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Hair Straightening Styling Brush summer patted the shoulder, Now is not our weak time, get through this morning, and then brush straightener at walmart I let you Crying. Two people in the dressing room. Time from the side quietly running in the past. You can even hear the ticking of the second hand in the air. Li Xia heart more and more fear, I feel like standing on the cliffs have been blowing high winds. The phone suddenly sounded, the beginning of summer shocked to see the screen, Land of the Ang word quickly pick up, then, the phone came the voice of the land of Ang, the kind of sound heard before the summer, full of excitement And joy, he said Small Division has come in, immediately to the dressing room, you quickly prepared Early summer hung up the phone out of the room, turned his head and saw the end of the corridor, Fu small Division imposing face. At that moment, I saw the end of the corridor wearing a black suit wearing a small tie Fu Division, such as feeling the spring in an instant approaching my side. His eyes flashing light, I was in high school that year in Shanghai to see his life in the first art award has been seen. So I know, he did not let me down. He is no longer the weak little boy. He was the dark god who led the way through tragedy. Pain and then pain, are in this moment to calm his perfect smile, and clear and bright eyes. 2003 summer Good makeup, finish hair, just eight fifty, nine press release. Fu small Division in the exhibition.the name of the album winter solstice , so, is to tell a story in the winter, hair straightening brush best with a lot of snow in the afternoon to show camphor. Because I own from small to large cities, especially my high school campus, there hair straightener brush video are a lot of hair straightening styling brush camphor tree. Stable tone. Perfect smile. hair straightening styling brush Elegant manners. Mr. Fu Xiaosi, may I ask you Miss Feng Xiaoyi the new album conference and you choose the hair straightening styling brush same time at the same location have any views. I and my company before all the staff do not know, we are just out of the wind from the inside, only to see a good layout of the scene. I do not know Miss Feng is hair straightening styling brush aware of my press conference at this time of the day, but we have released a message very early, I think Miss Feng or her hair straightening styling brush company who should be able to see it. Mature answers. Appropriate counterattack. Li Xia look at the stage to cope with the small Division, and my heart want to cry. Who can believe that this is a few hours before the tears also shrink in hair straightening brush ebay uk the sofa boys Who can believe that he is now under pressure enough to let a person collapse Moreover, there has been no reporter asked the results of the lawsuit. No one seems to know the news. Air abruptly inserted into a problem, in that moment, so that everyone stopped talking. Li Xia turned around and saw Fu small division in the moment to become pale face, and sat next to the expression of serious land of Ang. The reporter of the reporter in the third row, the hand.

also called over, two people on the phone you gave me a word to curse the reporter, curse a hair straightener brush -from asavea pass that gas, the mood becomes very good. The beginning of the summer feel seventy seven or high school as before, like that, what things follow their own side, like the same thing, cursed the same thing, digital hair straightener brush although it is a big star, but in the beginning of summer eyes, seventy seven or before As good and lovely. After hanging up the phone, the beginning of summer to look back Fu Si look like shine, or even mouth could not help but laugh. Li Xia certainly feel there is something, so looked up and down the small Fu Division, Fu small Division have been uncomfortable. Li Xia smiled and said, Hey, kid you pick up wallet friends no. Fu small division grinned and said he would come back. He Who ah. Lu of the Ang. seriously. When did you know that Just seven and seven on the phone when you cursed, ah, I opened the mailbox to see him sent me the Email. Tomorrow afternoon at 4 o clock in the plane to Beijing. So fast Ah this guy has just told me. Li Xia you go with the company say, put my announcement tomorrow are turned away. Well, well, I ll go now. Fu small station standing tall window, looking at the foot of the city of Beijing. Raised his head, a lot of birds flying from the sky in the past. The sky shows the unique blue of summer. Some clouds moved slowly in the sky. From the land of Ang away, and now.arriage, birth, and increasingly old, still carrying a backpack will still go to the wilderness travel it You will be lost because I sent you a wallet and deeply upset it 1998 Fu small Division Li Xia turned the lower body to see the small Division is open eyes with a big double headed look blankly, and small Division turned his face just hit the beginning of summer eyes. Hey, can not sleep Small Division unplug the left of the headset, delivery in the past, listen to the song Ah. Li Xia to headphones to plug into the brush straightener instyler right ear, just, right ear in hair straightening styling brush the tinnitus. Close your eyes will be sensitive to hearing, because the vision was cut off. Do not know when to see the theory in the book, is used to explain the reasons for hearing a very good hearing, then read to remember. There is some truth, in the eyes closed in the seat when leaning on the headset, although only half of the inside of the voice is still clear. Is a female voice, in the fuzzy and softly singing some slow but firm melody, which also heard a very clear beginning of summer, is that you carry a lamp to illuminate a thousand ten thousand road, I chose one Followed by your duty bound to bow to happiness. happy. Happiness is what Details of the Bale. Those magnificent vows and soul stirring love are in fact empty shells, everything in those readily picked up the details of the resurrection, in a warm dinner with the hair straightening brush ghd like bleeding in the.oor, the door opened the Aung On Aoao cried and rushed into the side of the red side, said aunt ah, ah cold outside. Fu small sideways into the division, so the beginning of the summer to see Fu s mother. Was going to open called aunt, not enough time to export, the results of the small Secretary Fu s mother opened the first down the mouth, she said, you are a small division of the students it, come in, cold outside it. Li Xia Fu s mother looked at the beginning of summer smile suddenly felt relaxed, just also tighten the muscles of the body. Go in front of him to see his wood with a face, Li Xia look down into his eyes, so to see the living room in the Li Yan Ran sitting on the sofa and sipping Coffee, she also looked over here, the moment the beginning of summer to be out of embarrassment to retire, the results just hit the body of Fu small division. Why not go Fu small squeeze over, and then see Li sweet, his eyebrows also wrinkled, whispered to ask the sound, how did you not class Eat when the atmosphere a little embarrassed. Several people are buried eating, did not say anything. Fu small Division is never used to eat when the speech is not how, but the hair straightening styling brush land of hair straightening styling brush the Ngong Ping then talk to a person today has been head down to eat. Li Xia is even more embarrassing, even the hair straightening styling brush dishes are not more than folders. Li Yan Ran suddenly said to Fu, you hair straightening styling brush skip class today is to see the exhibition, right Fu.

Hair Straightening Styling Brush people in the light when the lights gradually disappear, and the remaining one Open theater, I stood in the middle, shedding hot tears. I will not miss you any more. I will never go to worry about your fate. Because I know that you are mature, those with painful failure to learn things, so that you become so good. So I can watch you smile quietly, so good so I like you, even like the depths of the chest was issued a burst of sorrow and grief. This hair straightening styling brush is why, in the end, I will be a person to stay, standing on the empty land, sad to cry. Eight8 I know you re all gone. But if one day, I just said that if. If one day, I am sad sad time, you will come back to see me Nine9 Small Division, hair straightening styling brush Li Xia, the Ang, met, section bridge, Qingtian. You know, in my heart, you are so lovely people. I even feel that they have been with you through a complete decade. Read the summer solstice of the decade. Camphor flourished in every corner of the city. Read a decade of heavy snow. Asakawa a cold outrageous. Everyone holding a cup of boiled water room at the door waiting in a long queue in front of the three hot water tap in the steaming vapors rising, we are happy to chat with each other or slapstick, even a spray of water hot Have jumped. Read the decade of growth. Land of Ang early to wear XL s uniform. Ordinary student uniforms are tall and straight you wear clothing out of the imposing temperament, but you are so lov.been poured on the edge of the door, the head issued a pain, reaching out to touch a head of blood, thoughts chaotic, and even a little can not remember why they lay here, just still Press conference, Li Xia and met will be in the following, land of brush straightener 4c hair Ang also sat next to the land of Ang Brain pain. Fu small stand up and ran out. He did not know where to run, but can not stop hair straightening brush wet at the foot. Lu of Ang, where are you Crossed the surging traffic junctions, numerous traffic lights, numerous pedestrians hurry figure numb face. Lu of Ang, where are you Turn around the corner, around the wall. Numerous convenience stores, one or two bookstores. A shop selling breakfast shut the door. Lu of Ang, where are you Run hair straightening styling brush like a lost body strength. Standing in the middle of the crossroads of busy, surrounded by a noisy neon and shiny crowd. The whole city is busy. Fu Si looked around the strange scene do not know where they went. Years ago the no longer cry, the oath did not know how far away, the body s grief like a surging tide rise. Water cable breakthrough abnormal , dangerous , gradually approaching the warning line. Lu of the Ang you dad stupid B ah You used to say how terrible the words of immortality, because the beloved and good friends are dead, alive and boring. But now, you make such a stupid thing, after the day, as grow old, long days, without you and I fight bickering, who has been to ah A man.