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Straightening Brush Natural Hair had met in his dress. I ll take a leave of absence. You do not tremble because there s a guy sitting on the stage. Ha, you do not just look at the stands to see the beauty of drooling Oh. Boys hands born than women, and the beginning of summer hand than their hands count big, but still can be completely bridge in the palm of the hand grip in. You help me sign a name slightly, the tone of the big boys spoiled, so you become a big star I can take to sell it. You re going to die Hey. But I was thinking, sudden gentle tone, in the night becomes very soft, from behind the back of the brain, met if it really became a big star, and do not know will not remember me straightening brush natural hair It at that time, there should be a lot of boys like to meet it Section bridge Ok Let s get straightening brush natural hair married. In my most ordinary and most down and out when you use their own thin life to illuminate my night, and for me, and become more and more outstanding. Duan Qiao, you have said to test to my best degree to find the best job, you do not want me to live in the cold weather to send newspapers. At that time I saw my eyes with tears, no nerve to speak out, because you guys have to face, do not like to cry in front of girls. But from that time on, I decided, no matter how ordinary I will be extraordinary or extraordinary light, and no matter how you down, I will be in your side. I have never forgotten. In the past, in order to sin.trajectory, such as the August Phoenix flower fester in the abundant rain, the face of a brilliant red. And dry winter almost no water vapor, and sometimes touch their own face feel touched a disrepair of the lime wall, rub rub off the next table of white debris. In fact, long overdue vacation, the school simply to the third year plus half a make up time. Although the Board of Education repeatedly ordered to make up classes, but as long as the school requirements, those parents do not say to the informants, and enthusiastic response are too late, privately also have feelings Asakawa is indeed a first class school ah. Yes ah, you see other school children, so long vacation home to play, the heart is playing wild. Yes ah, really sin. True sin should be one of Asakawa students. Lixia lying on the table, the focus of attention on the sky outside the window above. Sunset quickly sinking to the horizon past, while sinking side of the discrete, as the egg yolk was evenly spread to the entire sky, dim the whole sky are burning up. Some classes early school, the beginning of the summer to the bag on the shoulders of the head down toward the liberal arts floor came over the straightening brush natural hair land of Ang, he crossed the playground, in a group of students rushed out from the liberal arts students in the summer toward the beginning of the classroom to the summer, All the students in the hurry ran into the blur of elongated ligh.

an to fascinate the priest inexplicably, in every night repeatedly guess. When he hair straightening brush in sri lanka stroked the paper, what when he was cutting the pencil, what in his drawing on the board from one color to another hair straightener brush brands color, his eyebrows up the point of view, what What is the day when his lips are dry and the tongue is subconsciously licking the lower lip What is it like during the day and what This seems to be a habit, until the beginning of summer high school graduation. The priest s love has become a part of the faith, beginning of summer is clear. The priest s painting is always a kind of ruin the feeling of youth, the beginning of the summer will often feel that he is wearing a black and thick priest robe, standing on the road beside the dim, heavy watched again and again no way home brush hair straightener funeral. Birds crashing over. Unknowingly sleep in the past. At noon in the summer is always lazy, heat, brightness, taste, together with the open to cover the eyelids become heavy breathing slow up, and then sleep in the past. A lot of noon is the beginning of summer so suddenly lost consciousness asleep in the past. Until the beginning of summer to wake up watch, she called the sound damn embarrassed to pick up things from the classroom to run. Li Xia always regret their reckless character like Seventy seven never. Hand holding a book lunch box bag, so that the beginning straightening brush natural hair of summer looks particularly embarrassed. Then on the third f.t seems that the moment before everything is still stuck in the hot summer of 1996, and another moment, is already the end of 1997, December, Asakawa has been under a lot of snow, the atmosphere of Christmas more and more strong, the streets can be seen hanging in the store a variety of gifts Christmas tree and the various Kind of beautiful hair straightener brush without heat little angel, eyes closed can also be heard in 1998 step by step toward them came the sound. Fu small division alone when crossing the teaching building and the playground between the avenue when the trance will think of a lot of things a high school, and sophomore, it seems that the whole is being jumped out. It seems that life lost out of thin air in 1997. What hair straightening brush simply straight happened in 1997 and what happened So that he has been to heart now. In fact, it is clear. Remember better than anyone else. Just deliberately not to think of. What happened in 1997 1997 Hong Kong return, the whole of China lively for almost a week. But in 1997 there are Asian financial turmoil, the sky does not seem so completely bright. In 1997, China s naval warships made the first navigational visit to the world. And such a variety of small or the beginning of the summer for the Fu does not have much significance. straightening brush natural hair And what is the significance of it Is the division straightening brush natural hair of arts and sciences in 1997 when the land of Aung said to myself, small Division, I want to stay to read science. Is met in 1997, said.e cry. I do not want to go on to say how much this novel filled with my emotions, filled with how straightening brush natural hair many shining light of my day, filled with how much my sadness at dusk, filled with how much I stood on the roof overlooking the birds early in the morning. Such a long period of time, in June 2004 4, wrote in 2005 month. As if this story has not been the end, we have been in their years quietly smiling, looking at Fu small Division and blushed slightly to see the land of Ang and happy to see straightening brush natural hair the beginning of summer wanted to gently hair straightener brush with lcd display arm her arm , Saw the wanted to take her hand to run forward. Those who smile like a peach of scattered people, all standing in my memory. They have never been far away. The story always has an ending. From time to time for any novel can be written to make me sad. When I wrote a novel before, I was like a quiet spectator, or like a great and competent screenwriter, laughter and arrange the most sad story. However, when I finished the summer solstice when the last chaper, erase the residual moisture in the corner of the eye. Like a huge stage show, like a four hour long film, like a 100 episode TV series, and finally in the last light of the lights, open theater, messy chairs, Montreal Coke cans and popcorn paper bags. Just the dark time tears in the people, just suddenly remembered that those years in their own lives straightening brush natural hair in the quiet and warm girl appeared to the straightening brush natural hair boys, all the.

Straightening Brush Natural Hair ty complex to make it, a little too much language can not stand. Like being stripped of the clothes in the street. Had never thought who needs comfort, after all, from small to large long more than a decade, hair straightener brush on natural hair has been accustomed to a person in silence with sadness diluted out. Will find about seven to talk about, but it will not hair straightening brush vs flat iron cry. Because it is hypocritical little girls who love to play the trick. So the afternoon when a person hair straightener brush dual voltage will stay in the classroom for so long, the results also met Lu Ang. Really bad. In their most do not want to be seen when the class was the richest people to see. Think I m really straightening brush natural hair unlucky. However, I have not felt the kind of wealthy children of his body should have the arrogance, Fu small body who did not. This is why I am willing to talk to them. Perhaps should not say that they should say he. Fu small Division is not the things of others have always been indifferent. Perhaps it is because too much sadness will be on the land of the Ang told his home thing. As long as they are not so much in addition to the Seventy seven who have not talked about. Originally I would like to listen to the land of Ang may not be hair straightener brush original interested in half, and I like to stop playing like TIPS. But the land of Ang straightening brush natural hair very seriously, which makes me somewhat moved. Sometimes very envious of the land of Ang and Fu small division of such a friend, grew up together, have each other can not share the worl.drawing board and so on and so on, to clean up half of the morning suddenly remembered the teacher informed the suspension of today s art tutorial, so the bag is put pencil Hand on it stopped in the air inside. What are you doing Nothing to do. The classrooms were almost gone. Li Xia also do not want to go back now. A bad mood, so the whole person becomes very heavy. So then sitting, fingers boring on the desktop painted pattern. The light a second to a second to dark down, stand up and stand up in the beginning of summer stretched out his arm, his bags turned straightening brush natural hair around to see sitting in the last row of the land of Ang. Luzhi Ang immediately laughed, waving toward the beginning of the summer, said the sound, good evening. Eyes narrowed into a crack. How do you not go So you take me to the hospital. what The morning out of the office where you hit is still very painful do not know the bones will not break it. Lu of the Aung put on a troubled look. Cut off, will break out of an Eve, so much a cheap to pick you up, heaven without eyes. Haha, who is Eve Li Xia s face suddenly burned. I thought how would say such a thing. Li Xia stood on the hillside when he felt very surprised that he had never been here before. She always thought that Asakawa one is the school that dozens of buildings surrounded by the area, but did not think the school should have such a covered with high g.