar still met the profession. 24 hours in three occupations to send newspapers. Convenience store salesperson. Bar singer. Completely irrelevant. But it is down to earth there. The coincidence of three hours, which is hair straightener brush daraz the most common 24 hours inside the three hours. Because ordinary, so warm. As we used to his ordinary towel, toothbrush, pillow, quilt, bed, lamp, notebook, calendar, all used to things, are very common. It is prec.

sion rubbed his eyes, looked a bit tired. Fu small department stretched a lazy, joint ring a few times. I m really tired. Haha, come, I carry you home. Lu Zhi Ang jump over a gesture of carrying sacks of action. Fu small department to look back to cold eyes to kill, land of Ang scared to retract his hand, hehe to laugh twice. Fu small Division looked at the land of white paint on the angel frowned. He said, I really do not know how your mother s clothes. Lu of the Ang said that this simple, my mother is not clean to lose, buy new. Fu said that China is such a way out of poverty. Land of Ang shocked a moment, and then smirking the sound that I want to go back and tell my mother. This is the turn of the small Fu Fu stunned. Because he did not think how to answer this sentence. Fu small division of the moment to stay out of the expression to land of Ang pain laugh stomach. Fu small expression of the Secretary a little annoyed, half did not speak. Land of Ang or laugh very rampant do not know the better. So they started. dusty. Long summer in a group of birds across the sky when so passed. It was the last group of birds this summer. Seventy seven, summer finally passed. Yes. Are you homesick Would like to group of friends before it I do not know. Li Xia you I miss them very much. But do not know where they are, doing, good or bad. Let s find a time to go back to see it. I just did not go home for a lo.nded little beast, has no stubborn power, only poor, the land of the Ang feel like something stuck in the throat , Breathing is a bit difficult, I ll go to sleep, I have no time to read these letters written by others, and now I want to see, because I want to no one to write to me after the bar Calm tone. Stable speed. However, but the deaf can also hear out of the intermittent, sobbing crying. Lu s Ang holding the head of the small Division, tears flow down, You must believe me. You have to believe. Even if all the people do not want to believe it. You also. must. Trust me. Starting style. Six in the morning, the beginning of summer has been to the conference site. Lixia has been worried about do not know what will happen, so call to meet, met hair straightener brush daraz did not say when you say there you wait hair straightener brush daraz for me, I ll come. Fu small division of the conference is located in Guanghua International Convention and Exhibition Center on the first floor lobby, almost all of the important cultural press conference are here to do. Li Xia looked at the layout of the scene, and yesterday s. Only in the small division of the booth next to the release of another stage. Asked the staff a bit, that is not very clear, as if a new album album release. The beginning of summer is not assured and hit the phone back to ask the company today and other companies have not hit the press release schedule, afraid of journalists to ca.h became looming as they slept quietly. Only when he smiled could he see the two obvious dimples. Always think before the dimple of the boys too delicate not trustworthy, but the section of the bridge will not bring such a feeling to mankind. At most it is childish, and met. Later, slightly to some difficulties. The early summer sun always with arouses sleep. Meet by the window to sleep in the past. Woke up and opened his eyes to see the continuous camphor one after another. On both sides of the road, the central area of the district, the entrance of the building, the green space between the hair straightener brush daraz cities, all of these wantonly spread the green. Asakawa, after a lapse of six months time, once again standing on this piece of familiar land, met even in the end can not tell what it feels like. Beijing this half hair straightening brush on wet hair year of everything is like a dream, blurred, was knit together hair straightener brush daraz bleak white light. And now is like a wake up call, was punctured eyes of the sun was slightly frightened. Around the section of the bridge began to yelling, he waved and said, really beautiful ah, the first time I saw such a lush fragrance environment it Ordinary sentence, but in the heart to meet stirred waves. At that moment, met even remember the mother left the diary of the description of his father, at that time, the young father is suddenly said, really beautiful, ah, I hair straightener brush qatar first saw the sea too Strange idea. He was shocked. Even inexpl.

Hair Straightener Brush Daraz e cry. I do not want to go on to say how much this novel filled with my emotions, filled with how many shining light of my day, filled with how much my sadness at dusk, filled with how much I stood on the roof overlooking the birds early in the morning. Such a long period of time, in June 2004 4, wrote in 2005 month. As if this story has not been the end, we have been in their years quietly smiling, looking at Fu small Division and blushed slightly to see the land of Ang and happy to see the beginning of summer wanted to gently arm her arm , Saw the wanted to take her hand to run forward. Those who smile like a peach of scattered people, all standing hair straightener brush daraz in my memory. They have never been far away. The story always has an ending. From time to time for any novel can be written to make me sad. When I wrote a novel before, I was like a quiet spectator, or like a great and competent screenwriter, laughter and arrange the most sad story. However, when I finished the summer solstice when the last chaper, erase the residual moisture in the corner of the eye. Like a huge stage show, like a four hour long film, like a hair straightener brush daraz 100 episode TV series, and finally in the last light of the lights, open theater, messy chairs, Montreal Coke cans and popcorn paper bags. Just the dark time tears in the people, just suddenly remembered that those years in their own lives in the quiet and warm girl appeared to the boys, all the.s, scattered in every inch of every inch of love, and then absorb the young nutrients straightening hair brush ireland grow into a lush trees, white paper cast a huge shadow. But, the tone of the sudden change, the glass on the face of glowing soft, slightly moving, is the flying look, I never discouraged it, one day, I will make their own design of the building In the most eye catching place in Beijing, I will design a landmark building, so that every passing person, have looked up praise, they will say, look, ah, the architect of the bridge section, he really is a It s a great man What, in an instant from the damp dark inner ground. Qingtian, one day, you will see my CD CD stand in the sales champion position. The time has come, met to remove the coat from the wall, hair straightener brush does it work eyes slightly tingling, she interpreted this as too much light, but she knew that do not go, then those who shed tears is not too strong to explain the light in the past , I get off work, you refuel it, the great architect. Every day to class ah, paragraph bridge back, smiling eyes closed, every day to teach those children are not tired Said he is a piano teacher. Very powerful, so young will be able to teach other children, handsome face, like the most thorough of the water, I was born with no artistic cells, what musical instruments will not. Also said hair straightening brush on weave that they are cheating paragraph bridge Of students, part time hair straightening brush for black wavy hair teaching piano and do convenience store staff. No.