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Sela Hair Straightening Brush With Steam et a half day finally unobstructed, and met not enough time to close the valve, a hot water straight out, even sela hair straightening brush with steam if the encounter hide quickly, the hands are still hot a large red. Drilling pain. Meet the twist to open the tap, the cold water in winter biting cold. Like countless sharp piercing thorns on the skin, and deeply into the flesh and blood go. Met in the faucet before the startled, hand on the cold water has been washed, rushed to numbness, rushed to the whole hand all become red, met only back to God. Turn off the tap, two lines of tears to brush down. Shrink in the corner of the quilt in a daze. The room with the heating of the diffuse heating and a little bit to rise up. On the glass window because the temperature is too fast and quickly condensed on a layer of water vapor, and then the more knot, there are one or two large drops of water from the windows along the traces of the flow down the disorder. This is what the fuck ah. Throat, unable to pronounce the sound, like being locked like a neck grabbed. Met close your eyes feel sore eyes, the hands of a blazing red blisters, jump hop pain. A burst of broken glass sound of the chest, like a huge stone smashed the French windows, messy debris scattered down the softest place toward the heart of the deep and shallow bar down, the blood bubbling out to take. What kind of days Almost completely lost the significance of leaving Asakawa. Came.the beginning of summer, Li Xia said that met how you suddenly began to pay attention to the phone from the past is not matter, is it Qingtian propose to you Li Xia said that when the words actually did not expect to meet will be made so much temper, so when suddenly met the phone to fall on the bed when the beginning of summer a bit stunned, and met too much force, the phone hit the bed against the wall On the moment the screen dimed down. Afternoon after school, the beginning of summer riding a car out of the school gate, and then ride out toward the hillside, and my heart a lot of sad feeling. The beginning of the summer to meet the phone on the bag, ready to take out to help her fix, because after all, because of their own more than a word before it fell to meet the phone. Afternoon to go to school when I met the phone to stay in the bedroom did not take away, Li Xia reminded her when she just said a faint, bad are bad, with doing. In the phone s maintenance department spent about an hour, the sky began to dim, the repair of the boys finally exposed A sela hair straightening brush with steam smile, and then handed the beginning of summer, said, that, repaired. Li Xia press the power, and then the screen lit up, and after a while, the beginning of summer just to ride the car back to school, the phone to shake up, Li Xia accidentally by reading the results of the Qingtian short message I m sorry to meet you or not to go to Beijing wit.

l girl without To him and grow up after the Ang, always hair straightener brush original have a bright smile as the sun, the conversation is a vivid expression of the face, happy smile when the face is bright, sad no sorrow when he Grew up and never in front of me had sad moments, I thought he forgotten his sad face, but after a lapse of so long after I re see that kind of shocking force suddenly zoomed ten times, one Instantly turned me into an empty shell, hair straightener brush demo like hanging in the wind of the broken flag. In the thick of the night, around the noisy hair straightening brush insta magic sela hair straightening brush with steam crowd, he was like a white and quiet sad shepherd. I would like to go to help him straighten out those messy long hair in the wind, I would like to have nothing to accompany him in the hot ground to sit down and said to him, warm, hair straightening brush men someday to cut hair slightly. But at the foot of the growth of a large root system I nailed to sela hair straightening brush with steam the ground unable to move. Because I was afraid I went over, he apalus brush hair straightener would see my face a mess of tears. I do not want him to see me cry, because after growing up, I never cried in front of him. Land of Ang, my mother will go to heaven. You have to believe me. In 1996, Fu small division Land of Ang s mother s funeral that day, Land of Ang hair straightener brush -from asavea did not say a word, he looked at all slowly sela hair straightening brush with steam like a silent film, and the only thing he can know is that Fu Si stood beside him is silent. Before he always do not understand why the small Secretary, then it can be less, and no.if it is casual talk Ye Hao, but it seems difficult to look like, can not remember their own time before putting the stinky face Lu is how comfort my own. Just think of a we have to cut hair it This rotten problem has just turned away, and then a moment the world is still silent. Lu Zhi anang sitting in the middle of the road, because the two legs are too long and innocent to bend the stretch in front of sunset from his back down, the back is a layer of hairy straightening hair brush duel voltage brilliance. No vehicles opened, no pedestrians, only the road on both sides of the tall camphor exudes rich flavor of the leaves. His head down, femjolie hair straightener brush canada the hair covered a clear facial features, but still can see the white cement on sela hair straightening brush with steam the road suddenly drop a drop of water stains. Fu Xiaosi sela hair straightening brush with steam heart burst of pain for a while burst of pain, because those in a stacked one of the impact of the camphor leaves, the rustle in the trees as the tide like Qing Xiang, the ten million or clear or vague sound , He heard the land of Ang a light that almost no trace of the words, he said with a tearful slowly said Small Division, in fact, I have seriously thought about the future of the road, how sad sela hair straightening brush with steam to go up. And after the time, Fu small division every morning to ride the land of the Ang family, and then go with him to the hospital. Every day before going to school is Ang downstairs to call him, and now reversed, every morning Fu small division even more than apply for temporary accommodation for two people. Lixia turn off the room door, down on the bed. Looking at the ceiling in a daze. Thoughts or stay in the car to think of the fragments. Those university time, recalled even out straightening hair brush cordless than the high school age but also a long blurred halo. Like a farewell do not know how long remembered after the same time. While he is now only a senior, even though no longer go to school, after all, is the internship period, not graduated, still can bluntly say that he is a college student. But when he was still in college students began to recall their own college days. This is a bit too exaggerated it. Outside the room came a number of small and minor sound, listen carefully to distinguish the sound of air conditioning running, the sound of the computer fan, as well as the occasional sound of Fu Xiao Division cough. Because the work is too busy relationship, the small division and the beginning of the New Year period are not home. New Year s Eve, there are fireworks on the square show, two people ran out to read. On the way back to the cold shiver. But looked at the small Secretary smiled slightly narrowed his face, Li Xia also felt the world re become warm. Standing on the edge of the road has been hit the car, then had to take a long way to take the subway. The subway is full of people, like canned sardines crowded together. The beginning of summer hiding in the Fu.

Sela Hair Straightening Brush With Steam ou, I feel like the end of the theater at the scene, suddenly countless empty chairs, lights up, the crowd dispersed, the dance carried me the rest. In the days of my departure, you are finally mature. Your hair has finally become longer, you learn to wear some warm clothes. You do not like before and then dressed as a different kind of children. But such a good you have nothing to do with me. Good boyfriend, good husband, good father, these words in my heart evaluation, and now also in front of the Ministry of the need to add a others , these are not things, because it is our little without Things of the years committed various errors, remind you gradually become excellent. I now is no longer that the girl was covered with thorns, and I no longer hot temper that love sela hair straightening brush with steam the former students of the problem of fighting, and I will now swallow better protect themselves, and I now more gentle, I will learn sela hair straightening brush with steam to lead the hands of boys and not just a person walking forward, but such a me, now for you, is hair straightening brush does it work irrelevant, in front of my name is the need to add a others Of the the. I am very sad and very melancholy, but what is the solution It is in your failure and love, I learned these, it is separated from you in the days before I became so gentle. Since then live in their own happiness, those old days before, those things you will me, I will always remember. Also please remember that I remember I threw on you.ease of the land of Ang in the school which stroll around. On the one hand, he would like to talk about the beginning of small and Li Yan Ran summer things, while he was more worried about Fu small Division, and my heart like a hollow chapter, but can not find the exact traces. Autumn night as the flood came up from the ground, like a second to swallow up the day light. When the sela hair straightening brush with steam camphor and camphor are no longer clear the outline, the street lights gradually light, land of Ang did not find a small division. His heart began to panic. Accommodation students in twos and threes sela hair straightening brush with steam from the bathroom to take a bath to the dormitory. 8 00 when all the students must stay on the evening study hall. This is Asakawa a few decades of unshakeable provisions. Lu Aung sitting on a small Division of the bike, looking at the empty stairs God. Sitting for a long time there is no way, so he had to go back. Out of the gate quickly in the street phone booth called, the phone rang for a long time finally someone answered. Then he heard Fu Xiaoshi usual lazy voice, without a trace of emotion. There soon as Hello, hello after the land of Ang began to shout abuse, after scolded Fu did not hear what the Secretary said, put the phone hung up. And then began sela hair straightening brush with steam to stride to the school s car shed to get the car, his face a relieved smile, and even involuntarily in the night laughing. Lu Ang now want to hurry home, because the stoma.