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Straightener Brush That Straightens Hair eping the land of Aung like, is it really like the land of Ang said before that I have a set of their own world others do not understand my language Mody Not aliens. Fu Xiaosi heart trouble, just took off just took off the physical papers off a plane to fly out the window. Ai, what hair do stay, hair straightening brush nasv I sweep over, go home Raised his head land of Ang do not know when to stand in front of their own, hair messy, his face still gray. Well, it s a hard thing to do on duty, and I d rather go for a still life. I do not go back, you first go back What are you doing Can not be so useless ah. Always make it clear. Or as if I owe her anything. I am not as bad as she thought it. Oh, I ll go with you Why should you accompany you go back to the bath ah, the body gray, do your mother really hard. Do my washing machine is more hard bar you nonsense more and more. Fu small Division on the jump from straightener brush that straightens hair the windowsill down, straightener brush that straightens hair picked up the bag on the shoulder thrown to the shoulder up, and then walked out of the classroom without looking back. Lu Zhi Ang throws a broom, and then pick up the bag also ran out of the classroom. Fu small Division back to see the land of Ang, brow wrinkled up so speed up the two steps. Behind that person also accelerated two steps. Fu small division began to run up. Behind that person also ran up. The last two people panting to stop in the apartment building belo.und did not seem to hurt the nerves and bones, so the beginning of summer would like to simply forget it. Not out of this sentence, said the car sitting in the back seat of the people out, a beautiful girl, a clothes are also very beautiful, a look at the price is not cheap. Lixia want to be another rich girl. Beginning of the summer whispered to seven seven said, well, go. Just struggling to stand up, the girl said, she said, you and so on. Turning to the beginning of summer, she went to the beginning of summer, from the wallet took some money, said, take it. I m sorry, our driver is not good. Originally, Li Xia think this girl is very beautiful, and her tone of apology is also very sincere, but she took the money to make this action Li Xia feel a kind of nausea feeling rushed from the throat. Li Xia shook his head and said, do not. And then turned and seventy seven away, and thought, rich people s children is always annoying. Self righteous guess the money can solve all the neon consider spinulosa Beginning of straightener brush that straightens hair summer Someone called straightener brush that straightens hair his name behind his back. Lixia turned to see the land of Ang s smile, as well as next to the face of indifference Fu small expression. Fu small department came over when the eyebrows wrinkled, he turned his head and looked at the car down the girl, he asked, how is it The girl smiled on the small division, said, my family accidentally hit the driver of the girl. Fu c.

summer can see Fu small division in class time simply did not listen to, just readily draw a piece of paper on the draft and a pattern, and land of the Ang is lying On the table to sleep. Occasionally woke up took the drafts of the Secretary Fu small view, and then hands also draw some messy things up, but each time the Secretary Fu Xiaoyuan played under the table Aoao barking. Li Xia would like to if I was I would certainly kick him, because no painting will like others in their own paintings on the tamper. Occasionally Lu Ang will suddenly raised his head to look back at their brush straightener tutorial beginnings of the summer smiled and said, hey, hello. Li Xia immediately turned away for their own that they feel some blush. However, the land seems to love the more expensive to hair straightener brush tutorial speak, often said to her, such as your name is really nice what s similar to the words of conversation. And Fu small department seems to always be goes on frost like expression. It s been September. The weather began to cool slightly. Morning bike to school when the shirt will be stained with a layer of cool cool autumn, the skin played a slight particles. Fu small division sneezed, the amount of Liu before the amount of scattered down his eyes. Already for several days, Fu small department has been trying to go straightener brush that straightens hair to inadvertently cut long hair, but has no time. Painting every day in the afternoon, art teacher said to participate in a game so trai.hose readers, to be hair straightener brush wet hair more happy and more strong to the same time after a long time. From Wuhan to the heavy that almost moved the canvas moved back, and even on the plane for this particularly large canvas and flight attendants from the point of a small dispute. Back to the studio to meet and Li Xia has been tired to death, and met on the couch breathing panting, opposing summer said, good summer, hair straightening brush big w you remember how to repay me, put me when best hair brush straightener uk the coolie call, ability ah Did not finish, then broken in the air, because the whole studio seems to be suddenly immersed into the deep seabed to the same, there is no sound, just still complained that the hands should be cut off and has been thanked the Fu small Division Have no voice, all the people are like a quiet retreat to a distant place. Met up and saw the beginning of summer and Fu small motionless figure back, and even see the beginning of summer shoulders slightly twitching, she stood apalus brush hair straightener price up from the sofa, walked over to see the canvas spread out on the ground. Those small Division we will always support you, the words of the middle, is the countless red characters Fu small Secretary you will only copy this dog feces. Plagiarism people go home to not to pollute Wuhan. Like you before, and now you are completely commercialized, and you are no longer my mind a simple Fu small Division. I hate you. Ha ha straightener brush that straightens hair ha ha Painting can not come out to find the sin.shing. Full of glass fragments, dazzling, reflecting the clutter of light. And then, like who is in his hand on his heart to squeeze a handful, so those fragments are all deeply inserted into the heart to go inside. Is it pain Even the pain word can not describe. This is not what the drink of the things. This is no longer a simple physical derailment of straightening hair brush uk the things. Li Xia looked at seven seven, heart desperate to think, you tell me you like him for seven years, what is it And I, what is it Let me be born, I like the extent of a small division, that is not less than you. If you are willing to give me, I swear to give some of the He straightener brush that straightens hair is happy.If you do not want, it does not matter, I will quietly raise the child, when the Secretary is a small gift to me Do not say, Li Xia suddenly stood up, pointing to the seventy seven burst into tears, Cheng Qishi, I never hate you, no, no, no later, but if you want to continue If I go on, I will feel very sick. Even the summer are very strange that they would be so calm to say these words, seventy seven opposite the tears and their own, in the end who is hurt the role of it Even the beginning of summer are a bit confused. I m sorry, you do not get angry, seventy seven a little nervous, took the summer to sit down, I did not want to show off what it means. Lixia watching the seventy seven, ah, you never thought to show off what it is because you grew up to.

Straightener Brush That Straightens Hair k. Also considered more urgent it. Because I am now in the stomach, there is Fu straightener brush that straightens hair small child. 10.2003 The summer solstice reed short Matsuoka Those in full bloom in the memory of the summer, In the years in the scattered a whole piece of flowers. All the songs are lost in the straightener brush that straightens hair moment notes, the world from the loss of hearing. All the colors in a moment faded luster, the world from losing sight. And you are still standing in a quiet black and white picture. Those in a hurry to run away years, They are back again. But you hurry to run away, But since then disappeared in my world. They say that the legend, Is that you They tell the story, Is that you Those shadows of camphor in brush straightener does it work mind the tears and Love, Is the young and impulsive us 2003 Summer Reed Short Matsuoka. Coffee bar, seventy seven sitting in a quiet corner, relying on the street side windows. See straightener brush that straightens hair the beginning of summer came, she stood up and waving towards the beginning of summer. Seventy seven in front of the beautiful young, while the beginning of summer to sit down at the time, or even say what they feel. My mind is still echoed on the phone in her last sentence, I am now the stomach, there is Fu small children. This sentence is like a curse, the moment will be the beginning of summer vocal strip deprivation, Zhang mouth, straightener brush that straightens hair but quietly issued any sound. After several times in the mouth, the sentence is when things abruptly appear in.t. Small Division, how Behind the sound sounded. Lixia back to see a pair of smiling to narrow the eyes. Land of Ang hair straightener brush hong kong lift eyebrows lift greeting, hey. Li Xia suddenly feel restless. A little want to go. Because she saw the small division of Fu and Lu of Ang s paintings, and his world is simply different. She was afraid of being seen by others of their own paintings, but also do not want students in the class know that they are learning to paint. She now wanted to put away her drawing board and then ran out. The beginning of the summer when the hands of the pencil was bowed to the pumping. Raised his head Fu small Division has been cutting the pen. Fingers wrapped around the pen and knife, like around to go around the velvet, Li Xia think, the girl s hand may not be so smart it. Take it. Do not call to the future to go. The big noise is annoying. Oh. Li Xia bow should be a cry. Looked up and said thank you, but looked at the small division of Fu s face without expression and no focus on the eyes, thank you after all, or abruptly scared to go back. Fu small Secretary got up to pack things behind the land straightener brush that straightens hair seems to have finished the Ang. Lixia looked up at them. God wanted to create the straightener brush that straightens hair god of the time in the creation of certain eccentric. Why is there such a good person Do not understand. Heart slightly upset. The evening begins. The air began to emerge out of some yellow blurred spots. Fu small divi.