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Hair Straightening Brush Reviews room, Fu small division, the hair dripping dripping down, wearing a pair of flip flops, loose white T shirt hanging in the empty body, and occasionally posted on the body exposed skeleton shape. Fu small Division of the rise of the time to see the land of Ang stood in front of their own, but also just bathed, who was wet. He hair straightening brush reviews wood with a face, pointing to the small Secretary Fu said, come, we went out to play one. hair straightening brush reviews Fu small Division looked at the land of Ang, after three minutes after the laugh, the beginning is just a blanket of a brush straightener does this thing really work grin, then directly open mouth smile, two rows of white teeth. This makes the land of Aung Leng in place do not understand. Fu small Division threw him a towel and said, you wipe it, I go to get the car, the school gate waiting for you. Fu on the road hair straightening brush argos listening to the landing of a small division of the Ang stresses a lot of things beginning of summer. Lu is almost the beginning of the summer to tell him all told to the small division. Fu small Division found Luzhi Ang described these things when the deep and with some sad emotions. So he looked at land of Ang. Lu of Ang back to understand what the hair straightening brush on wavy hair small division would like to ask. So Lu Ang said, small Secretary you remember that I have a little cousin it, in fact, I feel the beginning of summer to me like a little cousin of my other small, has the same environment but has the same good character, so yesterday I saw You l.mer themselves are shocked. Fu small Division also panicked, sitting hair straightening brush ion on the bedside chair, whispered, all right, crying, blame the sentence, but it is gentle tone. Like cajole the crying child. And later the sunset and the breeze have become unimportant, and the boys out of the window with the basketball board to drop out of the sound is not important, and gradually go dark light is not important, the summer has passed off how much is not important, the University Of the campus is almost no camphor is not important, hair straightening brush on tv the shirt on the distribution of clean detergent taste is not important, hair straightening brush reviews hair straightening brush reviews breathing becomes long hair straightening brush reviews and wandering is not important. All in all, in that one Let me try , the disappearance of without a trace. Fu small division later simply sat down on the ground, back against the bed, head back lying on the hands of the beginning of summer. Reach for. Hey Ok Do my girlfriend, let me take care of you let me try. Listened to too many vowed, listened to too many romantic confession, listening to too many familiar promises, hear their own horror of the description of happiness, and all this is illusory, are no match for that seemingly cents No power of Let me try it. Simple sentences, smooth tone, the only flaw is the end of trembling bifurcation in the evening air. But it is after a long day of sun exposure, after a heavy snow swept, before the vocal cords issued the final one carefully, Le.

irth to the forest ring arrows, once dark gray clothes crescent white light, once you are handsome young silence you kind of years after hair straightening brush reviews you return to the 17 year old white, once Lonely I m no longer alone. The world is your happy playground, in addition to you, no one can call it closing. So the sky gorgeous, reed hang around, you have a look with a bright white hair and black hair on the road in the poor population appears, as many years ago that lost the summer solstice summer. Diary of the beginning of summer. January 17, 1998 Snow hair straightener brush or flat iron memories of those long summer What is summer like in memory Weak heat, the mixing of the evening there are those golden fall in the Fu small lashes on the sun s rays and land of Ang s smile. In the previous summer, his smile is like a call filled with the loud and clear voice, in the early morning and evening people feel warm. In this winter, the land of Ang s smile is still with a gentle line, but could not see his mouth open, even in the far place can be heard laughter. Now the land of Ang, a lot of time are quiet smile, his eyes will be narrowed, when he laughed, I think the spring is about to wake up. Now the land of Ang is not a year ago, the land of the Ang, and he became like a sensible big boys, wearing a black school uniforms to keep layers of short hair, eyebrows thick black, occasionally in the school celebration wearing hair straightening brush reviews a suit to make a speech Look more.not be used to describe the long. All the long, there will be the day of arrival, but no period, this is what kind of concept. But one day, I suddenly want to understand, you see, we from the high one, to the present, it seems only a blink of an eye, the decade has hair straightening brush for black women passed, and life, how many decades If I live to be sixty five years old, then I have four decades to live. The four decades, that is, four blink of an eye ah. Many times recalled you, my heart will still be so much bitterness. Grew up with you and grew up with you to study, and you have a dog. Small Division, you know, it is because of you, I will be so bad in the case of primary school results, admitted to Asakawa one, more and more outstanding. Because childhood habits of your life, so afraid of separation, so Wenshi hair straightener brush on tv martial arts want to follow you in the back, can not afford too far, you first, I will be the second. However, the fate or arrangements for us to separate. You know, I was in Japan that day, met a classmate of a boy. He called straight wood straight person. He spoke the way, tone, movement, demeanor, and you are like. So, every time I see him, will think of you, and then ran back to the dormitory sad to write to you. I m ridiculous. Sometimes think about yourself in this life, like for you to the world to look like a trip. This seems to be very nauseating, but, as others often make fun of me, I did not seriously pay a gi.ards, and then said, it should be here. And then took the summer into the summer. There are so many people on the road there are so many cars, they rushed toward their own direction in front of C Huoyue Si animal husbandry Stony poor Na Na said that more than Ouhai tired tired Tuo carry Shuo Mi Miao about dry Miao Meng The first stage of the reign of Valentine s hair straightener brush for thick curly hair Day was to be held at the end of the day. hair straightening brush reviews Feeding P Lixia sitting on the edge of the road, head down and looked at his instep. While the side of the met since just out of the back after sitting silent on the edge of the road, the beginning of the summer slightly turned to see met because of the force and white finger joints, and then nodded slightly to see the eyes met With some crushing tears, which immediately Li hair straightening brush reviews Xia panic hands and feet. Because I do not know why, so the beginning of summer can only be mechanically repeated called met, met called later became smaller and smaller with a tearful voice. Met rubbed his eyes, separated for a long time and then looked up and said, that piece of clothing 380, I only brought 300. I m sorry. Li did not understand why the summer would not be enough money because it would be so sad, but then understand. And understand, Li Xia feel like crying is their own. The narrative is slow and lengthy, but the beginning of summer simply forget the existence of time. The crowd on the street in the soun.

Hair Straightening Brush Reviews small Division, will certainly be lonely. Is it you know will be lonely Small Division you will hate me meeting. That a will the unexpected emergence of the word, that hair straightening brush reviews moment of Lu Ang see the very small Division Fu very sure face. He depressed to think that the small Division will eventually get angry. Even if their previous no matter how unruly, no matter how skipping is not motivated, fighting, or chaos and girls accosted, he was not angry, at most, I rolled his eyes or kindly said to me, you go to death. But now such a cold, separated by a touch of glass, so that the land of the Ang and a small division than the quarrel is also uncomfortable. Those who betray the oath and the agreement should be me It should be me. Well. Into the security check in front of the moment, Lu Ang back to see Fu small division, but only a hair straightening brush reviews small Secretary goodbye. At that moment, the land of Ang feel the world back to the dark, with cold quickly come, frost, glaciers, and the collapse of the unknown world. Good bye. Lu s Ang bright smile, such as instantaneous flash of the world s most genial sunshine, illuminating the dark world. Fu small Division at that moment, my heart turned out endless sorrow and grief, expression is still indifferent. When the plane took off, Fu small Division has been looking at the sky silver white body. He knew that sitting above his best friend from small to large, and the.nd of Ang a sweat to run over. Lu of Ang saw the beginning of summer smiled and greeted. Then asked to see the small Division of it Li Xia said, just go on you do not do it on duty How so soon over Lazy, right Li Xia finished a little regret, because they seem to have not and they are familiar to such an extent, so this joke is a bit embarrassing. Fortunately, land of Ang does not mind, called a ha ha and then come down to voice down, you do not tell me I invite you to drink cola. Li Xia smiled, and the land of Ang when the conversation is always very easy. hair straightening brush bearmoo And each time to see Fu small division of the tension does make the beginning of summer a bit puzzled. Lu Zhiyang head out of the balcony railing, Li Xia also as he slanted oblique body outside, and then see the stairs downstairs under the camphor Fu small Division crossed his bike mountain bike, single foot propped, the front half A body almost lying on the handle hair straightening brush reviews of the bicycle above, the sun from the thin shade of camphor day to play down in his white shirt, hair straightening brush reviews feeling like a picture. Lu of Aung Aoao whisper twice immediately after the red, because the late words will be the teacher scolded. He smiled again before going back and Li Xia said goodbye, and then also added a sentence, in fact, a small division to help me sweep half a classroom, or where so fast. And then this white shirt is also an instant disappear in the corner of the sta.