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Simply simply straight brush Straight Brush d like a dumplings, and then the edge of the two of them placed a rubbish basket, and then wipe the nose of a large group of paper to the inside throw. From the beginning of summer to hear from time to time behind the class came the sigh, because the nose is not smooth so with a buzzing sound. The class teacher is very nervous, and even take the initiative to leave them home to rest two. It seems that students and students is not the same as it, some other students occasionally ask about false is immune, hair straightening brush cvs and these two people cold about scared teacher to take the initiative to put them big holiday. Fortunately, a few days two people like a cold, the boy s body is always a little health. So early summer put a little snack. After the start from the bedroom in a small packet of moms sent dessert to the classroom, and then land of Ang very happy to eat for three days. Labor Day, the school put a day off as usual. This is a rare one in Asakawa. Because as more and more tight homework, time becomes more and more not enough. So the beginning of summer in considering a long time after the decision to stay in school or read simply straight brush better. Fu Xiaosi hair straightening brush target australia and Lu Zhi Ang is definitely going home, seven seven called home to drive to pick up, she called Li Xia to go back together, Li Xia shook his head, though Li Xia Man to go back and see her mother. Fortunately, met to stay in school, which makes Li Xia feel particularly.to KTV to sing wine. This KTV is the open media F open. F is now one of the best singer of the domestic singer, the hands of numerous singers. A group of people in which opened a PARTY room, and then chat chat, singing wine drinking, draw the boxing boxing, noiseless chickens. The beginning of simply straight brush summer or even feel like the high school graduation back to the carnival, when all the people are like today, crazy off the shape. Later, Li Xia drink a little more, called meet to sing. Because from high school, the beginning of summer never heard the song met. But all the people will look at the same as the animals looked at the two young girls look good, a tearful, a blush, a red haired girl, a look at the beginning of the summer began to cry, every time the end is to meet her pulled out of the coffee shop, Embarrassed, so the summer of life and death today to pull to meet and sing to meet, fail to beat her, had to hold the microphone began brush hair straightener to sing. At first the beginning of summer also shouted that everyone should not speak, and one by one to shoot people called people do not draw the first boxing drink first listen simply straight brush to what is the loss of what is big, but nobody ignored her. Fu small division to see her a little drunk, took her to her side, holding her, called her good no longer barking, others do not listen to our two listen to ah. But after the meeting began to sing, the voice of the crowd a little bit.

enemy s cold. Firmly support him. August 31, 1995 actually still fine you sorry me God Asakawa bus style, perhaps because there is no one so I feel anything big. Seated very large, I sat a double sitting feeling like sitting on the sofa, close your eyes brush straightener hairhouse warehouse may be able to imagine a mattress. The window is simply straight brush great, so that when the open to the street when the branches of camphor suddenly come in to say hello and then I cried to withdraw out of the feeling, feeling a style with simply straight brush the week of relaxation Then see a good looking boys. Originally, I hate the rich, this person is the same, wearing a CK T shirt riding a super pull wind mountain bike. Even if there is nothing mountain bike, but China can buy a few cities in the CK It is estimated that brought back from Hong Kong. Fortunately, he is not the same as the general upstarts wearing a very obvious LOGO words of clothes, but looming in the shoulder signs. And his clean face made me embarrassed to hate him. Hey, it seems that this age or the appearance of people more than ah, such as I Camphor school as much as grass, I think this summer is certainly not tan. Seventy seven from school in the morning after the meeting began to jump in school, the absolute social flower. In fact, in accordance with the character and I seventy seven is the same noisy, just because I usually live in too much of disdain for things, so I do not want to talk to a.oom looking for a variety of drugs and items dealing with wounds, barefoot on the floor back and forth, watching his chin on the ear near the glow of a bruised heart following a burst Feel a while to hair straightener brush jolie feel bad. He bit his teeth in the heart curse, mother Wu Yue force also really hard. Although his childhood from small to large and often fight a small division, or even hit the floor to roll, but still can not stand the hands of others on the small division. So today to see Wu Yue Qiazhao small division of the chin when the land of the Ang heart instantly on the fire. Now, although many words you want to say, but do not know how to speak, hold back to the last only vaguely asked the sentence pain does not hurt Of course, your mother let me pinch pain you try. Sure enough, no good sound. This is also the land of Ang expectant thing. But the small Division can also toward his temper, that is not too much anger. Growing up together with the mainland from the angel is to understand his temper, and really angry, then it is definitely not and you say a word. So land of Ang s hair straightening brush for black hair guilt a little light. but then you really do not fight ah, but fortunately there is me, or you will not just a piece of green chin. I m holding your dog in your hand You took a dog to fight to try Fu small division did not stop because of the land of Ang language, he continued to stare at him, and oblique eyes You simply straight brush do not see who ha.and the more heap, leaving a small place can not be used to write small. Every day there are numerous distribution of the ink taste of the papers down, the school printed their own, poor quality paper, not very clear handwriting, but it is the mouth of the teacher entrance medicine. Corridors have become quiet, very few students in the hall slapstick, time to read or do the question. A high school can not feel the pressure suddenly turned into a quality object, heavy pressure on the shoulder. The sun slanting through the basketball court, with a unique summer as washed by the sea thoroughly, into the beam of light from the heavy rain just under the thick clouds shot out. Reflected on the white cement on the ground, playing very few people. Li Xia took lunch ceramic hair straightening styling brush boxes from the canteen to the classroom, usually looking at the open badminton court in a daze. High school sophomore, Fu small Division and Lu of Ang often play badminton here, sweat in the young body shiny. And Rui, are rarely seen in the land of Ang, except in the school when he saw him in the corridor outside the classroom waiting for a small division, most of the time, everyone in the brush straightener for natural hair school with their heads down in a hurry to run. That badminton court is simply straight brush like a deserted open space, the ground white line has been washed simply straight brush away by rain, the hanging of the network has long been obsolete. Like a high school sophomore students do not like to p.

Simply Straight Brush eral of them are also familiar with the small division, because he was in Asakawa a junior high school when he was expelled from the problem of students. The hook on the shoulder of the hook people called Wu Yue, before the school when all the people almost hate him. you these days with this people with it Originally wanted to say this kind of bully , but Fu small division or to maintain a number of rational. Because during this time, he did not want to Ang on Ang angry. Lu of the Ang did not speak, just head down on the roadside railings, holding the bottle about what unconsciously knocked on the bar Pole, his hair hanging in front, also do not see what expression. hair straightening brush lcd Daoyi Wu Yue came a lift on the hand grabbed the small Fu s chin, you speak to me clearly, what kind of person, what kind of person I know you are Fu small division, Fu small Division great ah Fu small Division has not reflected how come to hear the bone bones issued by the boring sound, and then a back flash came in front of their own, land of Ang punch punching in the face of Wu Yue, Wu Yue pain in wow When the barking of the land of Ang to the beer bottle toward the railing on a knock, and then holding the sharp fragmentation of the bottle toward those who because of the surprise and Zhang Da mouth Na crisp belly bear leaning that Tilia slow Mang , Wooden convex base P Lu Zhigang looked at Fu small Secretary quietly in the r.a joke. I once thought to find his other half of the soul, but now flesh and blood from my body to tear open. Many nights I dreamed of meeting the stubborn face. She said to me, I am not simply straight brush lonely, I am just one person, my world has a person like me, has been lively enough. This is what she said to me the most sad words. Time has been to the present, this is the fourth diary. Before the diary did not go read, and now write these things, I simply straight brush do not know what the month will be re read again. Perhaps many years later to re examine the brush straightener australia present time, will find it naive and pathetic it. Before the winter test is still very painful. Because the foundation of mathematics is very good, the beginning of summer is much higher than the other liberal arts students. But she still test, but Fu small Division, Fu Xiaosi s report card watching the summer will always sigh and then said, You really magical species. In simply straight brush fact, no matter in which respect, as long as the association with him, Li Xia mind first emerge out of the word is magic. And another magical species is the simply straight brush land of Ang, in the Fu small division of liberal arts, he as expected to become the first year of science. The beginning of each summer to see them both can not wait to reach out to pinch their neck. Who said that God made man is fair See his big head ghost. The last lesson before the holiday. Time along the axis slowly crawling, sunny lane to draw the.