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Hair Straightening Brush Electric Pro l girl without To him and grow up after the Ang, always have a bright smile straightening hair brush pyt as the hair straightening brush electric pro hair straightener brush original sun, the conversation is a vivid expression of the face, happy smile when the face is bright, sad no sorrow when he Grew up and hair straightening brush electric pro never in front of me had sad moments, I thought he forgotten his sad face, but after a lapse hair straightener brush magictec ceramic heating of so long after I re see that kind of shocking force suddenly zoomed ten times, one Instantly turned me into an empty shell, like hanging in the wind of the broken flag. In the thick of the night, around the noisy crowd, he was like a white and quiet sad shepherd. I would like to go to help him straighten out those messy long hair in the wind, I would like to have nothing to accompany him in the hot ground to sit down and said to him, warm, someday to cut hair slightly. But at the foot of the growth of a large root system I nailed to the ground unable to move. Because I was afraid I went over, he would see my face a mess of tears. I do not want him to see me cry, because after growing up, I never cried in front of him. Land of Ang, my mother will go to heaven. You have to believe me. In 1996, Fu small division Land of Ang s mother s funeral that day, Land of Ang did not say a word, he looked at all slowly like a silent film, and the only thing he can know is that Fu Si stood beside him is silent. Before he always do not understand why the small Secretary, then it can be less, and under the leadership of the security walked toward the release booth. The beginning of the summer and the land of Ang also met in the back. However, when everyone in the exhibition area, everyone instantly like a lightning hit as the loss of the language. Next to the huge inkjet poster behind Fu s booth, is another poster and banner that read The Fate of Feng Xiaoyi s latest masterpiece, the sad fate. Li Xia in the moment a little helpless, turned to the small Secretary said, how could this I do not know how it will be said later anxious to cry. Fu Xiaosi grasped the beginning of the summer hand squeezed hard, bowed his head and whispered to say, do not panic, it does not matter, it does not matter, I will deal with. Met with the beginning of summer to the first row to sit down, behind the long waiting in the journalists. hair straightening brush electric pro Lu Zhi an and Fu also sit on the stage to sit down. Fu small Division in front of a few bottles of champagne, next to the pyramid shaped glass hair straightening brush electric pro into the base. Fu small division in the seated when looked toward the side, this is the first time he saw Feng Xiaoyi this hair straightening brush electric pro person. Small eyes from the back of the glasses to send a small light to the closed lips, there are sharp jaw. Fu looked at the small division after a polite smile, and then turned his head and then did not go there to see the past. Mr. Fu Si Si, what is the main content of this new work Because.

t, hair straightening brush electric pro has been endured crying, despite knowing that she wanted to leave Asakawa give up giving up giving up friends now have all the time, the beginning of summer to cry crying, but when respectively in front of the beginning of summer is the slightest Are afraid to make a sound. Because on the way to the train station, met on the summer to say, she said you must not cry, or I will be very sad to leave, the days will be more to miss you, and you. So, if you want me sad, then, to cry hair straightening brush electric pro to Miss Miss Li Xia. Fu small division and Lu Zhi Ang two boys put her baggage on the train to the luggage rack, and then buy fruit and snacks and so on the beginning of the summer sleeper, and then told her how to how to encounter what the situation to what How, land of Ang well, before the love speech, but Fu small Division is not adapted to account for too many things, told things too much, worry about too many things, so too much to talk about if they feel that moment Become a mother level women, so while that side of the strange feeling, and then the more blush, but do not say no, so can only bite the bullet and continue to account for one by one down. Met the two boys looked busy when the heart particularly sad, she thought, why do these things is not Qingtian it. At this time of Qingtian, and what to do Is the tuning before the busy performance Or the milk poured into the cat bowl to feed Black straightening hair brush kmart Or standing on the, and then wow to cry out, in the hands of the glass marbles scattered. At the age of hair straightening brush electric pro thirteen, he was admitted to a junior high school in Asakawa. He tried his life in the test, and the results just grazed the admission line. He began to learn to follow their own painting, although hair straightener brush india still not in the class when the copy notes, but will take their notes back to school after school seriously re order again, participated in the sports team, entered the school hair straightening brush electric pro jump team. Began to have a lot of girls crush him, he also can not afford kindergarten to cultivate straightening hair brush target the habit of like girls. At hair straightening brush on curly hair the age of sixteen, and he joined the Asakawa a high school, academic achievement and art professional achievement and their own par. Sophomore chose science, and his contrary, from the beginning to become the first school science. High school graduation choose to study in Japan. Looking out the window, although the tears blurred the line of sight, you can still see, once again the summer vacation, the whole world out of the green. It is endless camphor, in every corner of the city point. However, two people have to see camphor into a person, that person is gone, the rest of the people are still watching. The summer of nineteen. The quiet period of the painting. In the hands of the Central Academy of Fine Arts admission notice glowing golden luster, those dim yellow sunset luster from the hands of the bronzing fonts.s, scattered in every inch of every inch of love, and then absorb the young nutrients grow into a lush trees, white paper cast a huge shadow. But, the tone of the sudden change, the glass on the face of glowing soft, slightly moving, is the flying look, I never discouraged it, one day, I will make their own design of the building In the most eye catching place in Beijing, I will design a landmark building, so that every passing person, have looked up praise, they will say, look, ah, the architect of the bridge section, he really is a It s a great man What, in an instant from the damp dark inner ground. Qingtian, one day, you will see my CD CD stand in the sales champion position. The time has come, met to remove the coat from the wall, eyes slightly tingling, she interpreted this as too much light, but she knew that do not go, then those who shed tears is not too strong to explain the light in the past , I get off work, you refuel it, the great architect. Every day to class ah, paragraph bridge back, smiling eyes closed, every day to teach those children are not hair straightener brush demo tired Said he is a piano teacher. Very powerful, so young will be able to teach other children, handsome face, like the most thorough of the water, I was born with no artistic cells, what musical instruments will not. Also said that they are cheating paragraph bridge Of students, part time teaching piano and do convenience store staff. No.

Hair Straightening Brush Electric Pro met the slightly reddening face. Do not bully a new man. Hey, little brother, I take this big brother for a while Oh, narrowed his eyes smile, like a rare winter sun as warm, can you Ah The boy touched the head, a little embarrassed, No problem no problem, here are me. Thank you, little brother, the bridge turned to knock on the boy s head, and took the coat from the hair straightening brush electric pro wall, I ll be right back. Until two people opened the door and went out, the back disappeared in the corner of the street, the boys are still staring at the glass door in a daze, really beautiful people, paragraph bridge seniors are a talent, two people should be in love, right Has been slowly approaching the end of the year. The streets began to be a lot more red lanterns. Beijing compared to Shanghai, Shenzhen, such a modern city, or look very old. In this ancient, but also revealed a slight warmth to the taste. Perhaps the mood is better. See what will see the beautiful side. Just as now, just quietly and section of the bridge back against the head to sit on the street benches, but also feel the world seems extremely happy and serene. Met hair straightening brush royale to see the rush of pedestrians looking at their snow days not to stay at home and ran to the roadside cold. Sitting for a while hat clothes on the snow, two people look like a hair straightening brush bestope snowman sitting by the roadside. I ll be playing tomorrow. Ah, I know, said Duan Qiao, pulling the hand he.not do it, paragraph bridge smiled, the eyes are warm as gentle, Although you want Cheng Seqi signature, but then, if I choose to listen to who sings, I will choose that song hair straightening brush electric pro Newspaper correspondent. Do not you read architecture In addition to learn to cheat girls also learn what Mocking tone, the heart is like a chaos in the monsoon reed. Is also a careful person, their little frustration can hear it. But also learned to encourage others in frustration when others, and to distinguish when the girls really hate you, and when it is only hair straightening brush electric pro foolish but deeply grateful to the heart of you. Duanqiao finished turned to continue to move the beer box, mouth muttering. Then come back met to reveal a do not have to thank me, the proud expression. Met to give him a supercilious. Bowed his head when he was slightly flushed. That hair straightening brush electric pro a short thank you did not export, but in the heart repeatedly read, like the echo from the valley. End of the beginning of the summer phone, met only to find, from their first to see Li Xia to the present, has been the past six years. The 16 year old himself, now has twenty two years old. Even in front of the section of the bridge, but also know four years. He has just entered the city from a feather boy into a speech with a Beijing accent young man. The boys who had also worried about the exam has taken three architectural design awards now helicopter architectural design master s degr.