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Straightening Hair Brush For Black Hair the two. Think of the beginning of summer here to look back Fu small Division. Fu small station standing two meters away from their place, with great concentration on the drawing board with a pencil sketched lines. The fog in the eye was thicker than at any time, almost to see his eyes, leaving only a vast expanse of color. Lixia suddenly panic God, his mind is only a hair straightener brush boots vast expanse of color. Lixia hurriedly out of pencil to play the line, the results of a hard pencil broken in the drawing board, then hurriedly to adjust the paint, but dipped in color straightening hair brush for black hair brushes are not how to tune out the color they want. Beginning of summer a little straightening hair brush for black hair panic, and take the pen s hand pale pale light. In the end could not help but uttered a low groan, then tears began to Chung up. Li Xia like this really awkward, but the more they want more tears. And then just when the beginning of summer feel no longer control the tears, the side handed a pencil over, Fu small department turned his head to the palm of the hand under the table to seize the beginning of summer slightly pinch a bit, after that the beginning of summer Mouth, eyes appeared in a variety of colors, such hair straightener brush procabello as the most gorgeous paintings. Go back to Fu Xiao is convincing smile. Li Xia do not know how the end. Heard the piano sound of the end of seven seven also stopped singing. And then the beginning of summer in the canvas on the last cast a bright red color. Whe.denial. Lixia toward the seventy seven skew oblique oblique eyes. Seventy seven understand come, hit with an elbow hit the beginning of summer. She said that our girls are so seven classes to wear, which is like your three classes of Yeah, one by one with the chemical formula to wear like. Seven of your class is not good where to go Yeah, one by one with Li Qingzhao, than yellow yellow. Li Xia your straightening hair brush for black hair foot good Early enough, ah, in fact, the wound was not deep. What are you doing straightening hair brush for black hair at this festival Painted peony or painted dragonfly ah you guess. Fadia less, love does not say. I sing it Really Early summer eyes light up. Li Xia has always felt that seven seven is really a perfect girl, even the beginning of summer will feel particularly fond of their own, not to mention seven groups that a large group of small art youth. I also know that this summer to draw it. how do you know Seventy seven sentence of this sentence is to make the beginning of summer stunned. Even in their own heart is secretly decided to paint, not to tell who, how will seventy seven will know it This can not tell you. Li Xia was about to open, the radio room through to the sound, high three classes of the beginning of summer, please immediately to the school of politics and religion, high one three classes Li Xia frowned, what can be done Li Xia would like to break his head do not know. Report. Come in. Lixia into hair straightener roller brush the office.

g low head, not how to speak, because since gradually grew up, he straightening hair brush for black hair did not dare to talk back to the small Division, can not tell why, I feel a small division usually too dignified. If it is in peacetime, he certainly is a Xipixiaolian look, but now, because the mood is heavy, so it is silent only do not speak. Fu small division turned out of the room, came back when a glass of water came in, he looked at the straightening hair brush for black hair land does not speak of the Ang heart a little sad, but some angry. Especially to see him with Wu Yue, when the kind of people mixed together. He handed the water to the land of Ang, and then said, you give up on yourself, hair straightener brush cyprus your mother will hate you Lu Yigang heard mother on the word waved his hand, but do not mention my mother , But a wave just hit the small Division handed over the water, raised his head to see that the whole glass of water from the Fu small Division on the shoulder down. Lu Zhiyong helpless to stand up, because his hand touched a little water, just a little on the very hot. He looked at the face of the small face of Fu suddenly panic hands and feet. Fu small Division did not say anything, even though the shoulder was hot almost to call out. Just straightening hair brush for black hair a moment my heart has some sadness to pass through the hall. Boys feelings should be so Tolerance it, no amount of pain with any expression of the bear, wore a quiet side of the face can bear all the sharp horns and sharp edges., called her obediently listen to meet singing. Meet behind two rows of lights. The first row is a red light. Only one, Song newspaper special correspondent will be eliminated. So the judges will be very careful to choose the red light. The second row is yellow. If you light three, the singer will be eliminated. In front of three singers were three yellow out. At the beginning there were some noisy voices, people still bowed their heads to talk about something, even after the prelude to music, how did not go small, but, in the encounter sound from the surround sound inside the spread out, those voices , Noisy, coughing sound, little by little to disappear, only straightening hair brush for black hair to meet the sound, the only air in the symphony. And the day hair straightener brush online amazon singing in the KTV exactly the same situation. Those strange and gorgeous color and floats up again from the ground, like the illusion of the Northern Lights, in the side of the wound into an indescribable aura. Li Xia feel every time, met singing time. Like a goddess. So proudly look back around a few boys, section bridge has been straight staring at the stage under the light of the stage met, no reason to her, Fu small Division rubbing his face, a helpless expression, only the land hair straightening brush uspicy of Ang low Head to talk back to her and said, ah what you are proud of, I met high school students, ah, and after she and my classmates are not and you ah Ha ha ha ha Li Xia was blocked chest the name really funny. The section of the bridge s face is a whole swallowed a tea leaf expression. Met from 7 30 to 19 30, and then boys from 4 30 pm to 4 30, 4 30 to 1 30 in the morning convenience store closed for three hours. Therefore, it is twenty four hours convenience store is twenty straightening hair brush for black hair one hours convenience store. The bridge and meet the work of the bridge at the same time there are three hours a day. Because the lot is not too busy, not in the business district or campus concentration of the lot, so very few passengers, many times the store only met a person, his head open white fluorescent, neat rows of shelves. Occasionally there is a customer to open the door, the door hangs the wind chimes will be issued buzz sound. And then met will new hair straightener brush be raised, said welcome Half an hour is spent on the shelf, half an hour is spent on the crystallization of accounts, half an hour is used to say welcome and exposed teeth smile. Other time is used to write music. Singing in the bar still met the profession. 24 hours in three occupations to send newspapers. Convenience store salesperson. Bar singer. Completely irrelevant. But it is down to earth there. The coincidence of three hours, which is the most common 24 hours inside the three hours. Because ordinary, so warm. As we used to his ordinary towel, toothbrush, pillow, quilt, bed, lamp, notebook, calendar, all used to things, are very common. It is prec.

Straightening Hair Brush For Black Hair s in my fantasy world of a girl You take me into a completely strange world, seventy seven, Fu small Division, Lu of Ang, the legendary figures like those who have really appeared in my life Sometimes I ask myself. straightening hair brush for black hair That day walking in the street, see the huge electronic screen appear on the face of seven seven, I dare not say to Qingtian, you see, this is my good friend oh. Li Xia, you know, seven seven is not the best new, but the best female singer. Good for her happy ah. Li Xia, do you remember those high school years things There are some things that I can still clearly recall. At that time, if not you, my whole high school age, up to now, will not let me so unforgettable. Those heavy rain in the night, it is because of your waiting, I will not be afraid of the road. In front of someone waiting for their own time, they will become brave. At that time I love to hold your hand to run forward. Now, the thought of holding your hand, I will feel an instant return to the girlhood, I was the rebellious brush straightener sally's little girl, there are numerous beautiful vision, even if I am now a wife. But now, where are you Listen to others said, a good girl to heaven, the bad girl to go Quartet. However, my original bad hair straightening brush conair girl has returned to Asakawa began to live quietly, and you do, still stay in what place A lot of the time, when I waited on the roadside, when I came from the convenience store carrying a big bag of things o.ut, when I m all right in the Asakawa a camphor in a daze, I will trance straightening hair brush for black hair to think you are in my vicinity , Did not leave. You ve been there. Never left. SIDEB Land of Ang Never before in the novel to see others describe the four corners of the prison sky. In fact, come in, only to find not narrow. The apalus brush hair straightener walmart sky is still vast, you can still see the clouds come and go chic. Small Division, you will because I have not come out to accept your visit and angry If so, I m so sorry. But I m really afraid to see your sad expression. In fact, I think, in your heart inside, certainly has always felt that I was affected, right Are you still living in the world of self reproach I know that you are such a person. And I want to tell you, I never regret it. Even if the fate of a time, I will not be so impulsive, and will be more sensible, but this straightening hair brush for black hair does not mean I have any regrets. If we must say that there are any sad things, then it straightening hair brush for black hair should not be watching you get married, do not look at your father when his face could not conceal the joy, can not look at you to one of your career Peak, can not help you build a brilliant future, can not accompany you together day by day aging, not in our old age and you talk about our young years. Only these will make me feel depressed. Because that person has not been killed by me, so the judge did not sentenced me to death. At the beginning, I felt that life was too long. Or even can.