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Hair Straightening Brush Bearmoo But these have become very insignificant. And Fu small division of the silence, like a kind, in a apalus brush hair straightener small space in the car gradually expanded, swelling to the land of Ang feel bad breathing, like the sea off the straightening hair brush dafni air for too long, you want to return to the water mouth breathing. Boarding pass, fly to Hong Kong. Transfer to Japan. Fu looked at the small department of Lu Ang busy and orderly way, my heart passing a trace of sad feeling. Small Aung really grew up, never before that with their own next to what do not understand the big boys. Lu is the front of the back of the Ang, familiar, but at this moment slightly unfamiliar. In the hard core of time to fade out a clear outline and hair straightening brush bearmoo tall and straight body than their own. In the long hair, black out all over the black. Sunlight is dumped on the surface of the hair along a slanting angle like a firefly. In the waiting free time, the usefulness of the left foot gently tapping the ground habit. Like the handle inserted in the pants pocket. In the face of passers by expressed regret that will slightly nod. These habits are like stars scattered in the universe, in their own long as the Milky Way life frequently appear. But these, immediately no longer see. Lu Zhi Ang dragged large and small luggage into the security, Fu small heart echoed half a year ago the screen. At that time there is their own beginning of summer, and small Ang, three people go to of summer memories is heavy gray cotton, pressure in the heart, lying in the middle of blood vessels to stop the flow of blood, abruptly in the backlog of desperate emotions, like hair straightener brush canada a knife deep in the skin as shallow Shallow cut with. In the third year of the day, the two letters met every day in the summer backpack. In the sad, when the exam failed, when the teacher cursed step backward, in the middle of the night inexplicably want to cry, in the mirror to see their haggard when, in the high school to see a woman The children can go out at the weekend to go out shopping and can only be buried in the yellowing of the papers in the dim lamp no hair straightening brush bearmoo longer illuminate the long night when the beginning of summer will come up with two letters to see. Ten times, twenty times, thirty times to see. Li Xia even think that has been seen will see more and more things to. White writing on black ink writing has always been so clear, beginning in the summer when looking at those beautiful writing will find that never met never met. She has been there, has been standing behind their own, wearing alternative clothes, ear hole, with a proud look, like a gorgeous swallowtail butterflies forever. See later, the letter of those paragraphs have been deeply engraved in the beginning of summer s heart, not even recite, it will be like the end of the movie subtitles hair straightening brush bearmoo line by line from the bottom of my heart to appear. Lixia.

of that smile as the spring sun, And my heart will suddenly across a gust of wind, those who have the past from the heart to the four winds blowing away. Is the third year changed everything Or do we change ourselves in the third year of the year Since the beginning of summer and Fu small division left three classes, met in hair straightening brush bearmoo the class almost did not say, but occasionally and land of Ang chat. Met in the rest of each get out of class after class time, will lie on the terrace overlooking the balcony overlooking hair straightening brush as seen on tv reviews the playground, and sometimes see the beginning of summer often wear that red clothes, very red red red color, in a Floor hair straightening brush bearmoo walkway back and forth, and sometimes she will appear together with the small Secretary Fu small balcony, but because too far away, met also see their faces. But she was still very happy to be directed at the beginning of summer waving arms, although she knows a lot of the beginning best hair brush straightener 2016 of summer did not see her. The land of Ang often stood quietly smiling at their side. After the beginning of summer to leave, to cope with the teacher suddenly asked the errand seems to be handed over to the land of Ang, and the class took place in many things is the land of Ang in helping to meet the deal. Sometimes met Lu asked Ang, she said, you leave the small Division will feel lonely it Lu of Ang just laugh, do not speak, and then will not bring any expression to say, in fact, met because.ou let me leave it You let me keep it. Let me stay Suddenly that moment met her mouth and then suddenly rushed to the toilet, because she felt a lot of things in the chest suddenly up the crest of the depths of the body from the depths of light along the stomach along the esophagus, along the throat, close to hair straightening brush bearmoo the Tonsil sticking hair straightening brush goody to the mouth upward somersault. She tried to cover her mouth until her chin hurt, unscrewing the toilet door rushed in, and then forced the door bang sound shut. At that moment the world to return to quiet. The tide churns back to calm, mirror lake quietly sleeping, like never have waves. A door to separate the hair straightening brush bearmoo entire section has been shining bright hair straightening brush professional Guanghua youth. What happened to that little girl Train will be motion sickness ah I do not think she s so bad. Yeah, when she burst into the toilet, I saw her eyes were hair straightening brush bearmoo tears. It seems to be alone. Run away from home Pitiful Leaning against the window slowly sleeping in the past, occasionally woke up to see the sky completely dark, and then wake up, then sleep, and see the sky lit up, and then dark down. My heart is empty, like hair straightening brush bearmoo the school basketball hall empty, a basketball alone in the ground bounce and hair straightening brush bearmoo fall, smashing the empty voice. Close your eyes to think of Qingtian. In fact, before going to meet to find Qingtian, because after all, to leave here, some words even if it is difficult to speak, rooting plants will stand.ame over the small department, looked down at the feet of Li Xia, he asked, how not to health room Li Xia said, just hit, did not have time, and now go. Fu Si said, I ll take you go. Li Xia suddenly felt the blood began to catch up, the wound suddenly become painful. Is it because the feeling suddenly become keen Li Xia Division should not look at the beginning of summer to see from their side, and then the land of Ang should be smiling at him, say hello, ah, injured friends Then the two hair straightener brush set turned and left. This is more in line with the impression of two people. Today, how is this Turned into the school, Li Xia suddenly felt the elbow was palm up, the skin has a slight temperature. Li Xia a little blush, the closer the air diffuse the taste of grass. Side of the past to see a face without face, in the evening seemed quiet and deep. The girl said in the back, I want to give her money, but she do not. Lu from the rear to catch up hurriedly, from her side when the expression of disgust after the sentence, put away your money, as if the money on your home the same. Fu small Division then wrinkled eyebrows, Li Xia also feel a bit strange atmosphere. Originally land of Ang who is a kind of warm water kind of look, can not be narrowed nor pulled away, but today the girl was angry. Fu small department turned around and said, sweet, you go to advanced schools, I sent her to the health room, and so the next fi.

Hair Straightening Brush Bearmoo city s green building into how much money each year, but if you can all turn To my name, oops, saliva, how much I can buy a skirt ah. Really sad. Mother did not come, in fact, when she walked or to come, but after all, I persuaded her, I really great and Lotus, it is estimated that when I University of Tong Chan Peony just around the corner, and that time can be so and so Like to participate in the college debate. hair straightening brush bearmoo A group of people in front of the TV curse scolded to really fun, there are a bunch of people to help cheer, curse to the brush straightener review wonderful office will be applauded. What a perfect world. But I know my mother sent me on the train when the red eyes, but I pretended not to see it. In fact, I have red eyes, the same my mother pretended not to know it. Hey, really pretentious two mother and daughter ah, can not stand. Relatives in the home is always uncomfortable. Although everyone s smile is still standard and without any flaws. But always find a little bit of temperature, which is too depressed, hey. Seventy seven dad hair straightening brush bearmoo opened the car to send her, is really too JJYY the ah, pull the wind to death. But if I have such a father, I think I still do not want to sit in private cars to hair straightening brush bearmoo school it, that too, in fact, sitting in private cars to class and sitting in rockets to Mars in my concept is the same Latin lamp to achieve, but if God gave me a lamp I would say five words let me go to Mars. There are a l.the water plants are still plump around the fallen, but there will always be instinctive instincts in the awakening of the moment, and then began to jittery vegetation. Today s diary is really a bit disgusting, I found myself turned into a literati, Oh yeah, this is really a creepy thing. I started from junior high school began to see the mouth of those days never forget the literature boys I did not dare close to them from the beginning to the close is a strong burst of acidity while I shook violently. Too tortured people. And appearance is a week without shampoo brush straightener review singapore wearing greasy clothes, with a pair of black glasses open a pair of wretched eyes. This is absolutely a nightmare. In fact, the real life is full of keen and can write good man, you can not see in life. Those who laugh at you in the side of heartless people, is the biggest undertaking of life inspiration. Many of my friends around, wrote a good article, but if they abandon their words, they are in the weekdays away from the literature can not be a distant group of people. Anyway, today s diary has been I get the text crepe nausea up, then I simply in the end and then nausea to sum up. Well, today s conclusion to this end. PS wake up in the morning to find two youth beans, bad, I decided to start school tomorrow, before they kill in the cradle. I do not care whether this cradle is my face, and Lei said the students have the winter as the.