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Hair Straightener Brush Infomercial lay badminton look. Li Xia often feel somehow sad, the pressure to cry. Looked at those high school sophomore young girls on the sidelines of the stadium for their crush on the boys refueling, holding the hands of mineral water and other open in the barbed wire outside the beginning of summer heart will be as full of water filled with sorrow. Looked at the young faces, watching them in every corner of the school sway with the vitality of the young, have fun squandered, forced to live. She thought, do not belong to their own that the young age has passed There are evening classes every evening. A shortage of troops. Li Xia often write those long history questions written in his right hand soft. Raised his head to see the head of the fluorescent light issued a white fuzzy. Out the window of the night, the tall camphor tree only hazy black shadows, and rich flavor. Fu is still holding a small division of the first year of liberal arts achievement, Lu of the Ang is still the first year of science. The beginning of summer, you need to work very hard to enter the top ten. Evening class time was postponed to 10 30. Every day from the classroom alone back to the apartment on the road, the hair straightener brush infomercial beginning of summer will think of met. Those scattered on the road in this day, two girls hand in hand small friendship. Smile each other and the scent of hair. Use the same bottle of shampoo. Like the same school KTV to sing wine. This KTV is the open media F open. F is now one of the best singer of the domestic singer, the hands of numerous singers. A group of people in which opened a PARTY room, and then chat chat, singing wine drinking, draw the boxing boxing, noiseless chickens. The beginning of summer or even feel like the high school graduation back to the carnival, when all the people are like today, crazy off the shape. Later, Li Xia drink a little more, called meet to sing. Because from high school, the beginning of summer never heard the song met. But all the people will look at the same as the animals looked at the two young girls look good, a tearful, a blush, a red haired girl, a look at the beginning of the summer began to cry, every time hair straightener brush infomercial the end is to meet her pulled out of the coffee shop, Embarrassed, so the summer of life and death today to pull to meet hair straightener brush infomercial and sing to meet, fail to beat her, had to hold the microphone began to sing. At first the beginning of summer also shouted that everyone should not speak, and one by one to shoot people called people do not draw the first boxing drink first listen to what is the loss of what is big, but nobody ignored her. Fu small division to see her a little drunk, took her to her side, holding her, called her good no longer barking, others do not listen to our two listen to ah. But after the meeting began to sing, best hair brush straightener for short hair the voice of the crowd a little bit.

a temporary classroom, because the end of hair straightener brush infomercial a week after the school will decide the final liberal arts branch. And we will enter the new class, and new students to become friends, new seats, new lockers, a new duty table. And then gradually began to forget the previous things. And then gradually began to forget the previous things. When I finished this sentence when I suddenly feel a little sad. Because this week, a small division of the Fu and Lu of Ang did not how to speak, in fact, the small Division would have not much, I have long been accustomed to, but the kind of land of Ang hair straightener brush boots bright smile really disappeared out of thin air. Sometimes he watched him ride quietly through the school car and small division of the campus, watching him quietly dressed in white shirt leaning on the railing, or in the swimming class on a word without a word in the pool constantly Back and forth, I think the trance is another Fu small Division. Small Division has told me his mother thing, but I can not help anything, not even mentioned in front of him, afraid of the moment the atmosphere out of control. So it can only be seen in silence with using hair straightening brush him when the silence in his quiet time together quietly. Sometimes I have to think, will not land of Ang s life changed from it In his future ten years, twenty years, or even more years, he would like to previously heartless laugh He will take two small pigtail hat Yaotouhuangnao.listen to eyeballs have to stare out, the first time to listen to boys and girls to fight to say it, but also rightly like a sports hair straightener brush harvey norman game. I have a little cousin, no money at home, like painting with a dollar that he was a very poor poor brush, the above hair almost out of the light. Can not afford to buy books often sit on the floor of the bookstore on the album, until the boss out. No money to buy the pigment does not pay the color operation, the teacher scolded when not explained, so the teacher felt he was lazy do not love painting, but I know he is so in love with all the art. So I hate those who relied on their wealthy people on the house Hey, you listen to no ah Luzhang Ang turned to see the beginning of the beginning of summer face a large wet, so immediately panicked hands and feet. The afterglow of the setting sun slanting over the shrouded in two people. The shadows of the tree and the tree overlap together into a silent symphony, swinging back and forth in the mind. Send Li Xia back to the dormitory has more than 6 o clock, sunset almost completely under the horizon. The beginning of the summer side too far to see only the land of Ang a sharp angular profile profile, high nose, eyebrows fly obliquely disappeared in the thick black hair. Fu small division ran down from the classroom when the days have been dark. He took the paint from the classroom through the playground toward t.not do it, paragraph bridge smiled, the eyes are warm as gentle, Although you want Cheng Seqi hair straightener brush infomercial signature, but then, if hair straightener brush I choose to listen to who sings, I will choose that song Newspaper correspondent. Do not you read architecture In addition to learn to cheat girls also learn what Mocking tone, the heart is like a chaos in the monsoon reed. Is also a careful person, their little frustration can hear it. But also learned to encourage others in frustration when others, and to distinguish when the girls really hate you, and when it is only foolish but deeply grateful to the heart of you. Duanqiao finished turned to continue to move the beer box, mouth hair straightener brush infomercial muttering. Then come back met to reveal a do not have to thank me, the proud expression. Met to give him a supercilious. Bowed his head when he was slightly flushed. That a short thank you did not export, but in the heart repeatedly read, like the echo from the valley. End of the beginning of the summer phone, met only to find, from their first to see Li Xia to the present, has been the past six years. The 16 year old himself, now has twenty two hair straightener brush infomercial years old. Even in front of the section of the bridge, but also know four years. He has just entered the city from a feather boy into a speech with a Beijing accent young man. The boys who had also worried about the exam has taken three architectural design awards now helicopter architectural design master s degr.

Hair Straightener Brush Infomercial rlfriend, did not seriously talk about a love, no marriage, no father, but these, I do not regret. And your days together, let my life become rich. Slightly some hair straightener brush infomercial regret is not let my father hold grandson it. The thought of this, I will think of the mother in heaven. But my mother has always liked you, she certainly will not blame me. I used to say, afraid hair straightener brush infomercial you are bored, so stay with you, because the two people with boredom, it should not be boring it. In fact, because I was good at that time low self esteem, I think your life is like a magnificent sea, and my straightening hair brush target life, like those in the sun drying the sun will evaporate the river. So I just want to be with you, so I will feel that their own lives, along with you, hair straightener brush infomercial hair straightener brush infomercial become magnificent. Those warm and beautiful sela hair straightening brush with steam things in life, those who let me summon the courage in the dark things, most of you taught me. Do you remember the Harry Potter books we used to love when Sirius was locked up in Azkaban because he was full of hope and full of faith, Suck all the happiness, can we have been brave to live. I still remember the story you told me about the angel, and sometimes think about it, do not know if I disappear in your life, or you disappeared in my life. But in any case, I think, you taught me things, even more than the angels. The wind blew out of the window. In the twinkling of an eye to the end of 2005, the days so continue in the past. They all say that t.l girls who have a red face with a walk from the two of them around each time the Secretary Fu are ignored, and the land of the Ang is a smile every time and they Mimi Say hello, a ruffian tone. Fu small Division is always on the land of Ang said, trouble you do not so no goods, is a woman you will whistle. Land of Ang almost every time a look of innocent expression, how can there be, school sister is very beautiful too Speaking of small later also tired of the Secretary, so he let him look like an animal in nature. Big hair straightening brush india deal to put a I do not know him, the expression hurried through. Because the hair straightener brush infomercial small Division began to understand, as long as the girls, in the eyes of the land of Ang is lovely and beautiful. However, no matter how hair straightening brush rotating one small equipment do not know is not possible, the school which everyone knows Fu and Lu Ao is small grew up a good friend. They are a legend in Asakawa. Small apalus brush hair straightener ebay Division looked at the podium teacher should be a low voice, Oh , while the land of Aung said a lot of nonsense, the teacher assured you hair straightener brush infomercial must come back to win three awards for the glory What, then see the small division in the next face Ugly put the following words to abruptly swallow back, leaving only a smile is still very bright look, eyes squint, like the fall of the most common sun, bright and do not burn people, genially in the air brewing. Lu s laugh when the world is always full of this warm feeling, the clas.