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Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush on at the beginning of the summer feel very uncomfortable, want to find opportunities to say I m sorry to say how I can not say, which makes her feel particularly upset. So a whole afternoon class how not to listen to. And then groggy to get to school. Almost everyone in the class is gone, because today is Saturday, tomorrow without class. So many people go home. Li Xia pack up the bag when the evening has been, and she out of the classroom, just want to go down the stairs when the corridor at the end of someone called his name. Li Xia raised his head and looked in the past, met sitting in the corridor at the end of the windowsill, bags on the feet. In that dusk, the hair met the sunset golden yellow color. Li Xia forget that afternoon dialogue is how to happen, how the end of the beginning of the summer just remember to meet the smile, it is the beginning of the straightening brush natural hair summer to see the most clean from the most clean smile, even more than a small division Fu Ang smile also brush straightener australia make people feel clean. May be the dusk of warm atmosphere brewing a silent hairy warmth, making everything become full of sweet and sweet fragrance. You, how could suddenly think of going to control my things do not know, that time just want to, and the total should be familiar with you Yeah, in any case, even after graduation will never meet again, even after graduation photos can hair straightening brush uae not remember each other to see each other s names, H.mer themselves are shocked. Fu small Division also panicked, sitting on the bedside chair, whispered, all right, crying, blame the sentence, but it is gentle tone. Like cajole the crying child. And later the sunset and hair straightening brush best reviews the breeze have become unimportant, and the boys out of the window with the basketball board to drop out of the sound is not important, and gradually go dark light is not important, the summer has passed off how much is not important, the University Of the campus is almost no camphor is not important, the shirt on the distribution of clean detergent taste is not important, breathing becomes long and wandering is not important. All in all, in that one Let me try , the disappearance of without a trace. Fu small division later simply sat down on the ground, back against the bed, head back lying on the hands of the beginning of summer. Reach for. Hey Ok Do my girlfriend, let me take care of you let me try. Listened to too many hair straightening ceramic brush vowed, listened to too many romantic hair straightening ceramic brush confession, listening to too many familiar promises, hear their own hair straightening ceramic brush horror of the description of happiness, and all this is illusory, are no match for that seemingly cents No power of Let me try it. Simple sentences, smooth tone, the only flaw is the end of trembling bifurcation in the evening air. But it is after a long day of hair straightening brush videos sun exposure, after a heavy snow swept, before the vocal apalus hair straightening brush cords issued the final one carefully, Le.

when he saw the director of teaching to face their own, and sitting in front of the instructor is a suit and tie the middle aged man, and her next to a girl. So that the two men turned around, Li Xia heart gently call hair straightening ceramic brush out ah. Li Yan Ran stood up and said, beginning of summer hello. Out of the office when the beginning of summer mood is very bad. Her fingers staggered together, because the force and the joints appear to be slightly white. Those words wrapped in the heart inside, almost to Li Xia cry. But the beginning of summer did not cry, not because it is not sad, but Li Xia feel that crying out hair straightening ceramic brush on such occasions will appear too weak. Lixia finally understand that they will always hate those who feel good about the rich. The man wearing a suit is Li sweet father, this is called Li Xia to the office is to express their self righteous concern, the kind of condescending attitude that is in the alms. Because the next one looks like an assistant who said the same as a decline what ah, your home condition is not very good. This sentence to the beginning of summer was almost crying out. Because the beginning of summer never told someone else s home things, but it is clear that Lee s sweet father surveyed her family, at least read the school enrollment file. Or that the instructor told them. Li Xia endured forbearance tears, will not fall after the dare to speak, she said, thank you, my family is not ve.ysterious a person. Then summon the courage to ask from just asked the question, she said, Fu small division, you know that girl After the end of the summer to ask regret, because she would like to Fu small Division will feel a lot of things. Fu small department turned to look at the beginning of summer, did not speak, a long while he lifted his eyebrows, said You said Li Yan Ran, she is my girlfriend. 2.1996 summer solstice color Polaris When the tide surged into the age old embankment, the summer was connected to the next summer You, what When the heavy rain swept the scorching sun in the village, summer flooded the next summer You, what Skip the green spring Sorrow autumn honeysuckle and the next year more green summer You appear in front of me. Facial features drooping. Turn around and take away the rain of the whole city And then turned back to catch the color snow. Wheat jointing. Thunder thundered across the earth. You pour the ink of the corner of the mutilated words, so to render a no ups in the summer. Next year and next year. But did not wait until a broken cry of the summer solstice. Not to the summer solstice all the year round. Escaped from the back and forth to find. He had not seen her. She never saw him. No one ever saw it. That has never been to the summer solstice. The world began to torrential rain. Tidal flood gradual approximation. Many brush straightener india times the beginning of summer are are not your high position, all people can only look up to you, even our friends, I and Li Xia There are met, then stand on a lot of low places, I shouted several times your name, but you stand too high, and can not hear. Then you suddenly fell from the cliff down, we want to save you, can not come up. And wake up, but also one after another heavy night. Those nights are so long, even to me, will chi hair straightening brush be afraid. Small Division, you must be strong. I have always felt before, two people hair straightening ceramic brush with boredom, not called bored. And now, I hair straightening brush argos also think that two people together, and then sad things, will not become sad it. 2002 years of land of Ang The twinkling of an eye is already winter. Thick snow covered the entire Beijing city. All the trees, houses, street side of the flower beds, all covered in the white snow. Is already in 2003. How fast time flies. Li Xia recalled the past six months time. All the sad things, happy things, all emerge. Happy thing it seems that can not find a happy thing. Sad thing is one after another. Many times they are too sad to cry, but did not seem to feel like a small division. But the beginning of summer to know, how could not feel it. Should be on the inside of the innermost, do not want to tell people to listen to it. Even the day in the bookstore to see the flower of the country and the new version of Spring and Autumn Autumn put together, and the book impressively ha.

Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush Department of Architecture good students. Like potatoes and litchi, as long as people do not know to see a brother. But often there is such an illusion. Suddenly in a moment hair straightening ceramic brush of a bridge called a green no words below, was scared of their own confusion is not light. But because of what Always feel that the feeling of deja vu, in the past years, must have occurred in the past fade into the matt color of time, must be issued in the darkness of the night by the fireflies of the dim light was remembered. Maybe. Perhaps it is because two people have hair straightening ceramic brush to spend their lonely time with it. They are in their most lonely time, the world away from their nearest man. At seven twenty in the evening the day was completely black. Met a good thing to wait for hair straightening ceramic brush the 7 30 to go. Because they have to go home to make up change clothes and then go to the bar to sing. Outside is the sky of goose feather snow, hair straightening ceramic brush this is to Beijing after he saw the first few snow it A total of no more than five games, but they can not remember. do not know why. Because the open air harsh, almost no hair straightening ceramic brush convenience stores to patronize. So they are in a daze. Duan bridge lying on the cashier, like a child to his face affixed to the table, pencil was slender fingers turn. Met watching this picture feel good familiar. Like in Asakawa one of those days, spacious and bright classroom, head of eight fluorescent lamp, cast a clear and delicate white.was death You turn what I turn a blind eye it Hey, small division, Li Xiazhao turned away to leave the small division, This Saturday you go with me to the nearby city to play with it ah, the other guy in the class not work Brow wrinkled together, thoughtfully look. This is not just anyone can it Trouble ah you hair straightening brush for men girls, not on the class was good really troubled ah This dialogue in the beginning of the summer sounds is rejected. Fortunately, he is just a whim to mention casually. And math has been this weekend seems to have more than just whim so hair straightening ceramic brush simple. Hate things together. So there is no excessive consideration. After two days to forget. So when Saturday morning Fu small carrying two bags of things in the beginning of the summer hair straightening ceramic brush when the bedroom door, everything becomes a little funny. Fu Xiaosi saw wearing a pajamas look unknown so the beginning of summer a minute later, the expressionless expression, I want to hit the people. The results of the imitation of the small division of the summer idol sonic speed boy, three minutes packed up everything, and then took him out. Or from the small division of the expression to infer that he really is to put their feet on the ground by which to step willing to. Not far from the back door of the school by car, a very cold line. Li Xia sitting in the car, whole body uncomfortable, and embarrassed to say that their physiological period.