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Hair Straightening Brush Rotating One notes, land of Ang long braids of small hat Fu Xiaosi back to see a quiet side of the face , Holding a pen on the calculus paper to write about the plan, the rustle of those who want to hear the deep sleep in the rain, trance swing hair straightening brush rotating one in the window. What is this 2mol sulfuric acid reacts with it, but at this temperature they are not reactive, need catalyst and heat, and Hey, are you listening Li Xia was the last sentence of the small division interrupted, hastily recovered, and then see the Secretary Fu a vicious face and holding a pen to knock his head raised hand, finger joint clearly. Time slowly paced out of the window, so the days go by. Li Xia inexplicably think of such a word. This day seems to have been a long time, every afternoon after school, Fu small Division from the back row up to sit next to their own, spread out the notebook began to help the beginning of summer tutorial, Lu of Ang in the back seat to put together two chairs to sleep, Covering half of the angular face. Around the students continue to leave, the noise gradually getting smaller, sunset sunshine in the three people who slowly shine, the world is quiet, hair straightening brush rotating one only Fu small division of the pen friction in the paper out of the sound. The only sound in the world. There are several Li Yan Ran to the classroom to find Fu small division, should be told to go home with him, but every time the Secretary Fu is to go to the d.ning. After four o clock in the afternoon of the self study Fu and small department of the Ang are not present, they are directly carrying the drawing board to the studio or the mountains behind the school. Li Xia always looked at the two of them blatantly to leave early, leaving the land of Ang will smile to say hello to say goodbye to her. Which makes the beginning of summer often bite. But the gritty teeth, Fu small Division and the results of the land of Ang is indeed more than their own, however. But this is to make Li Xia feel very unfair place, what class painting to sleep people can take the first and second each exam and his class filled with a page and a page of notes people have to Strength to burst into the top ten The school gate is the bus terminal 16, 16 Road, another terminal in Asakawa city edge, there is an abandoned factory, now covered with weeds, hair straightening brush rotating one went to be submerged to see people, a Swaying the deep and shallow, in the wind and the wind ups and downs rendered in the water like confession. Pink and white fleece, sticky one. Fu small Secretary leaned over the handle on the car, the headset is noisy music. Inside a man has been humming a sentence like Theysaynothinglastforever like a dream blurred raving, but accompanied by the imposing accompaniment, like standing in the hustle and bustle of hair straightening brush rotating one the train station where those who flute. They stood in the hustle and bustle of.

sitting on the road, the spring wind is still cold. Lixia suddenly thought of vomiting is not now seventy seven things you should do, Yu Jing laughed. Those with tears rolling down the smile, is the most unforgettable smile in life it. Back to the studio, Fu small Secretary has come out from the bathroom. New clothes for the distribution of a clean detergent taste. However, now the small Division also clean Lixia sitting on the sofa watching the motionless small Division, the eyes filled with tears in the dark no one to see. Always feel like a small angel like an angel, even his kissing him, will be particularly tense, and even think it will dirty this straightening hair brush natural hair clean and beautiful boy, but now, his small to large good friends, telling her that she has In front of the man himself had thought it was the angel of the child. The beginning of summer to force yourself not to think about the small Division and seventy seven affectionate lens, but those images continue to emerge from my mind, Fu small body taste, small smooth skin, Fu small Division never let people Just touch the hair, seventy seven carefully care of hair straightening brush rotating one the hands all the things entangled together, and even can hear the Secretary Fu small breathing and seventy seven groan, stomach nausea feeling more and more concentrated. Li Xia closed his mouth, afraid they could not help but spit it out. Small Division, I went to Wuhan, you and seven seve.ious look. Uh I mean, Lu Aung arrested the hair, there talent it But Fu is not prepared to further rationalize the Secretary for him. One year later, in hair straightening brush at ulta his first album, I saw for the first time the never before seen landscape he created during the game. The picture is a boy standing in the snow wearing a long trench coat, half length micro Alice s hair, raised hair straightening brush rotating one his head, his body was reflected brush straightener men in the pure white snow was complete, there is a pair of lost focus The fog filled the eyes. The snow in the sky, there is a fuzzy white girl s profile, leaned slightly from the sky, like a white wings grow angel, outline not clear, there is a pair of clear and bright as the stars of the eye. Two people in the snow, quietly kissing. At that moment the world was uspicy hair straightening brush silent. This is never seen but eternal landscape. 1999 Li Xia The next day to the scene of the ceremony, many of the contestants, many of the painting predecessors, surrounded by a lot of busy staff busy, busy tuning, busy testing microphone, busy layout of the guests location and name plates. Small Division three people go in, find the last row of seats to sit down, raised his head to see in front of Yan is the end, could not help but start nervous. That feeling is really wonderful. Before he has been like the painter suddenly appeared in brush straightener wilko front of their own, looking at their way, think of their paintings, I feel like being a lot of col.n the door, so habitually late at night. Usually the beginning of summer will use this time to do the title, but today in the hands of the pencil in the paper to draw to draw also can not write any figures. Li Xia looked out the window, thought to myself, about the summer of it, the wind has a lot of water it. When will it be summer In the summer, everything will be different. Ai, small Division, or go back to the first estimated her summer Fu small department did not speak, with headphones lying on hair straightening brush uk reviews the back hair straightening brush rotating one of a bench, so the land of Ang also can not go on, only low sigh, and then lie down and looked at the sky. Ang, you see the sky so thick cloud, it should rain soon, right Suddenly no reason for a word. Sound also can not hear any emotion. Yeah, so hurry home. It s eleven You go back first. I have to wait for the next or with it. I have raincoats in my bag. A raincoat can not be two people with ah, stupid. First go back to you. The moon is really round the sky ah Bet 100, I bet the sky now can not see the moon Gambling 1 to come. Your brain burned out. Small Division, and sometimes always think, even if you stay around, even if not help any busy, but at least tell you that you are not lonely, that is good. Whether it is a child, hair straightener brush on curly hair or you shine now. I always think you have your own unique world, no one can understand your language, so afraid you will b.

Hair Straightening Brush Rotating One oor, the door opened the Aung On Aoao cried and rushed into the side of the red side, said aunt ah, ah cold outside. Fu small sideways into the division, so the beginning of the summer to see Fu hair straightening brush rotating one s mother. Was going to open called aunt, not enough time to export, the results of the small Secretary Fu s mother opened the first down the mouth, she said, you are a small division of the students it, come in, cold outside it. Li Xia Fu s mother looked at the beginning of summer smile suddenly felt relaxed, just also tighten the muscles of the body. Go in front of him to see his wood with a face, hair straightening brush rotating one Li Xia look down into his eyes, so to see the living room in the Li Yan Ran sitting on the sofa and sipping Coffee, she also looked over here, the moment the beginning of summer to be out of embarrassment to retire, the results just hit the body of Fu small division. Why not go Fu small squeeze over, and then see Li sweet, his eyebrows also wrinkled, whispered to ask the sound, how did you not class Eat when the atmosphere a little embarrassed. Several people are buried eating, did not say anything. Fu small Division is never used to eat when the speech is not how, but the land of the Ngong hair straightening brush rotating one Ping then talk to a person today has been head down to eat. Li Xia is even more embarrassing, even the dishes are not more than folders. Li Yan Ran suddenly said to Fu, you skip class today is to see the exhibition, right Fu.en about Fu small Division and Lu hair straightener brush in nigeria of Ang, and each seven seven are laugh without words, with a complex eyes staring at the beginning of summer. See later summer is also embarrassed to mention the old two of them. The final test before the arrival of the winter vacation, the end of the year s total ranking, the high class of three classes is particularly brilliant. The hair straightener brush citra top ten of the whole hair straightening brush rotating one class behind the source of all the words high and three classes. First Fu small division, high three classes. Second Lu of the Ang, high three classes. Third Li Xia, high three classes. After the end of hair straightening brush rotating one the final exam is still a long time to make up classes, winter and no real arrival. Until the approaching Spring Festival, the school began to leave. hair straightening brush rotating one Li Xia and seven seven back to the home. Many students together, talking about their high school life. We are very envious of seven or seven and the beginning of summer, because to enter the Asakawa one do not know how many people dream of things. When the end of the winter break, the spring also came. Opened the window when the beginning of summer found that the snow has begun to melt, and some trees have brush straightener on 4c hair germinated green shoots. Back to school day school extraordinarily lively, after all, a long time not many together will miss. And each returned to his home, Li Xia s mother is still the beginning of summer with a lot of hometown snacks back to school, the bedroom.