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Hair Straightener Brush For Thick Curly Hair wish you a happy birthday. At that time, you are still blankly expression, eyes no focus, but there are sheets in the candlelight exceptionally good looking face. You say, and finally adult adults, and from this to be more and more strong. These, I remember. In 1998, the land of Ang Home, lying in bed, repeated in the mind of the land of the last look up Ang see deep breath into the look, and that a left the small Division, will certainly be lonely. Fu small division kicked shoes, supine in bed. The ceiling looks like the sky so far. Fu small Division hair straightening brush deals that has been falling on the roof of the dust, small white dust, fell on the face, eyelashes, body, feet, bit by bit buried himself up. When he was three years old with him into the same kindergarten. For three consecutive years he took a large red flower, learned a lot of Chinese characters, can see comic books. And he is just a mischievous, often punished by the teacher standing naughty boy, like to fight candy, like pinching girls face. At the age of seven and he read primary school. Their six consecutive years are the squad leader. The results of the first school. At that time that he is a small adult, so pretend to look like the size of the day on obsessed with marbles and cards he said, you do not seriously study, I hair straightener brush for thick curly hair can not read the same junior high school, because my best grades , I want to study the school you will not go. He heard his mouth.Xiaosi slightly turned the lower body, looking at the beginning of the summer s face, When, we go best hair straightening brush for short hair back to Asakawa one, I really want to see those camphor. Do not know after we go, they have not Become more lush it is good the time passes so fast. Before the beginning of summer feel hair straightener brush for thick curly hair those poets ah singer ah always make a fuss, all day singing some lamenting time, such as water song, time flies what. But now, Li Xia really fully understand the kind of rapid flow. It seems a blink of an eye, flapping his wings throughout the summer flying far away, and immediately to the fall also instantly disappear. December when the first snow in Beijing. Winter began. This time of six months, it should be very long bar. The curse of the network abusive curse Fu small stream of people in a continuous line. Those who previously criticized the commercialization of small commercial division Fu no masculine no other red painter, tired of those arguments before, and now finally found a fresh topic, plagiarism plagiarism all day haunt, it seems that Fu took all the small Division All the published paintings, as well as from small to large efforts, all shit. There are even some I brush straightener for short hair wonder why his paintings sell so well, the original is a plagiarism Yeah, like the absurd remarks, the beginning of summer sometimes hear the words of those reporters simply want to roar they have no brains ah. If it is two of the same a.

, the kind of boiling feeling came back. The body s blood seems to have burned up, with irresistible heat, rushed into hair straightener brush dafni the black sky. Those dormant ideal for a few years, but also from the heart of the corner to wake up soft. Only two days after the award ceremony ended, the newspaper began to baffle Fu Xiaosi and seventy seven of the scandal, goes on the stage to embrace Fu seven seventy seven encouraged to appear frequently in various newspapers. hair straightener brush for thick curly hair Studio also began to receive a reporter s phone every day and asked Fu is not a small division and the singer of the seven seven together. Every summer is no no, explained later on more and more big. Hung up the phone in mind read No His girlfriend is a young and lovely kind and honest assistant Is an assistant Anger chest tightness. But every time he looked up to see the Fu small department does not have a look of schadenfreude, but also grinning, the beginning of summer even more gas, and did not seem to do anything like him. Whenever this time, Fu will be the Secretary for the past to hug her, saying that you hair straightening brush extreme have to get angry ah, not already in this circle for so long it Not used to these nonsense ah Lixia thought also, some time ago the beginning of another friend is also inexplicably rolled into a scandal, Li Xia also make fun of that friend. Now things fall on their own, although the mind to understand, can not always willing to. Later on July 7.the children of children, dip in the face, vertical and horizontal opening and closing, from the table inward curing, freezing, rolling into the skin to take root. Rooting is the root of the pain. But since then met never cried. At least not because of the newspaper to send this thing cried. At the most is to hear someone say, Beijing s winter is not cold, when the heart cursed it. Really. hair straightener brush for thick curly hair No longer, did not cry. Because they earn 220 yuan. Each month you can save more than two hundred and twenty. This happiness away, the closer. Those with the young body abruptly bear down the cold is not without value. Their value is two hundred and twenty. And sent to the newspaper after the rush to the place not far from hair straightener brush for thick curly hair the living but not near the 24 hour convenience store to work. Is still cycling, dressed bloated, in addition to all the other parts of the eyes cover up. But the sharp cold seems to be able to dig a hole in the retina, and then like the all pervasive mercury intrusion into the body. Because it is a small convenience store, so only hair straightener brush for thick curly hair two clerk, met, and a man named Bridge Bridge boys. Met the first time I heard the name of the boys laughed out, in the study, Broken Bridge, anti read the bridge, how to listen to how funny, very polite in the hair straightener brush boots boys said the sentence, Hello, I called paragraph Bridge, please enlighten , met the lukewarm Yang mouth, said the sentence do not know is laughing or close.he gate, he raised his head slightly, and then see the land of Ang and Li Xia s back. The shadow of two people like a clock face pointer, pointing to the same hair straightener brush for thick curly hair direction. Within a short while to disappear in the shadow of camphor inside. Fu small department head held his head, his eyes light out clearly. It seems that the beginning of the summer and the land of Ang to make him somewhat confused. Land of Ang is not to say that there are things to go back to school earlier it How to hair straightener brush for thick curly hair still shake it inside the school Fu small shook his head, was going back to the stairs to take a bike, he heard someone call him. Back to hair straightener brush uspicy see Li Yan Ran standing in the shadow below, Fu small division called, he said, you are oh. My father came by car, you do not ride, and I send you home. Fu Si Secretary thought for a moment, and then just toward the direction of the disappearance of land Ang looked, and then turned around and said, well. When the door closed on the small Fu heart suddenly empty to shake a bit. Handle the paint to pinch to pinch, because the force hair straightener brush for thick curly hair and let the pigment changed shape. Passing the teaching building, Lu of Ang Hey, a cry and then stopped. Beginning of summer along his eyes to see the past, so see Fu small mountain bike parked in the school building below. Lu Ang murmursed to himself, how this guy did not go back Not that he had to go ahead of it After the beginning of the summer after the rel.

Hair Straightener Brush For Thick Curly Hair if it is casual talk Ye Hao, but it seems difficult to look like, can not remember their own time before putting the stinky face Lu is how comfort my own. Just think of a we have to cut hair it This rotten problem has just turned away, and then a moment the world is still silent. Lu Zhi anang sitting in the middle of the road, because the two legs are too long and innocent to bend the stretch in front of sunset from his back down, the back is a layer of hairy brilliance. No vehicles opened, no pedestrians, hair straightener brush de novo only the road on both sides of the tall camphor exudes rich flavor of the leaves. His head down, the hair covered a clear facial features, but still can see the white cement on the road suddenly drop a drop of water stains. Fu Xiaosi heart burst of pain for a while burst of pain, because those in a stacked one of the impact of the camphor leaves, the rustle in the trees as the tide like Qing Xiang, the ten million or clear or vague sound , He heard the land of Ang a light that almost no trace of the words, he said with a tearful slowly said Small Division, in hair straightener brush for thick curly hair fact, I have seriously thought about the future of the road, how sad to go up. And after the time, Fu small division every morning to ride the land of the Ang family, and then go with him to the hospital. Every day before going to school is Ang downstairs to call him, and now reversed, every morning Fu small division even more than school.ir straightening hair brush price in pakistan negligible consumer power. Ten minutes late will be scolded. There are several metamorphosis of middle aged man seems to be very keen to wait at the door every day to meet the time to be late, wearing pajamas standing behind the iron gate to reveal one eye, and then hear the sound of the bike after the mouth began to quit Net to the countdown. Harsh, a small city afraid of the face. And met mostly whispered to say sorry , and then stuffed into the mailbox or newspaper door, turned around and left a few meters after a loudly curse, I X your uncle, or hair straightener brush for thick curly hair go die. Beijing s wind is penetrating everything. No matter how thick your gloves are, you can wear the winds through a narrow gap between the fiber and the fiber, like a maggot on the tarsus, and stick to the skin like a seed of thorns As the deep roots of the bone down the cold roots. Every morning met always feel like an action of ice ballast children, joints stiff dead open, blood semi solidified flow. In the next day to meet the newspaper to hair straightener brush for thick curly hair send the work of the first day, finished the last newspaper in the finished product when the group met on the cement wall has been falling down the tears, the throat was big mouth breathing into the cold wind was unable to pronounce Sound, only tears big stars big face toward the apalus hair straightening brush canada roll. Hot and tears, is the only part of the body has a temperature. But the tears in the hair straightener brush for thick curly hair face to stay a moment, on the ice into.