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Hair Straightening Brush Royale n lunch box slightly hot, has been hot to the ears up. Small Division this month to help you tuition, right Yep. No wonder, their own things are busy, but also take care of your school, he seems to be a lack of sleep every day, really worrying. That, I am very sorry. Originally I I have no other meaning, you do not misunderstand. But, their own things should always do it themselves. Small Division for everyone is very good, but you always trouble people boring ah. Moreover, your family and small Division of the situation is so different, in the eyes of others, do not know what would like to look like it. Li Yan Ran mentioned here, when slightly proud, and with a little compassionate look at the beginning of hair straightener brush ceramic heating summer. This makes the beginning of summer suddenly panicked hands and feet, Zhang mouth do not know what to say. Just feel uncomfortable orbital acid. I m not trying to No matter what you are, this is your own thing does not matter with me, I m going to pick up a small division of the school. Goodbye. Please wait Li Xia subconsciously to pull the sleeves of Li Yan Ran, like the students around, such as met, such as Ying Ying, Li Xia is the kind of like the feeling of intimacy of the girls, met and her acquaintance after the Said Li is actually a cat, Sticky people sticky to death, so when the beginning of summer and took her sleeves feel awkward, so the hand to embarrassed to s.always so much. The faces of those who blurred in a hurry to run in their own journey. A look of fatigue and numbness. Mostly men in black suits and women wearing professional suits. They will always be the busiest in the world. Fu Xiaoxi and Li Xia sit in the international export CAFE which is opposite. Fu small Division constantly raised his wrist watch, and then three minutes three points, three forty, three hair straightening brush royale fifty seven, Fu small Division mind more and more impatient. Li Xia in the next time from time to time hair straightener brush hqt 906 also make fun of him, said feeling like to meet the lost years of lovers, and made himself almost jealous. Fu small Secretary looked up at the beginning of the summer many times, or a pair of fog filled the eyes, so many years have not changed. Li Xia Fu looked at the beginning of summer, and my heart began to recall the high school age. Whether it is a wild child like a high moment of the land of Ang, or become more and more silent after him, recalled, are so clear. At the beginning, is the land of Ang will own a small division into the world, from life began a completely different journey. After that, no one thought of fate even let the land of Ang from Fu small division of the world to leave, only the rest of their own. Many times the beginning of the summer feel that the land of Ang a hair straightening brush royale bit cruel, because everyone can see the small division in the land of Lu Fu after the change. He woul.

ria dishes. Buy the same hair band, wearing the same color of the nice skirt. With the same mantra, love to speak with only two people understand each other s jokes, and then around the crowd at a loss of expression in the happy laugh. Met, I miss you. Those who lost your day, all lost color. I was like a lonely puppet, lost and I inseparable from another puppet, from the performance will not move. Being abandoned in the corner covered with dust, despair in the lonely, desperate in sadness, and then straightening hair brush paris glam continue to keep, miss you. 1998, the beginning of summer The day in Shanghai is like a dream. For Fu small division, it is a happy section of the memory. Can only dream only. Wake up still want to continue their lives. Just come back from Shanghai, in the eyes of the school, or in the eyes of students, Fu small department who has more Jinchuan Fine Arts Award aura. Fu small Division does not feel any change, it touches on the land of Aung and Li Xia each time walking in the small division around the time because of passers by talking and watching the embarrassed, this is not the former students because Fu small Division good or good art Have watched, and now the gaze and talk, how much to bring the other colors. See ah, Fu small Secretary hey. Do not look so ah, he was about to graduate, ah, no later read. Oh well. I did not expect to look better than the photos. Yes ah, so cute did not think.naware. All the people looked at him one by one to turn over, and then beggar strangely began to cry. Xinhua Bookstore salesperson Nguyen, just graduated from college, assigned to internships, just inside the shelves of books on the shelves, do not know what happened hair straightening brush royale at the door, until he heard a piercing cry, hair straightening brush royale only ran out to see occurred whats the matter. Is a beggar, dressed hair straightening brush royale in ragged clothes, barefoot, in the winter, the feet are frozen broken out, he turned a just listed in the album, he holds the hand of the album because too hard, finger joints are White, and his throat, like the cries of the same cried. Such cries often belong to children, see the loss of toys or candy child, often so cried. Nguyen wanted to tell him to put down the book, but not up. So tall, and very strong, strange scary. So called the police. When the police arrived, the beggar was still crying. At the beginning, the police did not pay attention, thought it was a madman, ready to coax him away. But approached a look, suddenly put him on the ground, foot on his face, put hair straightening brush royale his hand anti tied behind. Small Nguyen did not understand that the police s boots step on the ground beggars a little pathetic, but that did not struggle, but has been crying, has been crying, the kind of big man piercing cry, in the small Nguyen heart Shock From the burst of sad. Small Ruan think this is simply too much. Little girl, you are too simple.ow to meet are my high school at the same table, ah, no matter how their future situation, we will meet a variety of different people, and they will occur in a variety of relationships, but high school students, so life 66, At the same table, a lifetime only met one I say, certainly look very hypocritical it Beginning of summer, you know what, at that time I have no friends in the hair straightening brush royale Asakawa, before I know you, I grew up to have no friends, so someone cares for the first time I feel very warm, it is like a sunset Do you believe, even after many years now, I still think so. 2002 met Spring is a wet season. Sometimes the hair straightening brush royale whole week is raining all week. Although not because of the rain do not have gymnastics on the gymnastics, but the kind of cold wet feeling or not very upset people. hair straightener brush for men Quilts have a feeling of cold, sleep for half an hour will feel the temperature. Met every night are not on the self study, each teacher point after a good name turned to meet and ran out. And then until the end of the evening study will not come back. Often the beginning of summer the name of a flashlight lying on the bed to calculate the draft or repeat the English words or chemical equations, will hear the corridor sounded very slight footsteps, to open the door to see met, because the reason often rain , Every time she is wet back. Li Xia had also wanted to ask her in the end every night to go out doing.

Hair Straightening Brush Royale t. Small Division, how Behind the sound sounded. Lixia back to see a pair of smiling to narrow the eyes. Land of Ang lift eyebrows straightening brush lift greeting, hey. Li Xia suddenly hair straightening brush royale feel restless. A little hair straightening brush royale want to go. Because she saw the small division of Fu and Lu of Ang s paintings, and his world is simply different. She was afraid of being seen by others of their own hair straightening brush at walgreens paintings, but also do not want students in the class know that they are learning to paint. She now wanted to put away her drawing board and then ran out. The beginning of the summer when the hands of the pencil was bowed to the pumping. Raised his head Fu small Division has been hair straightening brush royale cutting the pen. Fingers wrapped around the pen and knife, like around to go around the velvet, Li hair straightening brush royale Xia think, the girl s hand may not be so smart it. Take it. Do not call to the future to go. The big noise is hair straightener brush oak leaf detangling hair brush annoying. Oh. Li Xia bow should be a cry. Looked up and said thank you, but looked at the small division of Fu s face without expression and no focus on the eyes, thank you after all, or abruptly scared to go back. Fu small Secretary got up to pack things behind the land seems to have finished the Ang. Lixia looked up at them. God wanted to create the god of the time in the creation of certain eccentric. Why is there such a good person Do not understand. Heart slightly upset. The evening begins. The air began to emerge out of some yellow blurred spots. Fu small divi.standing in the middle hair straightener brush procabello of the road tears how nausea Very disgusting But also can not control, and those who honor and face and land of Ang compared with hair straightening brush qvc completely not worth mentioning. Tears line by line to roll down, the throat was grasping, no sound, breathing intermittently. Fu small stand staring at the intersection, I felt like drowned his tears flowing like a sad river, from the body to the ground, the whole city submerged. The water is getting higher and higher, the sound of those city bustle buried hair straightening with a brush in the water gradually disappeared, the city more and hair straightening brush royale more quiet, and finally become silent. The whole world only one sentence and a choked call in a quietly repeated, with echoes of the valley echoed in the city dark red sky Feng Small Ang, where are you ah Little Ang, where are you I am tired, can not move, you come out I lost you quickly come out you You do not disappear ah Do not see ah let me hit you Do not leave, you have to leave so many years, and you have the nerve to leave a Mody Little Ang, I stand tired, where are you Back to the studio when it was late at night, not to come to the door to see the two police standing in the doorway. Fu small Division was about to rub the eyes of congestion, cold handcuffs instantly handcuffed his wrist. Detention, the Fu Xiaoji went in and saw the head wrapped in gauze met