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Hair Straightener Brush Pink faces are very painful, and then landed in the land of the high value, and now he is sweeping and sit on their own In the windowsill watching the sun, the classroom in addition to the two of them have no one. In the gap between these things and things, Fu small Division countless times to see the beginning of summer and meet smiling face, tone exaggeration, with the girl s noisy and lively, and his quiet side of artifact hair straightening brush the face Countless times through her side, that time once the world is silent. And in that moment of silence after a short silence again the world up again. So noisy silence noisy, like the same day and hair straightener brush pink night as slow back and forth. Does not seem to have their own world, Li Xia is still very well. Fu small Secretary on the wooden frame on the window to think. Before the beginning of the summer feel very strong, like the kind of wherever the growth of the weeds, and their own and Ang seems to live in their own greenhouse, have not seen the rain did hair straightener brush pink not encounter a wind, but in a safe Of the glass wall of the world burst out of people feel dazzling light. However, these are really something to be proud of it How much is still some angry it. Originally a kind hearted, but did not explain clearly. Usually other people s things will not be interested in a rare time for the sake of others has now become out of hand situation. Fu small Division looked up and looked at the body of the land is swe.year of the long summer inside, Li Xia recalled just after the smoke of time, my heart is full of gratitude to meet. In the minds of the beginning of the summer is always met so strong a person, even if the pressure was not stand straight, it will not cowardly kneel. That power, like her singing, can make people brave. Like the Greek mythology of HARS, Lu of Ang has used NARS to describe the small division, but the beginning of summer feel, really like to best electric straightening hair brush lead people to break through the tragedy of the dark god of people, is met. Beginning of summer Li Xia Fu Xiaosi Fu has come to the front of the summer, and asked her what hair stay Ah, no ah, just think of met. Well, I am also, I just wanted to say to you, to invite meet to go You have not seen for a long time, right okay. I beat her on the phone. Hello met it I am beginning of summer. Ah Li Xia. What ah Ah, there is nothing, okay I miss you so much. Ah, very good. hair straightener brush pink Some time ago also participated in a lot of stars to participate in the concert. Although not as an important figure, but still very happy. Always go step by step. What about you Also OK, very good. That or live in that place before it Yes ah, because the busy relationship, but also no money for a little extra money for the house, so it will have to stay down. Has been used, do not feel hard. Yes, you find me something what That congratulations for me.

er, anyway, the beginning of summer is the thought. So the beginning of summer has been dragging, anyway, still thinking about leaving early school early, but so think about the past month. Is always to decide it. hair straightener brush magictec ceramic heating hair straightener brush pink What should have a result ah. The next semester is the second year of high school, and in the past half of high school, and the immediate arrival of 1997 is a grand year, the return of Hong Kong seems more and more compelling, the street can see all kinds of countdown cards. Every time the beginning of summer from the bottom of those electronic cards when the walk will be over a year behind the classroom will be more such a brand it , Which reads XX days away from the college entrance examination there. Previous to the high grade classroom seen. But he was just a high end, worried that this should be a bit early. Might as well worry about the division of science and technology more practical. That day suddenly want to make a phone call to Fu small, ask about the sub division of things, do not know how he and Lu Aung decided. If they are separated from them, how many will be lonely. Fu small company last call to stay when the two mobile phone number, he and the land of Angang to buy, because the school can not use the phone, so it can only be used in the summer. Li Xia also criticized the two luxury to them, saying that because China can not get rich. Phone has been ringing for a long tim.on at the beginning of the summer brush hair straightener feel very uncomfortable, want hair straightener brush pink to find opportunities to say I m sorry to say how I can not say, which makes her feel particularly upset. So a whole afternoon class how not to listen to. And then groggy to get to school. Almost everyone in the class is gone, because today is Saturday, tomorrow without class. So many people go home. Li electric hair straightening brush reviews Xia pack up the bag when the evening has been, and she out of the classroom, just want to go down the stairs when the corridor at the end of someone called his name. Li Xia raised his head and looked in the past, met sitting in the corridor at the end of the windowsill, bags on the feet. In that dusk, the hair met the sunset golden yellow color. Li Xia forget that afternoon dialogue is how to happen, how the end of the beginning of the summer just remember to meet the smile, it is the beginning of the summer to see the most clean from the most clean smile, even more than a small division Fu Ang smile also make people feel clean. May be the dusk of warm atmosphere brewing a silent hairy warmth, making everything become full of sweet and sweet fragrance. You, how could suddenly think of going to control my things do not know, that time just want to, and the total should be familiar with you Yeah, in any case, even after graduation will never meet again, even after graduation photos can not remember each other to see each other s names, hair straightening brush lcd H.Ang in the small Division behind looking at her look of concern, but straightening brush sally's later also because not afraid to face the beginning of summer eyes turned to the elsewhere. Li Xia feel that they should say something, Zhang opened his mouth and said I m sorry This dress is very expensive, I, I was to say I buy one to lose you, but this sentence but how Do not dare to say, the beginning of the summer looked at the clothes do not know can not afford to buy, even asked her mother for money, not necessarily smooth it, maybe half the cost of living at home. So I I to gradually small voice down, and feel sad and sad. Speaking of low voice later, after the quiet. Lixia think, so I stand it hair straightener brush pink a moment, and see how they can say, maybe they do not care I do not lose it. Originally a hair straightener brush pink comfort to their own words, but almost let themselves cry out. Is hair straightener brush pink it necessary to look down on people like that Li Xia was suddenly forced to pull back, raised his head to meet, holding a wash clothes just filled the basin back to his front. Is not a piece of rags, need to be so hypocritically warm and greeted by a big wronged look like, how much money I lose to you, you can roll the three. Land of Ang wailing cry is wronged to cried, not my thing Yeah, hair straightener brush dryer I did not say a word. Met a stare in the past, said, do not matter about you do not fart, shut up Lu of Ang like a sudden swallowed an egg, blocking was blushing.

Hair Straightener Brush Pink met but stopped himself, and she threw off the hands of the beginning hair straightener brush pink of summer, very puzzled look at the beginning of summer, as if to say, you control my things doing. And then met behind hair straightener brush pink the two little riffraff began to tease the beginning of summer, those mocking tone like sticking to the body of the thorns of the seeds, sticking out the stinging of the root to the inside of the skin into the mercilessly. After all, Li Xia childhood is a good boy grew up, not how to see this scene, so the face is like burning to burn. Met back to roar them out, and then they dare not brush straightener boots say anything, and turned around to meet the opposite Xia said, you go back on your class, do not control me. Li Xia moment feel embarrassed to death, because it looks like is their own troublesome. In the beginning of summer do not know how to be a good time, a person s back suddenly stand in the beginning of the summer in the beginning of the summer without raising his head and know who, Asakusa fragrance from the white jacket upload. Fu Xiaosi turned around and said to Li Xia, why here, go back to class. Lixia raised his head to see Fu small face has a slight anger. Then he took the beginning of summer away. Met up and looked at the beginning of summer, her back was very thin and very thin. Also very strange to meet, what is the power so that she can talk to students such as their own problems. Do not understand. A whole afterno.on buckle together, out of the middle finger ring finger upward, hair straightener brush pink as swearing, said, God testify because the hotel is close to where you are near the game, I was good. Small Division said, or we accompany you for a while. Lu Zhi took over hair straightener brush pink the words, said, we also found in the room Go, a small division will be under ah, he began to learn from the primary school next go, and told him to teach you too. Lixia big mouth surprised, listening to rock and roll from the primary school go this is a joke it But looked at Fu small Division seriously asked the expression and do not feel like joking. It s all right you go back. Li Xia face a little red, not to ask them to stay, or even more embarrassing. Fu small Division Oh, a cry, and land of the Aung On the handle hair straightening brush australia on the shoulder of a small Fu Division hook a bit, burst into the summer bad laugh or say, or accompany you to sleep a small Division. Door bang is heard off, almost hit the land of Ang nose. Fu small Secretary looked at him and said, your cold joke can be a little cold, it does not matter. Lu of the Ang said, I did not tell jokes slightly, is her own thought of some of the young girls and fantasy did not dare to open things. Just said the door suddenly opened, a pillow directly hit the land Ang head. Lu of Ang Here is the third floor Then I will throw you nonsense Fell to death on the frozen to death Shouted hair straightener brush pink the beginning of summer. The doo.