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Hair Straightening Brush Ad 55, there are 5 minutes away from the class, from the apartment to the classroom with the words to run 6 minutes, like 800 meters test run like the words, then 4 minutes, these are beginning to know the summer. So she met two people ghosts from the apartment upstairs rushed down to meet the hand holding the beginning of summer, two people smile like the spring blooming in those tender and beautiful flowers, the young girl with a bright face Of the beautiful light. Met, took your hand, no matter where I feel like running toward heaven, do you believe it 1999 Li Xia Because wearing two identical CK jacket, small Division and Lu Zhi Ang looks more like the appearance of twin brothers, so people who come and go will look to the two of them in the past. In Asakawa, most people are aware of both of them, but at this time not to rush to the class but leisurely sitting in the apartment Zhu lie mound Watch the line Wu Wei hair straightening brush ad Yue Yi Kang Yi What is anti Squatting hope P After the encounter, like most of the film used in slow motion. Fu small division to see the beginning of summer and met run over, then got up and walked over, that a hurry to face to face a short time to make Fu small only to say a stand word, and then met and Li Xia s face like a fuzzy shadow Like running from their own past. Li hair straightener brush with steam Xia ran in the small side of the moment Fu, a sudden broken in the chest deep in the chest, thinking of a.hose reporters. There are several female journalists do not go quietly left. And those who like the small division of the readers are crying. Li Xia looked at their faces, has been numb to no sense of the. Only that day, everyone heard the beginning of summer echo in the empty exhibition hall of the cry, that is all hair straightening brush ad a heard, it will never forget the pain, and anger. Fu Si la landed the same crazy angrily toward the outside, mind the idea of numerous chaos, only one is the most clear, that is met in the closed door of the moment he roared the phrase must help him run out. Be sure to help him run out Behind the security footsteps can already hear, and in front of the corridor leading to the outside of the door, Fu small division opened the door and then the land of Ang lost out loud roar, run How far to run far Out of the land of Ang back, tears stained his young and handsome face. Those sad expression in an instant to be enlarged fixed frame, is the world s only remaining emotions. X your mother, you quickly run ah Run ah Fu small division forced to close the door, back, the corridor over there with more than 10 security batons ran over. Fu small station quietly stood for three seconds, hair straightening brush ad and then his eyes closed, his hands forced to grasp the door handle. Of Ang, I do not know how long you can pull the door, but you must run, you must escape the farther the better. Fu hair straightening brush ad small wake up when the door has.

tly. Lu Bobo has been busy to greet people who attended the funeral, described haggard, eyes deep down. Should not sleep for several days it. After the small Division and Lu Bobo greeted after landing began to find the land of Ang, but how can not find a lot of people around to squeeze to squeeze, after femjolie hair straightener brush all, Lu Jia in Asakawa can be considered a head and a face of the characters, so much extra people. Small Division side frowning constantly hair straightening brush with heat whispered to people that borrowed through the side of the neckline to release the shirt, the weather is too hot, the chest has been sweating. This black shirt or mother just bought, because his wardrobe has never been full of black clothes. Later, those who beat the gongs and drums of the open division of the spirit of trouble, the small Secretary Fu saw the corner of the land of the Ang. A messy hair and a shaved beard saks straightening hair brush uk on his lips, but he still wore a white shirt. Fu small department suddenly felt the eyes stung uncomfortable, he thought hair straightening brush ad trance to think, maybe the people around are black, a whole black world, only the land of Ang out of pure white, so they will feel dazzling it. And this weak and weak white, in a dark world of boundless, like a group of innocent and soft white Xu. Fu small division was about to open his mouth called him, then the phone suddenly sounded. Small Division took his cell phone from his pocket, and then see the beginning of summer. T.endured. Is it Ok. Fever also need to play the smiling faces sitting on the stage signings, a sign is two to three hours. Notice when there is no time to eat, only one place to another place in the car bite two bread drink pure water. Could not understand his peers in the peerless always make up his random news, rumors, slander. Sometimes the signings can not control the scene, the bookstore will be forced to terminate, but the reader does not know why, so he thought the small big play, sometimes holding a small Secretary of the book rushed to him in front of his tear. This time the Secretary usually do not say anything, just pick up the book, and then bowed back to the background In short a lot of grievances, he is not how to speak, a lot of announcements or programs, just like to talk about Happy life in the fun thing He really grew up. When I left, I still think, when the small Division can become brave and strong it. Because when we were together, although he looks like a cool look, in fact, just have a cold appearance, but the heart is like hair straightening brush ad a soft baby the same. So I have to worry about fear of him to the community will be a lot of harm. It seems that he is much stronger than I thought it. Those jealous of the small Division of the people, always said he was out of commercial packaging, said he was lucky, that his things no value, but I can swear on the day, I was th.pale face. In fact, the world has never awakened, it quietly sleeping under the collar of your shirt Fleeting. Beard moment pierce the skin of the lips. Youth banner hair straightening brush ad flag hunting wind. So you have long been growing up, into the king wearing a crown And I am at a loss to know that you are still pale little prince They said that as long as the world really has a little prince there, then there will always be the bird that has been waiting for love When the swallows in hair straightening brush ad hair straightening brush ad the coming year in a hurry to return to the green Whether you still like the 17 year old summer in the same camphor down Then met me In that long, psychedelic, never ending summer. Fu small Division did not know the beginning of the day even so long, every morning by the sun tan opened his eyes, and then wore a messy hair dressing slippers walked toward the desk, picked up the pen and cut off the desk calendar another day. Brush your teeth. Wash your face. Looking at the mirror do not know when it has been a hair straightener brush tns mess of long hair, suddenly remembered the summer vacation is almost a month. Summer is always the summer, the temperature is alarmingly high, even if the Asakawa such a high latitude of the city will still feel the cement floor glowing white enough to kill all the people want hair straightening brush canada to go out of the idea. Watermelon piled on the roadside pile of green sea, and occasionally flies in the air to stir up the sound of restless people bored. L.

Hair Straightening Brush Ad ecide everything Out of the window is a dark. But the sky is still a lot of stars. Asakawa s air is better than I imagined, raised his head to see the most blue days away. Those shining lights reminded me of the eyes of two boys behind the classroom seats. There is no denying that they really look good, hey, recognized, considered me luck it. In fact, sometimes I think I should be like to do the same as the seventy seven the same person, enjoy the laughter enjoy the tears, even in the eyes of others is an idiot like femjolie hair straightening brush review hair straightening brush ad life, but always better than one day in their snail shell And fantasy country wasted time. The color of youth should have been strong over the Van Gogh sunflower, but why do I always black and white photos Today event, I think the two boys sitting behind me will be the beginning of my high school nightmare. 555555 God you re sorry for me. Beginning of the summer holding a stack of papers through the sun shining under hair straightener the camphor always think, my high school life so began After thinking many times at hair straightener brush egypt the end of the question mark becomes a full hair straightening brush ad stop. Every morning I see two boys. In the first day of school on the first day of self introduction to remember the names of two of them, one is because their name is very special, a small division called Fu, rather than what he heard the wrong small four. Li Xia gradually feel that two people really genius, because a lot of the beginning of the.ell yourself a little lost. So still asked the sentence, today is your birthday Lixia looked back met, a little embarrassed to say, uh but do not want to tell others, so no to meet said. I m sorry. Met shrugged his shoulders, his hands in his pocket, sighed and said, not ready to gift. Li Xia waved his hand, do not. Met raised his head, Waizhaonaodai God for a long time, and then said, or I sing to you listen to it, you should not have heard me sing it How to describe the kind of song it Like a sudden night in the tens of thousands of birds flying in the dark invisible hair straightening brush ad hair straightener brush facebook in the powerful wings flapping. Not very clear voice, but very high and clear loud and clear, like a sunrise with vitality toward the sky growth. Lixia hair straightening brush ad suddenly had an illusion, as the last festival on the Fu small holding their own hands when the same, in front of a large tracts of large color gorgeous. Lixia suddenly a little cry, even do not know why, just met a serious expression of heart touched. Even the first to take the whole school to sing the seventy seven also did not bring the feeling of the beginning of this summer, Lixia think, met, should be in their own lives to sing it. While the beginning of summer to look back on July 7, seventy seven staring at the eyes full of light met. Seventy seven thought he was singing is a very good, but now I hear the singing, know what is the voice of vitality. Like the wheat, like t.