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Hair Straightener Brush Wet Hair to KTV to sing wine. This KTV is the open media F open. F is now one of the best singer of the domestic singer, the hands of numerous singers. A group of people in which hair straightener brush wet hair opened a PARTY room, and then chat chat, singing wine drinking, draw the boxing boxing, noiseless chickens. The beginning of summer or even feel like the high school graduation back to the carnival, when all the people are like today, crazy off the shape. Later, Li Xia drink a little more, called meet to sing. Because from high school, the beginning of summer never heard the song met. But all the people will look at the same as the animals looked at the two young girls look good, a tearful, a blush, apalus brush hair straightener ulta a red haired girl, a look at the beginning of the summer began to cry, every time the end is to meet her pulled out of the coffee shop, Embarrassed, so the summer of life and death today to pull to meet and hair straightener brush wet hair sing to meet, fail to beat her, had to hold hair straightener brush wet hair the microphone began to sing. At first the beginning of summer also shouted that everyone should not speak, and one by one to shoot people called people do not draw the first boxing drink first listen to what is hair straightener brush on tv the loss of what is big, but nobody ignored her. Fu small division to see her a little drunk, took her to her side, holding her, called her good no longer barking, others do not listen to our two listen to ah. But after the meeting began to sing, the voice of the crowd a little bit.g low head, not how to speak, because since gradually grew up, he did not dare to talk back to the small Division, can not tell why, I feel a small division usually too dignified. If it is in peacetime, he certainly is a Xipixiaolian look, but now, because the mood is heavy, so it is silent only do not speak. Fu small division turned out of the room, came back when a glass of water came in, he looked at the land does not speak of the Ang heart a little sad, but some angry. Especially to see him with Wu Yue, when the kind of people mixed together. He handed the water to the land of Ang, and then said, you give up on yourself, your mother will hate you Lu Yigang heard mother on the word waved his hand, but do not mention my mother , But a wave just hit the small Division handed over the water, raised his head to see that the whole glass of water from the Fu small Division on the shoulder down. Lu Zhiyong helpless to stand up, because his hand touched a little water, just a little on the very hot. He looked at the face of the small face of Fu suddenly panic hands and feet. Fu small Division did not say anything, even though the shoulder was hot almost to call out. Just a moment my heart has some sadness to pass through the hall. Boys feelings should be so Tolerance it, no amount of pain with any expression of the bear, wore a quiet side of the face can bear all the sharp horns and sharp edges.

ing, from when the weather suddenly become so cold it He has not been aware of. Time along the trail of autumn diffuse on the instep, the tide surging up, the so called youth was so submerged a centimeter. Birds have been flying away for a long time, the school camphor and camphor branches become more and more quiet. So the fallen leaves have a roaring sound. Autumn has been very deep. November when the school all the bulletin boards have appeared in the festival s posters, many morning morning morning run after the end of the school s canteen to buy milk will pass the bulletin board, standing in front of the bulletin board rubbing in the morning Fog in the cold slightly red hand, mouth spray large group of large fog. Autumn is really deep it. In fact, starting from November posters really a bit early, because the formal competition needs to be in March next year to really start. Which is the next semester when the school began to final, but each year in Asakawa are four months in advance began to prepare. Because hair straightener brush wet hair Asakawa one of the arts festival in the province are famous. Every year a lot of talented students shine. Especially the art class candidates. This is the most grand festival in Asakawa. Than the celebration to be a lot of grand. Fu small school every afternoon when the school will be waiting for the landing of the Ang to the school s studio painting. In fact, there is no good practice.ty complex to make it, a little too much language can not stand. Like being stripped of the clothes in the street. Had never thought who needs comfort, after all, from small to large long more than a decade, has been accustomed to a person in silence with sadness diluted out. Will find about seven to talk about, but it will not cry. Because it is hypocritical little girls who love to play the trick. So the afternoon when a person will stay in the classroom for so long, the results also met Lu Ang. Really bad. In their most do not want to be hair straightener brush wet hair seen when the class was the richest people to see. Think I m really unlucky. However, I have not felt the kind of wealthy children of his body should have the arrogance, Fu small body who did not. This is why I am willing babyliss ceramic straightening brush review to talk to them. Perhaps should not say that they should say he. Fu small Division is not the things of others have always been indifferent. Perhaps it is because too much sadness will ceramic hair straightening brush reviews be on the land of the Ang told his home thing. As long as they are not so much in addition to the Seventy seven who have not talked about. Originally I would like to listen to the land of Ang may not be interested in half, and I like to stop playing like TIPS. But the land of Ang very seriously, which makes me somewhat moved. Sometimes very envious of the straightening brush for wet hair land of Ang and Fu small division of such a friend, grew hair straightener brush wet hair up together, have each other can not share the worl.n to drink it. Ok. One word. Very common tone. His high school from the beginning to get used to his this ah word. But now, or can only get the word only. Seems so many years of feelings, and did not let him change himself the same. Formerly a han word, it is still. Then seventy seven take you to the hotel Yes, you ask these past things to do Impatient tone, disgusted hair straightener brush wet hair look, these things like a thrown in the heart of the pushpin, was one by one to force into the heart. Nothing I was just seven and seven chat a bit, casually ask you are still worried about the land of Ang things I do not want to speak now Do not bother me again Do not bother me any more. I will not. Again bother you. Flow of a night of tears, has also flow to the end of the. Now the eyes do not work out anything. Li Xia packed up his luggage, the studio hair straightener brush wet hair with their own things used to the way into the bag. With the pen that got used to, it is pen of junior high school. Have used the calculator, is accompanied by small companies to buy together. It is a pair of white cup which we used, and blue cup of small division. With that used chair cushion, above a small Division of the most favorite sonic boy. Want to take away all the things that can be taken away, hair straightening brush bearmoo but my bag is not big enough. If I knew that one day I would like to leave silently, if I knew one day you would say to me, Do not bother me, I will buy a big big bag.

Hair Straightener Brush Wet Hair h you, you must be brave. At that moment, met the world seems to belong to the original, everything has lost its meaning. Including leaving, or leaving. When I met the door did not turn around, she seems to be so stubbornly alive forever, never turned back to see the previous road. She had said to Li Xia that she did not like to look back, because she knew that as long as people have to hang around the past, then the face of the future, will be relatively weak. However, if that time met back, then she can see Qingtian goes sad face, as well as his big stars hit the floor, big stars on the floor of the tears. Across the shop people turned a voice, cough a bit, and then continue to sleep. Lixia raised his hand looked at the table, fast 12 o clock. Today is Christmas Eve, the Asakawa students should be in the carnival bar. She would like to start the summer Fu small Division they certainly hair straightening brush hqt 906 crowded in Tonglu Square, and the crowd with the noise waiting for the Bell Tower came the zero bell. Met out of the window looked out, only to find do not know hair straightener brush wet hair when to start outside has been under the goose feather snow, she quietly count those snowflakes, a piece of a piece, then those hair straightener brush wet hair like snow all fall into the moist heart, melt in Gradually breed in the lonely. She looked at the table, silently in the heart of the countdown, 5,4,3,2,1 Merry Christmas Suddenly the voice of the crowd broke out the beginni.d of the metaphor gradually fade the appearance, all the hair straightener brush wet hair sound back hair straightener brush wet hair very far, slow and rapid passage of time, the sunset heavy fall, like the next day will never rise to look like, but Everyone knows and believes that it will rise the next day. The crowds rushed back to their homes. The hair straightener brush wet hair city lights up. All the narrative from the met that a quietly, Li Xia, you want to hear a story Start. The beginning of the summer like a long and dark into the corridor, when the hair straightener brush nz meeting finished, the beginning of the summer like a sudden piercing the ground like a big mouth breathing a little air. Chest like a huge dark suppression, breathing sad. Li Xia, you have told me that you are not around my father now. However, I have not even my father and mother have seen it. Grew up with grandmother, grew up in a country called white apalus brush hair straightener dubai crossing the country. Have you heard of Bai Du It is near to Asakawa. My mother gave birth to me in the absence of marriage, you know, in that era, it is an unforgivable sin it My grandmother has been called my mother to knock down the child, but my mother has refused, and later my grandmother gave birth to a lot of gas, or even hold my mother s head to the wall hit, but my mother in addition to tears Nothing said. Even no sound, like a childhood will not speak dumb. Li Xia, you heard a word Mody, that sentence is, dumb said, love each other. I think my mother is like hair straightening brush pro cabello that. Even no.