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Hair Straightener Brush Iron ah, I heard people say, the building is solidified music, one day, when you become the best architect, then you are also the hair straightener brush iron best musician ah. I go first, to be late The tears will flow down. The tide piled up in the heart. Cordon. red light. Long whistle. There is a soft but firm voice saying, Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Time did not wait for me. You forgot to take me. Why do not you wait for that guy, not you Why in the cold wind pouring the moment I put on the coat, not you Why do you think my clothes in the snowy night is too thin will certainly be cold people, not you Why the nose flew into the boys instantly on the washing powder detergent taste, not from you How much time can not measure the time taken away, so that in the back, the diffuse fog almost hair straightener brush iron cut off the day. I will not rush to school after school to find you, straightening hair brush demo just as you will not in the windy time to give me a message. I will not in the snow when the handle into your coat pocket, as you will never keep in the kitchen door because of smell and could not help but swallow the saliva. I will not remember the lines of your soft face can not help but sad, just as you no longer in the night because I have a fever and hurried in the street in the run. Qingtian, I am not because I can not escape the separation of sadness, the reason I am sad, because inseparable from so many years of us, in separate time, actually did not seriously say.ly germination and hair straightener brush iron progressive death. Wings hastily covered the sky. The rest of the guess can not be opened. Along the road to lay the shadow of the tide. Black hair infected with white. Snow was black. Dyed black in daytime. The night was dyed white. The world is upside down, upside down, black and white. So I became your reflection. Live forever in a world brush straightener review singapore that is completely different from yours. Buried the twilight. Buried a group of magnificent luxury swallowtail butterfly. you are my dream. Li Xia do not know how to step down the stage. Just feel at the foot of a sudden like a swamp, soft to make no effort. The whole world suddenly seems to be taking the time the sound, and all the rest of the lens like a silent movie in front of play. Beginning of summer to see seven seven waved to the audience, smiling like spring full of white flowers throughout the valley. The land of Ang from the back of the piano to stand up, pretending to do the kind of front of the stage following the students bowed, feeling suddenly become a mature gentleman, but unfortunately is still a 17 year old childish off sharp edges and corners of the face. Fu Xiaosi, Li Xia did not dare to look up Fu Xiaosi, can only hear him in front of his own sleeves tinkling to pack things, drawing board, paint, paintbrushes, easel. Then the beginning of the summer with the Xi Li confused underground station. Off the edge of the stage.

ngry, and hair straightener brush iron hair straightening brush watson sometimes tell her Black mischievous fall into the roadside ditch is now running home to the wet, and sometimes just a sudden idea the wind outside the hair straightener brush iron window, I suddenly miss you. Sometimes met will feel that if married and Qingtian, it should be a very happy thing, in the flat day after day, but has a variety of tiny warmth has always been as the sun shines. But since the day the bar owner told to meet the news, met to feel that life seems to start slowly burning up. With smoke or even anxious, burning up a whole life. Meet, my friend is now a record company in Beijing as a producer, you are interested in going to Beijing to sing it Met in the morning finally met the courage to send a short message to the Qingtian, she said, I m going to Beijing, you will accompany me And the whole morning, met the phone without any ring. At hair straightening brush watson first met can also stop and think about some other things or sleep, and when the time is getting longer, met began to feel uneasy. In the playground, when doing gymnastics, in the water room pouring, standing on the balcony towards the beginning of the summer of their liberal arts building overlooking the time, she will continue to see the phone constantly see the phone has been to see their own wrong Feel that the dark screen will never light up so far. Back to the bedroom when the rest of the time, met frequently to see the phone also provoked a burst of ridicule.d, Sing the songs have been sung, Love has been loved, To no longer mention hate. Those legendary walk in the world, wearing a sunset like The most proud of the hero. Those who lead the people to break through the tragedy of the dark gods, Died in the next rainy season before the arrival of dry riverbed. Reeds then burned to ashes, thrown into the blue sky. 1998 Summer Clouds and Phoenix Flowers. Unknowingly has been another summer. Meet the left half a year. Qingtian often did not deliberately to hair straightener brush iron remember her, I feel like she never left. In a dusk, she will still be wearing jeans riding a bicycle through the shadow of those camphor came towards their own, with a tall tree of fragrance appear at the door of the house. She is hair straightener brush iron still the way that in 1997, goes in their own memories of the simple and Jieao familiar face, with sometimes laughing and sometimes indifferent look. But the illusion disappeared, the streets of the electronic card, or TV news every day, again and again to remind him of the current date, June 1998 is a day. The sun. rainstorm. Tall silent camphor. The long summer came again. Qingtian is still working in the meet after leaving STAMOS. In a lot of free time, such as pre performance tuning gap, such as walking in the bar after closing the door on the night alone, such best brush for straightening hair as the morning sunshine is shrinking in advance, he would think of leaving the day to meet the situation. All th.when he saw the director of teaching to face their own, and sitting in front of the instructor is a suit and tie the middle aged man, and her next to a girl. So that the two men turned around, Li Xia heart gently call out ah. Li Yan Ran stood up and said, beginning of summer hello. Out of the office when the beginning of summer mood is very hair straightener brush iron bad. Her fingers staggered together, because the force and the joints appear to be slightly white. Those words wrapped in the heart inside, almost to Li Xia cry. But the beginning of summer did not cry, not because it is not sad, but Li Xia feel that straightening hair brush oak leaf crying out on such occasions will appear too weak. Lixia finally understand that they will always hate those who feel good about the rich. The man wearing a suit is Li sweet father, this is called Li Xia to the office is to express their self righteous concern, the kind of condescending attitude that is in the alms. Because the next one looks like an assistant who said the same as a decline what ah, your home condition is not very good. This sentence to hair straightener brush iron the beginning of summer was almost crying out. Because the beginning of summer never told someone else s home things, but it is clear that Lee s sweet father surveyed her family, at least read the school enrollment file. Or that the instructor told them. Li Xia endured forbearance tears, will not fall after the dare to speak, she said, thank you, my family is not ve.

Hair Straightener Brush Iron oom looking for a variety of drugs and items dealing with wounds, barefoot on the floor back and forth, watching his chin on the ear near the glow of a bruised heart following a burst Feel a while to feel bad. He bit his teeth in the heart hair straightening brush malaysia curse, mother Wu Yue force also really hard. Although his childhood from small to large and often fight a small division, or even hit the floor to roll, but still can not stand the hands of others on the small division. So today to see Wu Yue Qiazhao small division of the chin when the land of the Ang heart instantly on the fire. Now, although many words you want to say, but do not know how to speak, hold back to the last only vaguely asked the sentence pain does not hurt Of course, your mother let me pinch pain you try. Sure enough, no good sound. This is also the land of Ang expectant thing. But the small Division can also toward hair straightener brush iron his temper, that is not too much anger. Growing up together with the mainland from the angel is to understand his temper, and really angry, then it is definitely not and you say a word. So land of Ang s guilt a little light. but then you really do not fight ah, but fortunately there is me, or you will not just a piece of green chin. I m holding your dog in your hand You took a dog to fight to try Fu small division did not stop because of the land of Ang language, he continued to stare at him, and oblique eyes You do not see who ha.loor of the corner, the beginning of hair straightener brush iron summer suddenly felt silhouette in front, but it is impossible to stop. So hit the go. Soft T shirt a little bit cool, and then forward to touch the temperature of the skin. Li Xia s face hit the back spine, sensing the protruding sides of the shoulder blade. The taste of cotton hair straightening brush for short hair and mixed with perfume and sweat, but there is no strong sense of smell as grass. Panic in the hands of things bang clatter all fall, steady body subconsciously hold the next person s waist, and so reflect the immediate retraction of the hand, but hair straightener brush iron the temperature hair straightener roller brush is burned in the hand, a shrink back center of gravity hair straightener brush iron instability, So heavily fell off. In fact, one or two seconds, but the beginning of the summer even remember every detail, the beginning of summer or sitting on the ground, raised his head appeared in front of the black eyebrows, eyes, nose turned out to be seen in the bus window That face. That face without hair straightener brush iron any expression, in addition to slightly frowned. Lixia to see their lunch boxes of greasy infected with his T shirt hem, and then raise the eyes and then see the classic LOGO LOGO pattern, the beginning of the summer down the air sucked his heart said the sentence to death. Lixia hurriedly stood up, a very sorry in the mouth into a hesitant I I Finally the sound low to find no trace, only the heart clear as to come out from the throat. That face.