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Hair Straightening Brush Gloves d of the metaphor gradually fade the appearance, all the sound back very far, slow and rapid passage of time, the sunset heavy fall, like the next day will never rise to look like, but Everyone knows and believes that it will rise the next day. The crowds rushed back to their homes. The city lights up. All the narrative from hair straightening brush gloves the met that a quietly, Li Xia, you want to hear a story Start. The beginning of the summer like a long and dark into the corridor, when the meeting finished, the beginning of the summer like a sudden piercing the hair straightening brush gloves ground like a big mouth breathing a little air. Chest like a huge dark suppression, breathing hair straightening brush gloves sad. Li Xia, you have told me that you are not around my father now. However, I have not even straightening hair brush price in pakistan my father and mother have seen it. Grew up with grandmother, grew up in a country called white crossing the country. Have you heard of Bai Du It is near to Asakawa. My mother gave birth to me in the absence of marriage, you know, in that era, it is an unforgivable sin it My grandmother has been called my mother to knock down the child, but my mother has refused, and hair straightening brush on weave later my grandmother gave birth to a lot of gas, or even hold my mother s head to the wall hit, but my mother in addition to tears Nothing said. Even no sound, like a childhood will not speak dumb. Li Xia, you heard a word Mody, that sentence is, dumb said, love each other. I think my mother is like that. Even no.s, but can not find the refutation, then can only continue to listen to songs. Down the side of the section of the bridge has been very tense, the back are stretched very straight, like the same class of primary school students. The beginning of the summer overlooking the body to comfort him, said hello, do not be nervous ah, our hair straightening brush gloves company is good RBI, and you see, sing now, the song is over, even a yellow light, Now, about to sing the last sentence, and ready to applaud it, welcome to our rising music Words to half, hard to break in the beginning of summer s mouth, like a sudden broken chopsticks, issued a crisp sound. At the same time there is still a stop to meet the song, like a sudden being caught in the throat, all the gorgeous color in an instant disappear, the song is like a sponge absorption clean, quiet moments in the air to the extreme, only music accompaniment , And a sharp electronic clamor. At that moment, the VIP seats on the Li Xia, Duan Qiao, Lu of Ang, Fu small Division, and even sat in hair straightening brush gloves the judges on the seventy seven hair straightening brush nasv seats, all of a sudden stood up, all Zhang Dakou I can not believe. The air is a tense atmosphere, like a transparent body of material in the silent expansion. Everyone looked at the stage stunned met, looked at her face surprised expression, and tears in the eyes. And her dazzling red light before and after that. Seventy seven looked around the judges, everyo.

ng of summer ears humming, and even do not hear the side of the small division in what Fu shouted, and his eyes in the just wishing when Fu did not see the Secretary doing, so Do not know he has not made a wish. Snow continued to fall, a very short period of time inside, Fu brush straightener walmart Si and Lu Zhi Ang s hair is full of snow. The three of them sat on the bench in the square, the crowd around the endless stream. Fu small division turned to ask the beginning of the summer bell has just sounded when there is no wish. ah, a lot of it, like what the college entrance examination smooth ah, parents healthy ah, all the stray hair straightening brush gloves cats are not stray dogs are sick, ah, my hair more and more long ah, etc., etc., or even very good To help you make a more clear eyes do not always desire cataract you cataract Lu Zhi an interludes, saying a dozen sentences, no brain after the summer, said, you want to speak out on the inept friends you idiot Li Xia suddenly realized that Oh, but it was too late, so stunned do not know what to say. Fu small department suddenly laughed, and then patted the beginning of summer s head. Li turned his head to see Fu small smile, and then thought to myself, this smile really did not see it for a long time. And then after a while to realize just Fu small Division shot his head seems a bit too close to the action of the bar. So the face was slightly red up. Land of Ang all look in th.felt any bad, the world is fair, in exchange for the results of the beginning of the summer cultural hair straightening brush japan achievements test the county first, so smoothly to Asakawa one. And in the first two months of the four major exams which are in the top ten inside the school. Li Xia said to myself, well, this is not easy. When hair straightening brush gloves asked to eat seven or seven of the beginning of summer, Li Xia said that a good learning is busy a little tired. Q7 What are the new friends Li Xia shook his head. The sound hair straightening brush gloves of the fan whirring more and more loud in the head, Li Xia feel that the temperature is still very hot, it should be considered a fall in October, hair straightening brush gloves it appears that both male and female autumn tiger is very powerful. Seventy seven stared, she said, I thought you have not come to me is that a lot of new knowledge of the class need to take care of friends so empty. Li Xia Pa two meals, and said, how can I so much you, and my class are reading machines, you and they speak you will smell the mouth of the taste of chemical formula. Ah, then the terror ah, everyone is like this Well, of course oh no, there should be two people is not it. Yep Seventy seven to the interest, who is it hair straightener brush heatons Do not say that they forget. You do seventy seven, the ceramic hair straightener brush new class happy happy. There are some people in our class. All day, the roof of the classroom had to be knocked out. Is it Li Xia s voice, some envy. Well, I tell you something hair straightening brush gloves fun ah., a flash has been four years later. He did not find, but also has always felt that the land of Ang s departure seems to be six months ago, his voice and looks in the memory, as in the past as profound. May be because each other has been writing contact, and from small to large so many years of training feelings, so even if the four years, compared with the previous get hair straightener brush bed bath and beyond along, it is only a short period of time. Perhaps for others, four years enough to change everything, but for their own and the land of Ang is concerned, is only a separate travel. Each looked at some of the different scenery, each spent a short life. And those engraved in the memories of camphor, always like the most clear picture. Close his eyes, he stood in front of the school under the camphor carrying bags waiting for their own school. He will be at dusk with their own bike from the carport to come out and then go home. He will and their own through half a city just to eat a bowl of roadside beef noodles. He would still be pulling Zeus to the streets and casually wander. From the high school to wear XL uniforms, he will still make fun of himself shorter than himself. Still fighting and their fight to the dust covered smile. Will still be in the pool flapping water, silently swimming one by one back and forth. So he has never been far away from the fact. He s been here all the time. Looking around, the horizon is a green place.

Hair Straightening Brush Gloves eir own death that day. This feeling from the birth of the day, is doomed to die. Everything is Fu small division that a light almost inaudible words change. Light too near to hear. Close to. But five thunder heard loudly. It was the end of the summer in the freshman, in the sketch based classroom, watching the teacher goes on the sluggish face, listening to his talk about those things that have long been familiar in high school, summer suddenly lost interest in school, watching Outside the whining cicadas and white sky, that the world is really a circle around to turn very boring. Very boring ah Standing outside the barbed wire watching the small division of the practice of high jump Li Xia lying on the barbed hair straightening brush gloves wire roared. What nerves, small Division dripping sweat ran over, how not to dormitory ah White short sleeved T shirt, long been sweat wet, neck hanging white towel, is the dripping look. The strong smell of the boys, but very strange with a slight mint flavor. Smelly dead Yeah, you. He ran over the news, was the neck of the towel and smoked his head, and then was a small division of the small Fu Fu a familiar look, hair straightening brush gloves blame Still like to take the eyes of those who do not focus stare people. From high school to hair straightening brush gloves change the tricks, no creativity. Li Xia had to ridicule him to change the cataract of his illnesses, so after the affectionate section of the confession to the girls when the response.ling of an eye. After a lot of snow in the next, Beijing has become a silver dress. It is time to pass the New Year. The streets are often set firecrackers to children, the ground is crumbling pieces of pungent sulfur taste. A little girl in a red scarf towing her mother s hand from the pedestrian bridge over the past, passing a beggar when she readily put the hand of a dime coin thrown into the bowl in front of beggars. Mom, just that beggar s eyes look good, big and bright, hair straightening brush 220v like the movie star s eyes. Children do not nonsense. The beggar has something to look at. Dad is the best look. Beggars put away in front of a basin, slowly down the bridge. Sitting on the ground when not see, stand up, only to find him so bright. Plug the figure, deep facial features. Young was a bit out of line. When walking down the footbridge extra pain. Especially in the winter. From the beginning, because it has been sleeping under the bridge hole, roadside, sewer. Knees began to become more sensitive. Slightly cold weather or rain and snow, bones will Yin and pain. Has been six months, and walked through the street that delicate shop, the glass window is a bearded, a shabby clothes, long hair straightening with a brush to wrap around the hair, the above has long been full of greasy. Clothes on the greasy more, a thick layer. However, then the thick greasy, can not resist the cold winter. In the street where the other wanderers learn a lot of ability.