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Hair Straightening Brush Iron your song from the high one year that moment, is your fans, and this life, because you are doing your fans, and deeply proud. 2002, the beginning of summer Who s on the phone In a box of beer section of the bridge from the back of the shelves stuck his head to ask. Well, a friend told me to attend an awards ceremony. Award ceremony what with what ah Ah, Fu small division you know He presented the award to Cheng Seqi. These two people happened to be my high school classmates. what knew. Duanqiao from the back of the shelves around, pat on the gray, pensive look, said, Heaven that is still painter Ok. Met head down inventory of the accounts, did not come up with this topic to talk more. Seventy seven students are ah Really great really want her signature ah. What is hair straightener with a brush slowly changing in the heart, in just that sentence, a slight fermentation, produce some strange things. The hands of the pen irregularly on the white paper on the chaos, my heart chaos into one, mouth but quietly said, ah Well, I go to help you, she is my high school classmates, although different classes, but should not problem. Natural tone. No expression of the face. Do not see flaws. But the section hair straightening brush iron of the bridge is aware of a short passing hair straightener brush on 4c hair to meet the eyes of the hair straightening brush iron weak light passing frustration. He went over and leaned over, facing the prison face, met surprised, coldly, what made the nerve ah What are you doing Do.oor, the door opened the Aung On Aoao cried and rushed into the side of the red side, said aunt ah, ah cold outside. Fu small sideways into the division, so the beginning of the summer to see Fu s mother. Was going to open called aunt, not enough time to export, the results of the small Secretary Fu s mother opened the first down the mouth, she said, you are a small division of the students it, come in, cold outside it. Li Xia Fu s mother looked at the beginning of summer smile suddenly felt relaxed, just also tighten the muscles of the body. Go in front of him to see his hair straightening brush iron wood with a face, Li Xia look down into his eyes, so to see the living room in the Li hair straightening brush iron Yan Ran sitting on the sofa and sipping Coffee, she also looked over here, the moment the beginning of summer to be out of embarrassment to retire, the results just hit the body of Fu small division. Why not go Fu small squeeze over, and then see Li sweet, his eyebrows also wrinkled, whispered to ask the sound, how did you not class Eat when the atmosphere a little embarrassed. Several people are buried eating, did not say anything. Fu small Division is never used to eat when the speech is not hair straightening brush iron how, but the land of the Ngong Ping then talk to a person today has been head down to eat. Li Xia is even more embarrassing, even the dishes are not more than folders. Li Yan Ran suddenly said to Fu, you skip class today is to see the exhibition, right Fu.

eginning of summer yesterday to live in a name of their relatives can not tell the family, the day before yesterday has moved to school supplies. This is the beginning of the summer for the first time live in school, in the early summer before graduating from junior high school students have been attending. Living on campus has a number of longing. And Li Xia also unwilling to live in a stranger home. Mom asked her when she was willing to live in school or relatives at home, the beginning of summer decisively kissed her mother and then said I live in school. The sun slanting into the windows, it should be out of the camphor. Li opened his eyes to think. Close your eyes to the mother s face. Li Xia feel that he did not seem to have been so attached to the home before, but once left, the body all the same as an appointment with the throbbing together. Muscular blood vessels and nerves all small and weak beating. Seventy seven from the room to the county to the Asakawa test, seven or seven childhood and grew up together, read the same primary school with a junior high school, graduated smoothly into the same school. But seven seven of the parents came from the room to send seven or seven to go to school, her parents drove a car to seventy seven asked whether to go to school with the beginning of summer, Li Xia said no. Li Xia would like to own after all, not a delicate person. Driving a car to school.loor of the corner, the beginning of summer suddenly felt silhouette in front, but it is impossible to stop. So hit the go. Soft T shirt a little bit cool, and then forward to touch the temperature of the skin. Li Xia s face hit the back spine, sensing the protruding sides of the shoulder blade. The taste of cotton and mixed with perfume and sweat, but there is no strong sense of smell as grass. Panic in the hands of things bang clatter all fall, steady body subconsciously hold the next person s waist, and so reflect the immediate retraction of the hand, straightening hair brush ebay but the temperature is burned in the hand, a shrink back center of gravity instability, So heavily fell off. In fact, one or two seconds, but the beginning of the summer even remember every detail, the beginning of hair straightening brush iron summer or sitting on the ground, raised his head appeared in front of the black eyebrows, eyes, nose turned out to be seen in the bus window That face. That face without any expression, in addition to slightly frowned. Lixia to see their lunch boxes of greasy infected with his T shirt hem, and then raise the eyes and then see the classic LOGO LOGO pattern, the beginning of the summer down the air sucked his heart said the sentence to death. Lixia hurriedly stood up, a very sorry in the mouth hair straightening brush iron into a hesitant I I Finally the sound low to find no trace, only the heart clear as to come out from the throat. That there. Li Yan Ran hurriedly thrown off the hands of the beginning of summer, eyes with disgust, but still well maintained polite. But this courtesy disappeared completely in the following. Because of her a walk away, but also because of the beginning of the embarrassment of the summer loss at a loss, so the hands of the beginning of the summer lunch boxes suddenly turned down from the hand, inside the juice spilled Li Yan ran that piece of white coat. Li Yan Ran is not high not low scream for the surrounding students have seen over, which makes the beginning of summer immediately shame. The beginning of the summer of a rise to see Li Yan Ran behind the small division of Fu and Lu Ang s face, Fu small Secretary goes face expressionless face to Li Xia feel less confused, and then Li Xia heart suddenly felt no reason to relax the whole person. She would like to Fortunately, a small division came. Some feel once inadvertently come and go in a corner of the world. For example, are worried about the whereabouts of the kite, suddenly came to the array just warm spring breeze. For example, just in fear of cloudy day, suddenly saw the sun shines. For example, has been worried about the chemical test, the last three big questions just stay up late the night before the dark eyes all read. For example, hair straightening brush as seen on tv when I was afraid, and you just passed me. Such as fear of Phoenix flowers litter, and suddenly hair straightening brush iron the sum.

Hair Straightening Brush Iron it should be a park. Those green stretches on the horizon, rendering a quiet color. Is already a summer. Hometown of Phoenix, it should be out of the season s brilliant bar. Fu small think of these, squint laugh. The phone sounded abruptly at this time. Li Xia in the beginning of summer when the phone is, but this time the beginning of summer is not. Fu small division to pick up the phone to hear a strange voice. That asked, Mr. Fu Xiaosi in it In the ah, I was. I am a reporter for Fengyun Daily. Have brush straightener black hair you ever seen a collection called Spring Flowers Autumn Ah, ah, a year ago I read the front part of the Internet. How do you feel Well, I feel good, and I ve tried that style, too. Relative to you, Chunhuaqiuyu author should be much smaller than your fame, almost no one knows her. Well, it seems to be oh. Does the person you paint will imitate someone else s style of painting in your creation Well, it should be, as we began to learn art from time to time will copy a lot of teacher painting it, and then to really mature to form their own style, and has been to continue to learn new things, to enrich Their ah. Then you know the spring flowers autumn author do not know. No contact with it. Do you want to contact her Can ah. Ok, thank you. You re welcome. All the problems are pitfalls. All the problems are hidden in the default skills. All the dialogue is a disaster. Small Division like a tree in the hi.n she and Fu Xiaosi draw from the drawing board to stand on the stage to face the audience curtain call, the beginning of summer was hair straightening brush on relaxed hair excited to hair straightening brush iron cry. The following sounded hair straightening brush iron a warm applause, the beginning of summer to see the class teacher standing in the crowd happy smile. She turned around to say thank you to the small Secretary Fu, but his eyes fell on the Fu small Secretary of the painting no longer come back. The hair straightening brush as seen on tv review first second smile solidified in the face. Wild grass spread over the barren hillsides. The second second smile for the arc. Sadness covered the hair straightening brush sold on groupon brush straightener review singapore face, the tide rushing to surging. The third kind of tears, such as the tide flood burst on the whole face. Summer, such as floods swept away from best hair brush straightener australia the memory. The fourth seconds of the beginning of the summer know that they cried. The beginning of the summer like to hear the head suddenly flew hair straightening brush iron the voice of countless birds, the snow mixed with the Yang Hua have to fall to the ground. Li Xia and then looked up to see hair straightening brush iron the small Secretary Fu eyes clear, as the North Star moment to the hair straightening brush iron beginning of summer lost. Fu small division of the bottom right corner of the painting appeared in the beginning of summer saw numerous signatures. Priest. 3.1997 Summer Solstice Meet the Swallowtail Butterfly If you can not meet ten years ago. Whether it will never be met. In the fog hustle and bustle of the city every corner of the years. Phragmites communis gradual.