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Hair Straightening Brush g on the bike Fu small division, expression in the Then the moment played in the face of all the weak and strong changes, and ultimately attributed to calm, open mouth Lao Bantian did not speak, the last to speak out, what are you doing here What am I doing here. Small Division of the heart to think, really like their usual speech tone, but also, and his own hair straightener brush big w smelly with a face expressionless. Nothing, passing here. Come to see you, this month you are at home to build atomic bomb it Fu small a little angry to the bike bell press to hair straightening brush loreal go, and then looked up at the front of the land of Ang. Do not know when this guy is higher than their half head, and hate hair straightening brush the root itch. Nothing at home do hair straightener brush nume not want to come out. that s it Well, so Well, then I go back. In fact, Fu small heart is a little angry. Because no matter how you hair straightener brush the good guys can see the heart of the land of Ang things, but do not want to tell him. It seems that from small to large such a situation did not happen, the normal situation should be the land of Ang wow wow friends in the Fu small division around a lot of nonsense, a detailed description of their own living situation in a month can even get a few minutes to get up and this A total of which month to buy a few CDs and which several books, if life is a little bit of frustration hair straightening brush will be a sad face with repeated complaints. And the general small Division are indifferent, a pair of eyes looke.d. That straightener brush that straightens hair small hill is indeed beautiful, Fu small Division really will choose the place. In November 29, 1995 to pay tribute to the sunny Morning to the school from the playground to see when a person from the school Fu hair straightener brush where to buy small division came in, began to feel a bit wrong but could not think of where the wrong, and later discovered that because he was a man and no cycling. Later class more than ten minutes to see the land of Ang is the body sweat to class. Anger like to kill the way. People a little puzzled. The last lesson in the morning is a swimming class. In accordance with our bedroom policy, what class can be maintained, but the summer swimming lessons must escape. So four people in the bedroom, including three people I also hit a fake bar up to the physiological period of fear, can not water as a wave of white bars. But only Song Yingying in the last week to play a fake use of this excuse to go home and rest once. So the decision to go to the great Yingying torment two. Swimming class is the most hated place boys and a swimming pool, and everyone knows that those who usually only see reference books to see the boys are talking about the color of a tone Mimi tone, so I can not imagine wearing swimwear in front of hair straightening brush them to swim What is the state of mind to swim, feeling just like a chicken in front of the weasel to play a positive step forward, like the full performance of the temperament. Then th.

to have any guilt. Fu small Division looked at the face of Ang s heart, passing a lot of emotion. The idea that he had matured had only floated in the air for a while, but now, as he watched his work, he was deeply impressed by the way he planned all the details in an orderly manner. , He brush straightener on natural hair 4c is not what the former did not know the impulse of the boys. This also makes Fu Xiaosi feel especially excited. Suddenly, the phone rang, Li Xia pick up in a Hello, Li Tong Media Studio after no sound. The air floating out of the dust taste. Lu Ang raised his head to see the beginning of summer helpless face, and tears down the cheeks down. The studio has three minutes no one to speak, after the beginning of summer head whispered to say a small division of the lawsuit, lost. A big drop down tears, fell in the hands of the worksheet, blurred the winter solstice, the two black characters. The whole night to call the lawyer, the results, there also explain why the hair straightening brush lawsuit will not clear. But has been repeating that the phone is not clear, another day out when you face the face. But not always said before the situation is very good no problem Raging like a thunder. Is not a normal day in the gentle Lu. A lot of things can not be said on the phone, inconvenient.I have said, to talk face to face. The other tone is helpless. You know at this time is not convenient ah Small Division hair straightening brush of the book is about to be released th.e door of the hand no power. The door was suddenly opened. Beginning of summer ran to meet up to meet, see the hair flow out of the sticky blood, Li Xia heart like there are numerous tens of millions of heavy hammer in what look to beat down. Met the beginning of the hand caught Li Xia, motioned her close to the side of her ear whispered to say the sentence, how far the land of Ang how far to run and then in the beginning of summer arms fainted. Those tears pouring out from the beginning of the summer eyes, large pieces of large pieces to meet in the face, shed down the blood was washed away, become no longer sticky. The reporter is still constantly patting around the photo, the flash constantly shaking the beginning of summer eyes. Beginning of summer to work out the phone, shaking the call to the section of the bridge, the hair straightening brush phone has not connected, the beginning of summer began incoherently crying side, said the bridge, quickly called the ambulance, hurry ah, met a lot of blood flow Section bridge you help them ah small Duan Bridge met here, ah, you come quickly ah Duanqiao you come quickly, ah, I m so scared ah She could not hear me Those cries mixed in words, with a sobbing voice through the phone signal to pass out, and those hoarse cry, echoed in the Convention Center on the high dome. All the security have to go after the recovery of small Fu and Lu Ang, and stay in the scene, only, from when the weather suddenly become so cold it He has not been aware of. Time along the trail of autumn diffuse on the instep, the tide surging up, the so called youth was so submerged a centimeter. Birds hair straightening brush have been flying hair straightening brush away for a long time, the school camphor and camphor branches become more and more quiet. So the fallen leaves have a roaring sound. Autumn has been very deep. November when the school all the bulletin boards have hair straightening brush appeared in the festival s posters, hair straightening brush many morning morning morning run after the end of the school s canteen to buy milk will pass the bulletin board, standing in front of the bulletin board rubbing in the morning Fog in the cold slightly red hand, mouth spray large group of large fog. Autumn is really deep it. In fact, starting from November posters really a bit early, because the formal competition needs to be in March next year to really start. Which is the next semester when the school began to final, but each year in Asakawa are four months in advance began to prepare. Because Asakawa hair straightener brush citra one of the arts festival in the province are famous. Every year a lot of talented students shine. Especially the art class candidates. This is the most grand festival in Asakawa. Than the celebration hair straightening brush to be a lot of grand. Fu small school every afternoon when the school will be waiting for the landing of the Ang to the school s studio painting. In fact, there is no good practice.

Hair Straightening Brush it should be a park. Those green stretches on the horizon, rendering a quiet color. Is already a summer. Hometown of Phoenix, it should be out of the season s brilliant bar. Fu small think of these, squint laugh. The phone sounded abruptly at this time. Li Xia in the beginning of summer when the phone is, but this time the beginning of summer is not. Fu small division to pick up the phone to hear a strange voice. That asked, Mr. straightening hair brush oak leaf Fu Xiaosi in it In the ah, I was. I am a reporter for Fengyun Daily. Have you ever seen a collection called Spring Flowers Autumn Ah, ah, a year ago I read the front part of the Internet. How do you feel Well, I feel good, and I ve tried that style, too. Relative to you, Chunhuaqiuyu author should be much smaller than your fame, almost no one knows her. Well, it seems to be oh. Does the person you paint will imitate someone else s style of painting in your creation Well, it should be, as hair straightener brush groupon we began to learn art from time to time will copy a lot of teacher painting it, and then to really mature to form their own style, and has been to continue to learn new things, to enrich Their ah. Then you know the spring flowers autumn author do not know. No contact with it. Do you want to contact her Can ah. Ok, thank you. You re welcome. All the problems are pitfalls. All the problems are hidden in the default skills. All the dialogue is a disaster. Small Division like a tree in the hi.he price is particularly cheap, but few people. Fu small Division are suspected of being a black shop, and land of the Ang has been patting the chest, hair straightening brush said no problem, their time to have been checked on the Internet, is a good small hotel. Fu Xiaoji put the luggage after looked out of the window looked at the sky, the sky has completely dark down, by the street light can see the oblique passing of the rain, glowing street light silver white. Oh, it rained, Fu small Secretary turned around and looked at the pot holding a pot is pouring into the water of the Ang, it would also go out shopping Ah, can hair straightening brush not it, Lu of the cork cover Today, early to rest, anyway, tired, you have to race tomorrow, the game is over again. Fu nodded, and then said, Then I went to and Li said. Cold dead, Fu sat on the ledge on the windowsill, blankly to a sudden, Shanghai is also cold than the North, it is a mess. Or change can not afford to develop long ago like to sit on the windowsill Habits, this is exactly the same and met, always like sitting cross legged on the windowsill, and then blankly toward the window in a daze. Lu of Ang exposed white teeth, very nice and very quiet smile, because Shanghai is not like we have the heating of the North ah. Fu Si Secretary looked back at the smiling land of Ang, crooked the crooked mouth, scoffed and said, Why do you want to learn to laugh at me like ah, have the ability you like.