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Straightening Hair Brush the corridor, watching his vast eyes, turned to his bitterness, has lost sight. Style is neither fantasy nor oral type, with a delicate and soothing rhythm for us about the span of ten years of multiplayer fate, four dimensional will we received from the summer of the nearest place. You all in the distance of a hand, like basking in the sun creatures, smile or chat, waiting for the next lesson ringing. So near the place. But it is the farthest away from the summer. Introduction Camphor and camphor story, what Someone whispered in a crevice that looked down. So everything becomes very straightening hair brush subtle. Eyes with the temperature of the palm of the hand with the wet. Those in the sky in full bloom in the summer, the sun has the most prosperous jointing. She ran from his side in a hurry, so floating grass out of the Lingding the flowers He waited quietly behind her, so the sunset shut the heavy door He and he became more and more silent in the four straightening hair brush seasons, past the evening and never come in the early morning. She and she walked more and more slowly in the summer, pulled the hands pulled the hands did not pull. Some melodies were never sung before, and some torches were never lit. But the world has a sound with light. So the time becomes heavy and small, blizzard easily broken thin door. The city has never been aging, it stood in the memories of the school stood in the evening when no one left the loneliness an.g and give up the once Sentimental love, but now, I have learned to grasp the happiness. I would rather not sing if it was enough to lose you. Because even if there are one million people listening to my songs cry, but also hair straightener brush wet hair arrived in your warm embrace and kiss, and my song, do not have any meaning. I do not know these young, is the Qingtian Church had me. A friend of mine, Fu Xiaosi, has a theory. He says that those who once appeared in your life later disappear, they are angels, bring you happiness, or teach you to know more. I think, Qingtian like an angel, the angel taught me that is not to lose the wayward happiness. 2003 met The streamer theater has been filled with people. Light Stage final in the evening. On the stage rushing to the staff, busy testing lights, sound and so on and so on. Meet in the background dressing room. Makeup artist is a young boy, while to meet the foundation, while praising the skin met well. Is chatting, hear the door was called himself, from the mirror to see the beginning of summer. Li Xia in the door this, did not come in, very mysterious look. Li Xia said, you guess who is here today Met anyway, is to know the small land of Fu Fu Ang, there are sections of the bridge sitting in the VIP area, and now to the background to the Who Can not think of, shook his head. Li Xia toward the next one, met back to see the dress dressed in Seventy seven. 771 appear let the wh.

of that smile as the spring sun, And my heart will suddenly across a gust of wind, those who have the past from the heart to the four winds blowing hair straightening brush battery operated away. Is the third year changed everything Or do we change ourselves in hair straightening brush nasv the third year of the year Since the beginning of summer and Fu small division left three classes, met in the class almost did not say, but occasionally and land of Ang chat. Met in the rest of straightening hair brush each get out of brush straightener youtube class after class time, will lie on the terrace overlooking the balcony overlooking the playground, and sometimes see the beginning of summer often wear that red clothes, very red red red color, in a Floor walkway back and forth, and sometimes she will appear together with the small Secretary straightening hair brush Fu small balcony, but because too far away, met also see their faces. But she was still very happy to be directed at the beginning of summer waving arms, although she knows a lot of the beginning of summer did not see her. The land of Ang often stood quietly smiling at their side. After the beginning of summer to leave, to cope with the teacher suddenly asked the errand seems to be handed over to the land of Ang, and the class took place in many things is the land of Ang in helping to meet the deal. Sometimes met Lu asked Ang, she said, you leave the small Division will feel lonely it Lu of Ang just laugh, do not speak, and then will not bring any expression to say, in fact, met because.Xia feel than others in the knife stabbed himself uncomfortable. Fu Xiaosi looked at the beginning of summer, tears slowly emerged in the eyes, he choked out, I also want to hug you, hair straightener brush ceramic heating but I was too dirty. The bathroom has been ringing rushing sound of water. Lixia looked at the table, has been washed for two hours. Li Xia went to the bathroom door knocked on the door, but there is no sound in addition to the straightening hair brush sound of water. Li Xia heart palpitations, trembling voice asked, small Division, why are you No one answered. Small Division Those who have left in the minds of the various images in a flash to come out. Li Xia opened the door scared. Front, Fu small squat crouched in the corner of the Secretary, holding the knee, the hands of the shower has been sprinkled with water. Fu small Secretary raised his head, is the memory of the 16 year old face, like a wounded child, he murmured, not clean, dirty. Wash is not clean. Too dirty. Li Xia quietly closed the door. Two lines of tears flow down. Back to the studio room, mobile phone vibration. Beginning of summer, I was seventy seven. Ok. What s the matter Small Division of the straightening hair brush matter, I just read the news Seventy seven, I straightening hair brush really want to cry Li Xia you can come out and talk to me Another good day Now I would like to accompany the small Division. The best today. Because it is also on the small Division of things. what s up Urgent O.the water plants are still plump around the fallen, but there will always be instinctive brush straightener on natural hair instincts in the awakening of the moment, and then straightening hair brush began to jittery vegetation. Today s diary is really a bit disgusting, I found myself turned into a literati, Oh yeah, this is really a creepy thing. I started from junior high school began to see the mouth of those days never forget the literature boys I did not dare close to them from the beginning to the close is a strong burst of acidity while I shook violently. Too tortured people. And appearance is a hair straightening brush tesco week without shampoo wearing greasy clothes, with a pair of black glasses open a pair of wretched eyes. This is absolutely a nightmare. In fact, the real life is full of keen and can write good man, you can not see in life. Those who laugh at you in the side of heartless people, is the biggest undertaking of life inspiration. Many of my friends around, wrote a good article, but if they abandon their words, they are in the weekdays away from the literature can not be a distant group of people. Anyway, today s diary has been I get the text crepe nausea up, then straightening hair brush I simply in the end and then nausea to sum up. Well, today s conclusion to this end. PS wake up in the morning to find two youth hair straightening brush royale beans, bad, I decided to start school tomorrow, before they kill in the cradle. I do not care whether this cradle is my face, and Lei said the students have the winter as the.

Straightening Hair Brush on July 7 Yeah. What is the award ah Singer newcomer of the year Oh, good very envious of it Oh, right No problem, I should be able to leave the supermarket work, and then discuss the bar under the boss on the line, anyway, another singing girl, you can look at the top. Well, that s when I m driving straightening hair brush to pick you up. hair straightening brush dual voltage Well ah on the that, you need to wear evening wear it I did not too high level clothes, my performance costumes can it If I can ask the company to borrow ah, no problem. Okay, see you next Friday it is good. Met, I do not know why they hang up the phone will be inexplicably cry. I feel so much sadness, you still straightening hair brush like that before, no matter how difficult time, no matter how much suffering, you with a strong smile, forced to stride toward the front. However, I would rather look at you crying, watching you weak, looking around you have tall boys by the shoulder to you so you may rely on rest for a while do not stand so hard, people stand too long, will be tired. But you will always be a strong look, like the most stubborn grass like a grass to live, no matter how others oppression, how to trample, you will be in a difficult gap in the extension of a new branch. Met, I have been convinced that one day, the world will hear your song, see your light, even if you can not get people to work hard to return, then the fucking hell on the world go. I hear.rning when I woke up. The company s people have not started to work, so the whole building also appears to be very quiet. Li opened the door of the room, holding the pillow shaking out of the room, still sitting in front of the straightening hair brush computer to see the small Fu Division. Is not sleep all night, half length hair disorder to seven Qiaoqiao Qiao, a pair of eyes like a rabbit as red. Hear the sound of Li Xia opened the door, Fu small Secretary turned around, facing the beginning of straightening hair brush summer just said the sound of good morning. And then a gentle smile, but the blind can see the smile full of overflowing full of fatigue. Li Xia finished good morning after distressed look at the haggard Fu small Division. Looked for a while to think of the situation last night dream. The pair of hands on the waist, and a pair of powerful arms, as well as boys sweater to bring the warm hairy texture, mixed with his incredibly sweet hair on the grass smell, cheek temperature, because the chin Careless scrape off the stubble, and thin lips, as well as boys in the mouth and girls born with a different clean taste. All the scattered parts of the jigsaw, such as disruption, together when it becomes that in the hair straightening brush bearmoo New Year s Eve night before and kissing his small Fu Division. Beginning of summer, kiss it. Think of this face as crazy as burning up. Heart scolded the beginning of the summer you are thinking about what ah. Moment of embarra.