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Hair Straightening Brush Loreal remember the most profound is met in a brush straightener short hair letter in the second paragraph of the content Li Xia, I often think, at that time I chose to leave the Asakawa, left Qingtian, in the end is right or wrong. Think of later will feel deep fear. The future is too long, too far away, I forced open your eyes still can not see clearly. A lot of time I have to think back to Asakawa forget, at least that place and I am familiar with the streets, camphor covered campus, there is always gentle and always kind of Qingtian you. But how can you go back to it, graduating from high school you will leave Asakawa, to another city. You will brush straightener hair have their own dazzling life, there will be more bright future. And I do not want their life to be so flat to continue, vulgar to marry and have children, and then day by day to aging. If life is really the case, then I would rather die in my best youth. I have not read many of the books you have read, but I remember I used to like a poet who wrote the chase date of the Kuafu, he wrote, since the catch up, hit. This is my favorite word. Filled with the destruction of the same sense. Maybe you have to say I am the extreme of it. But I would rather his life is short and dazzling fireworks, do not want to be hair straightening brush loreal endless humble dimly lit lamp. So every time I think of this, I will re filled hair straightening brush loreal with courage. So we have to refuel, when the wind and snow, but also clenched teeth. Graduation in the third.getation and then withered, this feeling should be very lonely, right Lixia looked back to meet, her feet next to the ground with one or two drops of water look, hair straightening brush loreal Li Xia would like to meet always this way, even the cry did not sound. Meet is such a person, strong and stubborn to live in the world, even if all the people in the world have used the lonely, lonely words, met is not used. So can only pretend to miss their own mother, to say this feeling should be very lonely. but then no audio. Later my mother was pregnant with me, belly day by day. So told my grandmother Li Xia, in fact, now I also think my mother was determined to put me down, how much courage need it But it seems that before giving birth to me, my mother spent all the courage out of it, so just after I was born not long after she left is really gone, dead. My mother gave me a name to meet, but because I do not know what my father s name, so I have no name. I think my mother must hair straightening brush loreal feel that to meet my father, is the greatest happiness of the bar. So I will take this name, called meet. But the grandfather died early, and then left me and my grandmother. Grandmother has been blaming the mother, and this blame because the mother s death and naturally to me. Because there is no reason for parents since childhood, hair straightener brush best there is no friend in school a person to go to school, a person to eat, a person home

ccasionally looked, or directly ignored. At hair straightening brush ratings that moment, met and feel like never seem to be integrated with one here, and those young girls face, is the owner here, himself, like a passer by many years ago. At that moment, desolate mood slowly spread out from the bottom of my heart, like the chemical experiments done before on diffusion, drop of ink into the colorless pure water, and then slowly, slowly, a glass of water stained Into black. Li Xia, you certainly do not think, hair straightening brush loreal you think I am still far hair straightening brush loreal away in Beijing, we have a distance across the gate. I think a lot of words to tell you, I even imagine a thousand kinds of reunion when we are the scene, you will be holding me as before, like a baby like to start crying, or will be best hair straightening brush iron happy to laugh. stand up However, when I really stood here, my heart was the first time with fear. I m even ashamed to leave and come back. I do not want you to see a failure like that. I did not even face your courage, had insisted to leave the Asakawa met, and now so depressed to come back, this is not a joke it And I was the big painted face make fun of the clown. I do not like this. I looked at this camphor was tightly built campus, think it is your world, clean and pure student times, imprinted with camphor and the Phoenix flower of the era, and I have nothing to do, like we used to be far Lying on the lawn with the stars seen. I suddenly remembered what you said, apply for temporary accommodation for two hair straightening brush loreal people. Lixia turn off the room door, down on the bed. Looking at the ceiling in a daze. Thoughts or stay in the car to think of the fragments. Those university time, recalled even out than the high school age but also a long blurred halo. Like a farewell do not know how long remembered after the same time. While he is now only a senior, even though no longer go to school, after all, is the internship period, not graduated, still can bluntly say that he is a college student. But when he was still in college students began to recall their own college days. This is a bit too exaggerated it. Outside the room came a number of small and minor sound, listen carefully to distinguish the sound of air conditioning running, the sound of the computer fan, as well as the occasional sound of Fu Xiao Division cough. Because the work is too busy relationship, the small division and the beginning of the New Year period are not home. New Year s Eve, there are fireworks on the square show, two people ran out hair straightener brush good guys to read. On the way back to the cold shiver. But looked at the small Secretary smiled slightly narrowed his face, Li Xia also felt the world re become warm. Standing hair straightening brush loreal on the edge of the road has been hit the car, then had to take a long way to take the subway. The subway is full of people, like canned sardines crowded together. The beginning of summer hiding in the Fu.have thought the original sent to the Shanghai Academy of hair straightening brush for men Fine Arts painting the painting that the girl is now turned out to be a pop singer Indeed, in many cases, the fate of people have presented amazing track. In fact, even the seven seven do not know how they would somehow hair straightening brush loreal become a flush half the sky singer. That is, in college singing competition when a record company s agent has no intention to see, and then went to participate in a heart trial will not, then inexplicably been signed down, and after signing Of the year, it became the whole of China is now almost all men and women nominated young and old are aware of the process of seventy seven. Sometimes the beginning of summer and others talk about a friend will be very proud of their friends are all shiny people in China. But every time the beginning of Xia Xia Division and seven seven, the heart will suddenly passing a person s name. The name of the flashing black light, quietly attached to the atrial wall, with the heart beating, to bring a burst of weak pain. Meet. In the third hair straightening brush loreal hair straightening brush loreal year of the year inside, met only wrote two letters to the beginning of summer. The letter in the understatement of some of their own life in Beijing. Although deliberately avoided a difficult career and career is not smooth, the beginning of summer or can be seen between the lines between the life in Beijing and hair straightening brush loreal unhappy. And that the third year, in the beginni.

Hair Straightening Brush Loreal ee graduate students. That has a youthful astringent expression and action of the big boys, that will be close to the glass surprised to see the big boys out of the window hair straightener brush ceramic snow, that because the tortoise and the hare and confused the big boys, and now also has a ripe face with clear edges and corners. Once the thin body has now become strong, in the crowded bus, with a pair of arms can circle a quiet space to be easy to stay in their own, once the hairy chin is now a green piece, when kissing Will be slightly to some people. From the first time he said to himself, I love you time, has also been a full three years. Those who no longer remember the past, all up from the heart up, feeling subtle changes occur, like a sudden reversal of time, all reversed with the return to the original. Those long summer, those lush camphor, those who once thought never again think of things, at this moment and all pulled out from the memory. Like black and white film, anti out of a familiar and unfamiliar world. In the beginning of their summer high school graduation, met hair straightener brush vs flat iron quietly back to shallow river once. At that time, and brokers just fall out in the five star hotel, although the song things get stiff, life is particularly embarrassing, everything is not their own imagination. At the end of each month come up with a variety of bills, started counting this month a total of how much money. No matter how count, hair straightening brush steam the province s best secondary schools. absurd. The summer has always been the beginning of summer to consider the issue of Arts and Sciences Division, July 7 is the text of the need not ask, and Li Xia mind in addition to consider themselves more than the other two people. Apprehension, and even when thinking about this problem back and forth at home, just like the old man. And that day to call the small Division is to ask this thing, but the results have heard the land of Ang s mother thing. Li Xia clearly remember that when he heard that sentence when the microphone bang in the hands fell off the floor, and then take up has been disconnected, but no courage to call in the past. Lixia turned around and looked at the busy mother in the kitchen, the sunset hit her hair, slightly gray hair, back bow up some heart sour arc. Li Xia heart burst of unbearable sadness, eye socket in the blink of an eye on the red. The whole courtyard filled with people hair straightening brush loreal entering and exiting, the summer heat sinks down in the vicinity of the surface accumulation, making the entire courtyard exceptionally hot, filled with countless white wreaths. White chrysanthemums piled in a pile to every corner. Fu small division and parents to the time around have been packed with people, blank expression, or whispering. Occasionally more clearly heard a too poor, so small children, like the words, Fu small Division frowned sligh.