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Hair Straightener Brush Nume ng of summer memories is heavy gray cotton, pressure in the heart, lying in the middle of blood vessels to stop the flow of blood, abruptly in the backlog of desperate emotions, like a knife hair straightener brush nume deep in the skin as shallow Shallow cut with. In the third year of the day, the two letters met every day in the summer backpack. In the sad, when the exam failed, when the teacher cursed step backward, in the middle hair straightener brush nume of the night inexplicably want to cry, in the mirror to see their haggard when, in the high school to see a woman The children can go out at the weekend to go out shopping and can only be buried in the yellowing of the papers in the dim lamp no longer illuminate the long night when the beginning of summer will come up with two letters to see. Ten times, twenty times, thirty times to see. Li Xia even think that has been seen will see more and more things to. White writing on black ink writing has always been so clear, beginning in the summer when looking at those beautiful writing will find that never met never met. She has been there, has been standing behind their own, wearing alternative clothes, ear hole, with a proud look, like a gorgeous swallowtail hair straightener brush video butterflies forever. See later, the letter of those paragraphs have been deeply engraved in the beginning of summer s heart, not even recite, it will be like hair straightener brush nume the end of the movie subtitles line by line from the bottom of my heart to appear. Lixia.time so short, and too late to do so much Mom, I will not make clothes dirty every day, mother, I will never forget you like the red and buy the wrong green clothes to send you, my mother I will not give you The gift by the excuse hair straightener brush brands does not like to throw in the room somewhere, the mother I will never forget your birthday, Mom Mom I never cry, Mom I will become a best certified public accountant Mom, you must go to heaven, and so I die after I will come, do not worry I will come hair straightener brush gumtree to heaven, because you told me to be a strong and kind hearted person. God will certainly like me, my mother goodbye. Fu small raised his head, the sky seems gray to see clearly. He thought, this summer is finally over. There will be no such summer. Fu small division took Zeus to go home when the heart gave birth to a lot of inexplicable emotions, and even can not say is fear or angry, or is deeply sad. But he thought the land of Ang has gradually improved the mood when everything is just getting worse. He stood in the land of the Ang family yard, can only see Zeus dirty squatting next to the dog house, a look of innocent expression, see Fu small division into the yard when the burst of whispered call. Land of Ang s father with the same land of Ang, still trapped in a sad mood inside. But the land of Ang a little more serious. Fu Xiaosi and Lu Bobo chat finished only hair straightener brush nume know, from straightening hair brush for african american hair his mother after buria.

Are you OK Nothing, met the stand up, whispered, you Fu small division made a did not seize the expression. Then sit down. There are a few people next to trouble. First of all those who make trouble people questioning Why do you want to provoke Fu small division Someone gave us a man of five hundred and told us to take care of the trouble. Who is the money for you Do not know, the phone is a woman. The money is placed in the mail we live in the downstairs. Do not remember the phone number Do not remember, each phone number is not the same, it should be for the public phone to play it For Fu small division and met the questioning, has been around the land hair straightener brush nume of Ang went to where to carry out. Said many times do not know, the police also asked tired, put down a detention of twenty four hours went out. Fu small division and met out from the detention center, one out of the door to see the door waiting for a whole day of the beginning of summer and section bridge. Two people s eyes are red. In fact, four people s eyes are covered with bloodshot. Met by paragraph bridge tightly in his arms, his neck is the flow of hot tears. Encounter smell the familiar taste of the bridge section, the tears could not help but flow down. The beginning of summer, standing in front of hair straightener brush nume Fu small division, watching his head has not yet and clean up the dirty things, hair straightening brush seen on tv looking at his dirty wet suit issued stench of taste, Li.shameless it He will be facing each passing girl whistling it Thought I would actually feel sad. After writing the above paragraph, I went to the balcony for a while, and now continue to write. And just when I stood on the balcony looking out into the darkness of the night when my heart really suddenly have no grasp of the future. Distant buildings reveal a little bit of light, in the thick darkness is particularly dim. That the world suddenly out of thin air to fall piece, and then the night like the ink like quickly filled in, the sound disappeared without a trace, all of the future is like being abruptly buried deep in the river bed, under the thick silt of the river 1000 Meters, and the water there is a thousand meters, never sunny. The arrival of the sophomore, the upcoming third year, those who have legendary countless appearances of the mighty force of a single piece of the hair straightener brush nume bridge back and forth to appear in my mind, ringing to do ringing. Like a dream that often appears in the train, in a regular rail crash, like someone with a knife, we identify the weakest part of the most undefended defense gently pierce, and then pull out, flesh and blood Fuzzy, and then stabbed into the pain until the last become numb, and now become hair straightener brush nume blurred, the future becomes no one can know the outcome. I suddenly want to cry a bit. Small Division told me before an angel story, specifically I forgot. But I remembe.or no expression, it touches next to the man made a voice. Li Xia was found in the corridor of the station is two people. Turned to see a more refined face and the hair straightener brush nume hair straightening brush lcd same CK T shirt, Li Xia feel bad oxygen. The man said with a smile, ah no more than the following. The smile on his face seemed to be waiting for a wonderful opera. Li Xia suddenly felt that this person a little bit annoying, as if gloating look. He saw the bus than the morning outside the high half head, big eyes, looks good looking, in fact, who can not say good looking, two people standing in the crowd should be very eye catching. Li Xia would like to open the morning when the school will sit next to him chatting should be him. Also because the good looking face Li Xia also hate him up. The man whose clothes were stained turned around and said, Come on, to the people around him. It seems that nothing has happened. This makes Li Xia somewhat surprised and gave birth to some inexplicable disappointment. In fact, the beginning of summer themselves do not know what is expected in what happened. Just such a plain people feel discouraged. Li Xia said behind them, Excuse me, summon the courage to make the sound in the corridor becomes loud, even the beginning of the summer himself was shocked, his back a little pause and then continue to move forward, his back His expression did not sound Color. But next to the people turned around.

Hair Straightener Brush Nume expression, the only said the word is, I called met. And then walked down the podium to sit next to the beginning of summer. Then did not say a word. The memory of that morning has been very vague, but the beginning of summer can still be recalled met the speech speed of speech and movement. Like a small division of the same Fu, do not say a word, the body braved awe inspiring air conditioning. Some really afraid of it. After a week and did not meet how to speak with the beginning of summer. Only occasional teacher class question when the summer will be quietly the answer written on paper brush straightener on short hair to her. Then she read out. Sit down and did not say thank you, just look toward the beginning of summer. And then bowed hair straightener brush in nepal his head. I met wearing a Asakawa which is a very alternative. And a closer look will also find that hit the ear hole. Sure enough, the problem is it students, Li Xia thought. That Saturday after lunch, Li Xia from the school outside the bookstore back, just to see the school met at the gate, stood a hair straightener brush nume bunch of yellow hair dressed in flowing air boys. Met and what they dispute, and later also pulled up. Li Xia ran in the past, pulled ran out to meet the school ran, while running side with the greatest voice that you are here ah, the teacher is looking for you to do with me quickly. In fact, the beginning of the summer heartbeat is very powerful, for fear of the people hair straightener brush nume behind him called stop. But.the wall thrown past. Lu Ang and Fu small division at the same time stunned, and then at the same time to bend down to laugh, two people on the wall crumbling. Li Xia in the following a bit anxious, and said, you two sick ah, quickly pull me up. The two boys laughed while the side of the summer to pull up, stand the beginning of hair straightener brush nume summer to the wall on the outside hair straightener brush nume looked out to cry. Outside is a reservoir, three bags of people lying side by side in the pond. And then come back to see the small Fu and Lu of Ang smile sitting hair straightening brush reviews on the wall stand up. Lu Zhi wang wiped his tears that die to die stomach pain. Out of the gate all over the snow, from the mountain difficult to around the front door to spend almost half an hour. The shoes are almost all wet, the hands still carrying a wet bag. Land of Ang ready to call home to find a car to pick up, the beginning of summer listening to some of my heart to say but did not speak good export. Li Xia himself and their world, after all, is different, one would like to go where only a small master of the phone, but he was just carrying a school bag to go to school to study the ordinary students. Thought here a bit depressed. Fu small Division silent for a while, then raised his head and pulled the land of Ang, he said, well, go over it, not how far the road. Lu of the Ang said, too, that go. Lixia straightening hair brush youtube raised his head, just met a small smile face Fu small. He put the clo.