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Vivir Hair Straightening Brush raised his head in the moment there are large pieces of tears to roll out big stars, met immediately panicked hands and feet. Whispered to say, so sad Although the sound is very low, but the beginning of summer or heard, and she forced to bite the lips to stop their own do not meet shouting, then the lower lip was biting life and life to hurt it open up, with a choking voice, Your home situation and I do not like, you will never know because there is no money brought about by the feeling of shame. I also hope that I am very polite to say I am sorry to pay you a piece vivir hair straightening brush of clothing, I also know that I knocked over the lunch box hair straightening brush insta magic is not right, I also hope that they are very upbringing look, but I can not open the mouth, I m afraid her clothes too I have no money, you know what it feels like What a feeling ah. In your eyes I am the countryman, rude Vulgar No taste Uneducated Not polite Speaking of the beginning of summer here, like the throat of the throat was living grabbed the same pain, Zhang mouth and could not speak. Just tears still flowing, straightening hair brush review the beginning of summer to his face must now be dirty. Met until the beginning of summer said, until she stopped down slowly walked in front of her, met squat down and looked up at the beginning of summer, but very slowly, but very clearly, if I say, as I would hold arms Standing side to see a joke. Li Xia looked at met, in front of the did not thought. I do not read seven classes, what a good painting. School sketch classes you go No restrictions, no one can go. Li Xia feel that my heart and move a bit, I feel like a turn over the body, his eyes wide open in the dim. That, which are you seven classes of people Not ah, as if the whole school students can go, and which almost every class of students hair brush straightener have. Summer to go The beginning of summer turned to look at seven seven, feeling like a wake up to sit up in bed to hear the sound of rain outside the rushing. vivir hair straightening brush Li Xia smiled and said, Well, then I go. The school s studio in a corner of the southwest, was covered with camphor almost did not see the shape of the house. Is a bungalow with green tiles, is the school s first classroom. At that time the top hair brush straightener students in this low bungalow class school examinations, and then three years time past, left Asakawa went outside the world. Li Xia opened the door carrying the drawing board carrying the drawing toolbox. Rustling sound came out, a lot of pencil in the friction on the painting paper out of the sound, the vivir hair straightening brush ground has a variety of plaster, geometry, human head. Li Xia in the corner in a window position to sit down, just put the drawing board support teachers to come. Is a brush straightener at target young teacher, his chin was bearded, looks so weird. Li Xia is not too fond of such a person. She would like to understand why people who engage in art must put themselv.

to apply for temporary accommodation for two people. Lixia turn off the room door, down on the bed. Looking at the ceiling in a daze. Thoughts or stay in the car to think of the fragments. Those university time, recalled even out than the high school age but also vivir hair straightening brush a long blurred halo. Like a farewell do not know how long remembered after the same time. While he is vivir hair straightening brush now only a senior, even though no longer go to school, after all, is the internship period, not graduated, still can bluntly say that he is a college student. But when he was still in college students began to recall their own college days. This is a bit too exaggerated it. Outside the room came a number of small and minor vivir hair straightening brush sound, listen carefully to distinguish the sound of air conditioning running, the sound of the computer vivir hair straightening brush fan, as well as the occasional sound of Fu Xiao Division cough. Because the work is too busy relationship, the small division and the beginning of the New Year period are not home. New Year s Eve, there are fireworks on the square show, two people ran out to read. On the way back vivir hair straightening brush to the cold shiver. But looked at the small Secretary smiled slightly narrowed his face, Li Xia also felt the world re become warm. Standing on the edge of the road has been hit the car, then had to take a long way to take the subway. The subway is full of people, like canned sardines crowded together. The beginning of summer hiding in the there. Li Yan Ran hurriedly thrown off the hands of the beginning vivir hair straightening brush of summer, eyes with disgust, but still well maintained polite. But this courtesy disappeared completely in the following. Because of her a walk away, but also because of the beginning of the embarrassment of the summer loss at a loss, so the hands of the beginning of the summer lunch boxes suddenly turned down from the hand, inside the juice spilled Li Yan ran that piece of white coat. Li Yan Ran is not high not low scream for the surrounding students have seen over, which makes the beginning of summer immediately shame. The beginning of the summer of a rise to see Li Yan Ran behind the small division of Fu and Lu Ang s face, Fu small Secretary goes face expressionless face to Li Xia feel less confused, and then Li Xia heart suddenly felt no reason to vivir hair straightening brush relax the whole person. She would like to Fortunately, a small division came. Some hair straightening brush before and after feel once inadvertently come and go in a corner of the world. For example, are worried about the whereabouts of the kite, suddenly came to the array just warm spring breeze. For example, just in fear of cloudy day, suddenly saw the sun shines. For example, has been worried about the chemical test, the last three big questions just stay up late the night before the dark eyes all read. For example, when I was afraid, and you just passed me. Such as fear of Phoenix flowers litter, and suddenly the sum.when the beginning of the summer would have wanted to ask the Ministry of Fu Xiaosi ask the Secretary, but the rise to see Li Yan Ran beautiful face, she took a bottle of mineral water, where the small Secretary raised her eyes and whispered Said something, Li Yanran smile is very bright to hang in the face, so the beginning of summer all the words are gone. In the background when the beginning of summer s eyes have been followed by Fu small Division, several times have to export, but because Li Yan Ran in his side, and become nothing to dare to ask. But his eyes still stick to pull him back. Li Xia would like to, this is he has been like a full two years of the painter Eyebrows, eyes, nose, hair. Black hair. The shadow of two people all overlap. Feeling strange and subtle. The beginning of summer in the evening lying in bed has been unable to sleep. Although more than half has been in March, but the cold night still did not recede outside the window, the beginning of the beginning of the summer Fu Xiaosi repeatedly in the background scene. She asked several times to open, but the words to the mouth was Li Yanran smile forced back. Turned in front of the aisle through the students patted Fu small shoulder, Fu small Secretary raised his head a pair of fog filled the eyes, and then politely smiled. And then turned to see the standing in front of the drawing board holding a pen to stop for a second.

Vivir Hair Straightening Brush drawing board and so on and so on, to clean up half of the morning suddenly remembered the teacher informed the suspension of today s art tutorial, so the bag is put pencil Hand on hair straightening brush boardwalk buy it stopped in the air inside. What are you doing Nothing to do. The classrooms were almost gone. Li Xia also do not want to go back now. A bad mood, so the whole person becomes very heavy. So then sitting, fingers boring on the desktop painted pattern. The light a second to a second to dark down, stand up and stand up in the beginning of summer stretched out his arm, his bags turned around to see sitting in the last row of the land of Ang. Luzhi Ang immediately laughed, waving toward the beginning of the summer, said the sound, good evening. Eyes narrowed into a crack. How do you not go So you take me to the hospital. what The morning out of the office where you hit is still very painful do not know the bones will not break it. Lu of the Aung put on a vivir hair straightening brush troubled look. Cut off, will break out of an Eve, so much a cheap to pick you up, heaven without eyes. Haha, who is Eve Li Xia s vivir hair straightening brush face suddenly burned. I thought how would say such a thing. Li Xia stood on the hillside when he felt very surprised that he had never been here before. She always thought that Asakawa one is the school that dozens of buildings surrounded by the area, but did not think the school should have such a covered with high g., the beginning of the summer with the courage to go back to see no. Just know that the beginning of the summer to go best hair straightening brush reviews back to see the land will certainly see the Ang Yung yi device to seek La Ying Ying about eight Wait Yep Fu small to turn around, is still a wood with a vivir hair straightening brush face. Why to call me to Li Xia standing at the end of the corridor. The corridor after school is always quiet and with an echo. Oh, this does not matter, you do not want to go with the teacher say on the line. One thing has nothing to do with oneself What else no more. Did not say goodbye, Fu small division down the stairs, white shirt moment disappeared in the corner of the stairs. Sunset to cover the entire teaching building, ivy slightly yellow out of the wall began to spread from the bottom up. Gao Yi in the top floor, because the school hair straightening brush verimark in order to save the high school seniors sister school physical, according to the school teacher s scientific theory is as much as possible to put effort into learning. Li Xia stood on the third floor balcony, slightly upset expression. Fu Xiaoshi who do not care about what kind of atmosphere to make the beginning of summer feel like being thrown into the sea, but the Dead Sea, nothing can not catch, but how are Shen not go on. Uncomfortable choked in the throat, like a fish accidentally stuck fish bone. Behind the rapid footsteps came body. Lixia back to hair straightener brush harvey norman see the la.