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Hair Straightener Brush ing, from when the weather suddenly hair straightener brush thick hair become so cold it He has not been aware of. Time along the trail of autumn diffuse on the instep, the tide surging up, the so called youth was so submerged a centimeter. Birds have been flying away for a long time, the school camphor and camphor branches become more and more quiet. So the fallen leaves have a roaring sound. Autumn has been very deep. November when the school all the bulletin boards have appeared in the festival s posters, many morning morning morning run after the end of the school s canteen to buy milk will pass the bulletin board, standing in front of the bulletin board rubbing in the morning Fog in the cold slightly red hand, mouth spray large group of large fog. Autumn is really deep it. In fact, straightening hair brushes starting from November posters really a bit early, because the formal competition needs to be in March next year to really start. Which is the hair straightener brush next semester hair straightener brush ebay australia when the school began to final, but each year in Asakawa are four months in advance began to prepare. Because Asakawa one of the arts festival in the province are famous. Every year a lot apalus brush hair straightener target of talented students shine. Especially the art class candidates. This is the most grand festival hair straightener brush in Asakawa. Than the celebration to be a lot of grand. Fu small school every afternoon when the school will be waiting for the landing of the Ang to the school s studio painting. In fact, there is no good practice.e door of the hand hair straightener brush no power. The door was suddenly opened. Beginning of summer ran hair straightener brush to meet up to meet, see the hair flow out of the sticky blood, Li Xia heart like there are numerous tens of millions of heavy hammer in what look to beat down. Met the beginning of the hand caught Li Xia, motioned her close to the side of her ear whispered to say the sentence, how far the land of Ang how far to run and then in the beginning of summer arms fainted. Those tears pouring out from the beginning of the summer eyes, large hair straightener brush pieces of large pieces to meet in the face, shed down the blood was washed away, become no longer sticky. The reporter is still constantly patting around the photo, the flash constantly shaking the beginning of summer eyes. Beginning of summer to work out the phone, shaking the call to the section of the bridge, the phone has not connected, the beginning of summer began incoherently crying side, said the bridge, quickly called the ambulance, hurry ah, met a lot of blood flow Section bridge you help them ah small Duan Bridge met here, ah, you come quickly ah Duanqiao you come quickly, ah, I m so scared ah She could not hear me Those cries mixed in words, with a sobbing voice through the phone signal to pass out, and those hoarse cry, echoed in the Convention Center on the hair straightening brush cordless high dome. All the security have to go after the recovery of small Fu and Lu Ang, and stay in the scene, only t.

always do not understand, Fu Xiaosi did not participate in the afternoon as the study hall is to go to the studio painting, but why each time the exam ranking he still ranks first in it, even the land of Ang is, always in the second name. This makes Li Xia feel very discouraged. Twilight came at six o clock. The classroom also went almost the same. Beginning of summer with just down the physical papers in a daze, 77 points, for many students can already cheer, but Fu small Division and Lu of Ang a 98 a 92, which makes the beginning of summer feel anxious to get into the ground. The shoulder was shot a bit, beginning to see the beginning of summer Fu small division of the face. He asked, do not go Li Xia shook his head, and brush straightener hair then turned around. After that will be around to sit down. Beginning of summer to go back and looked a little confused Fu small Division. Fu small Division did not say anything, from the beginning of the hands of the beginning of summer to get the papers. Because the action is apalus brush hair straightener price too fast to prevent the beginning of summer are too late. So can only find the topic asked, she said, the land of Ang it Fu small eyes did not leave the papers, just casually said the sound, oh his father to find him something to go first. I see you in a daze to stay to see. Despite the understatement of the sentence, but still let Li Xia feel a little red face. Fu small Secretary to re open the bag, took.when the beginning of the summer would have wanted to ask the Ministry of Fu Xiaosi ask the Secretary, but the rise to see Li Yan Ran beautiful face, she took a bottle of mineral water, where the small Secretary raised her eyes and whispered Said something, Li Yanran smile is very bright to hang in the face, hair straightener brush so the beginning of summer all the words are gone. In the background when the beginning of summer s eyes have been followed by Fu small Division, several times have to export, but because Li Yan Ran in his side, and become nothing to dare to ask. But his eyes still stick to pull him back. Li Xia would like to, this is he has been like a full two years of the painter Eyebrows, eyes, nose, hair. Black hair. brush straightener shaver shop The shadow of two people all overlap. Feeling strange and subtle. The beginning of hair straightener brush summer in the evening lying in bed has been unable to sleep. Although more than half has been in March, but the cold night still did not recede outside the window, the beginning of the beginning of the summer Fu Xiaosi repeatedly in the background scene. She asked several times to open, but the words to the mouth was Li Yanran smile forced back. Turned in front of the aisle through the students patted Fu small shoulder, Fu small Secretary raised his head a pair of fog filled the eyes, and then politely smiled. And then turned to hair straightener brush see the standing in front of the drawing board holding a pen hair straightener brush to stop for a second.ut hair straightener brush that day, she lies on the shoulders of the section of the bridge, like a child crying, like so many years of effort, so many years of grievances, so many years to give up music and happiness, are turned into her cry. At that moment, I am very sad to stand in the doorway. Around the people and things are gone, even standing next to me, my favorite Fu small Division also lost the meaning of existence, only to cry in front of the slight convulsion to meet. Heart, like being suddenly inserted into the tens of millions of sharp needle, painful heart. If I could, I hair straightener brush makro would even be willing that day I was not at the hair straightener brush scene. If I do not, then it will not be in the days to come, never forget the day has finally met the last hoarse cry, and her heart goes on face. That is my memory, the most difficult to meet. 2003 summer Light stage in the end in a chaos. A singer did not go through all the judges. The first place can be vacant. After the finish seven or seven out of the background, the beginning of summer they have gone. The company s car parked in front of the theater. Seventy seven along with assistants walked toward the place where the car stopped. After closing the door, seven seven no longer speak. Head on the glass, whispered a sentence, send me home. Around the broker called the driver to drive, and then back to the Seventy seven said, just met to be finished, and I still worry that you will not ch.

Hair Straightener Brush ease of the land of Ang in the school which stroll around. On the one hand, he would like to talk about the beginning of small and Li Yan Ran summer things, while he was more worried about Fu small Division, and my heart like a hollow chapter, but can not find the exact traces. Autumn night as the flood came up from the ground, like a second to swallow up the day light. When the camphor and camphor are no longer clear the outline, the street lights gradually light, land of Ang did not find a small division. His heart began to panic. Accommodation students in twos and threes from the bathroom to take a bath to the dormitory. 8 00 when all the students must stay on the evening study hall. This is Asakawa a few decades of unshakeable provisions. Lu Aung sitting on a small Division of the bike, looking at the empty stairs God. Sitting for a long time there is no way, so he had to go back. Out of the gate quickly in the street phone booth called, the phone rang for a long time finally someone answered. Then he heard Fu Xiaoshi usual lazy voice, without a trace of emotion. There soon as Hello, hello after the land of Ang began to shout abuse, after scolded Fu did not hear what the Secretary said, put the phone hung up. And then began to stride to the school s car shed to get the car, his face a relieved smile, and even involuntarily in the night laughing. Lu Ang now want hair straightening brush con air to hurry home, because the stoma.ghai. Time even so swiftly flowing, the whole world seems to remain in the land with the Ang on the windowsill to see Shanghai rare snow that moment, but a blink of an eye, like a dream suddenly blasted by the wind, the balloon debris is torn into smaller Of the debris scattered to the sky, the land of Ang, the childhood and their own rope tied together like a small doll, even going to Japan. Fu small Division had to admit, the fate of the palm of your hand can really turn the clock, we lost can not change the life. Lost completely. Bloody. Bloody. Small Division, I have to go. Well, take care. Cold tone. Diffusion in the airport glass roof infiltration down the sunlight, it is more cold. I went to Japan every day to send you Email, you have to remember back to my letter ah. okay. I do not want to talk, but that too much, I m afraid to cry. I heard that Japan s buildings are very dense, completely look down on the horizon where. There is a saying seems to say that people do not see the horizon, will feel helpless and hair straightener brush lonely. Listen is really afraid of it. Less text crepe of the. nausea. Are you going to recite poetry In fact, the phrase was written by a Japanese novelist, or I show you it, you have forgotten it. That is to say, if a person can not stand on the hair straightener brush horizon of the earth, then he will feel crowded but no friends, so they will be exceptionally lonely. Not I said really. Leave the.