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Hair Straightening Brush best hair straightening brush on the market Hairhouse Warehouse d like a dumplings, and then the edge of the two of them placed a rubbish basket, and then wipe the nose of a large group of paper to the inside throw. From the beginning of summer to hear from time to time behind the class came the sigh, because the nose is not smooth so with a buzzing sound. The class teacher is very nervous, and even take the initiative to leave them home to rest two. It seems that students and students is not the same as it, some other students occasionally ask about false is immune, and these two people cold about scared teacher to take the initiative to put them big holiday. Fortunately, a few days two people like a cold, the boy s body is always a little health. So early summer put a little snack. After the start from the bedroom in a small packet of moms sent dessert to the classroom, and then land of Ang very happy to eat for three days. Labor Day, the school put a day off as usual. This is a rare one in Asakawa. Because as more and more tight homework, time becomes more apalus brush hair straightener instructions and more not enough. So the beginning of summer in considering a long time after the decision to stay in school or read better. Fu Xiaosi and Lu Zhi Ang is definitely going home, seven seven called home to drive to pick up, she called Li Xia to go back together, Li Xia shook his head, though Li Xia Man to go back and see her mother. Fortunately, met to stay in school, which makes Li Xia feel particularly.eral of them are also familiar with the small division, because he was in Asakawa a junior high school when he was expelled from the problem of students. The hook on the shoulder of the hook people called Wu Yue, before the school when all the people almost hate him. you these days with this people with it Originally wanted to say this kind of bully , but Fu small division or to maintain a number of rational. Because during this time, he did not want to Ang on Ang angry. Lu of the Ang did not speak, just head down on the roadside railings, holding the bottle about what unconsciously knocked on the bar Pole, his hair hanging in front, also do not see what expression. Daoyi Wu Yue came a lift on the hand grabbed the 2 in 1 hair brush straightener small Fu s chin, you speak to me clearly, what kind of person, what kind of person I know you are Fu small division, Fu small Division great ah Fu small Division has not reflected how come to hear the bone bones issued by the boring sound, and then a hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse back flash came in front of their own, land of Ang punch punching in the face of Wu Yue, Wu Yue pain in wow When the barking of the land of Ang to the beer bottle toward the railing on a knock, and then holding the sharp fragmentation of the bottle hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse toward those who hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse because of the surprise and Zhang Da mouth Na crisp belly bear leaning that Tilia slow Mang , Wooden convex base P Lu Zhigang looked at Fu small Secretary quietly in the r.

ecide everything Out of the window is a dark. But the sky is still a lot of stars. Asakawa s air is better than I imagined, raised hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse his head to see the most blue days away. Those shining lights reminded me of the eyes of two boys behind the classroom seats. There is no denying that they really look good, hey, recognized, considered me luck it. In fact, sometimes I think I should be like to do the same as the seventy seven the same person, enjoy the laughter enjoy the tears, even in the eyes of others is an idiot like life, but always better than one day in their snail shell And fantasy country wasted time. The color of youth should femjolie hair straightener brush have been strong over the Van Gogh sunflower, but why do I always black and white photos Today event, I think the two boys sitting behind me will be the beginning of my high school nightmare. 555555 God you re sorry for me. Beginning of the summer holding a stack of papers through the sun shining under the camphor always think, my high school life so began After thinking many times at the end of the question mark becomes a full stop. Every morning I see two boys. In the first day of school on the first day of self introduction to remember the hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse names of two of them, one is because their name is very special, a small division called Fu, rather than what he heard the wrong hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse small four. Li Xia gradually feel that two people really genius, because a lot of the beginning of the.h you, I m sorry. Riding back to school on the hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse road, Li mind has always been a variety of problems, the old problem has not disappeared, the new issue to re occupy the mind, and made himself like a neuropathy the same. Beijing where What Beijing Met Beijing to do Never talked about it. What is a trip to hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse Beijing Or to live How long will it take when to go And all the problems suspended in the evening air, those in the evening air like film like particles in the film along the breath into the body, the beginning of summer feeling the body covered with fluffy thorns, full of irritability and restless emotions. The car parked in the carport, the beginning of the summer in the morning when the run in text floor just met the get out of class of Lu s Ang, he saw the beginning of summer and then told her what happened in the afternoon. At first a very small contradiction, the class teacher because she met the class to sleep and let her stand in the back of the classroom. And later evolved as if the radiation on the radiation produced a strange variant, so in hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse the encounter with the teacher s dialogue, all the students are stunned. Why are you sleeping again I m sorry, a little sleepy. A little sleepy What is this, soon to college entrance examination, and you do not go to college how to do not how to do, there should always be a way out, they will not dead. What attitude do you Since that will not be dead.the wall thrown past. Lu Ang and Fu small division at the same time stunned, and then at the same time to bend down to laugh, two people on the wall crumbling. Li Xia in the following a bit anxious, and said, you two sick ah, quickly pull me up. The two boys laughed while the side of the summer to pull up, stand the beginning of summer to the wall on the outside looked out to cry. Outside is a reservoir, three bags of people lying side by side in the pond. And then come back to see the small Fu and Lu of Ang smile sitting on the wall stand up. Lu Zhi wang wiped his tears that die to die stomach pain. Out of the gate all over the hair straightening brush on men snow, from the mountain difficult to around the front door to spend almost half an hour. The shoes are almost all wet, the hands still carrying a wet bag. Land of Ang ready to call home to find a car to pick up, the beginning of summer listening to some of my heart to say but did not speak good export. Li Xia himself and their world, after all, is different, one would like to go where only a small master of the phone, but he was just carrying a school bag to go to school to study the ordinary students. Thought here a bit depressed. Fu small Division silent for a while, then raised his head and pulled the land of Ang, he said, well, go over it, not how far the road. Lu of the Ang said, too, that go. Lixia raised his head, just met a small smile face Fu small. He put the clo.

Hair Straightening Brush Hairhouse Warehouse w, Fu small mouth to breathe, small department, said, you are crazy. Lu Zhiyang bent over his knees with both hands, because breathing is too rapid and speechless, so can only hand directed at Fu small finger to refer to. Such as a hair straightening brush steam good rest only to reflect over boarding students are to self study on the evening, so you look at me two people I see you, his face dead as white. Fu small Division said, I especially want to fight with you. Lu of Ang spread out his hands and feet toward the ground to sit, a casual you broke the jar I broke the posture. The night began to thicken, Fu small Secretary sitting in the apartment door on the chair. He took out his headphones from the bag and began hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse to listen to songs. Halfway through the land of Ang away, and so hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse back when the hair straightener brush from asavea hands have been holding hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse two cans of milk had been heated. He said to the small Secretary, I went to the supermarket to buy, first drink it, and so on to be hungry. I called your home and my home, and I told them today to school activities to be late, do not go home for dinner. hair straightening brush hairhouse warehouse Fu small Secretary looked up at the front of the hair mess, in fact, some moved, originally wanted to say thank you, but not very nerve to export, so take advantage of drinking milk when the throat vaguely hum hum Thank you, the two syllables. Lu Zhi Ang immediately laughed a very flat look like that, ha ha, I know you are certainly very touched my heart now have su.isely because ordinary, so increasingly emitting a beautiful and warm touch, embedded in the ring of life, lap around the whitewashed Love Love. One day is three hours. Ten days is thirty hours. One hundred days is ceramic hair straightener brush three hundred hours. Primary school students will be the algorithm. Does not require university knowledge. No calculus is required. Time is cut into small pieces of a short section of the fault, in the plane of life gradually accumulated. In these three hours one after another, the topic appears my hometown in Fujian, a place called Yongning, a very small place, you have not heard of. hair straightener brush asa vea But I tell you Oh, where the sea is extraordinarily magnificent all year round, blue eyes are not open to people. You even compose Monster ah femjolie hair straightener brush uk tomorrow school to test, dead this time. Today the school to eat when you see a girl like you, but because to rush to the convenience store, so can only leave the canteen hastily, and did not have time to see more glances, hey. Why do you say the rabbit will lose to the turtle every race it What about the tortoise It stands to reason that should not be boring. naive. This is the view of the section bridge. miss. Sad. This is the Qingtian memories. Met to see section bridge sometimes think of Qingtian, in fact, is completely different from the two people. One is a silent roll of musicians, one is just entering the freshman holding a scholarship of the.